If you're an 3d artist or learning to become an 3d artist then you may probably know  Blender which is an free open source 3d computer graphic software created by developers and 3d artists around the world for 3d artists to make GGI, visual effects, 
3d animations, 3d designs etc alternative to paid 3d computer graphics softwares like Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max etc.

Blender is constantly improving and adding new tools to complete with paid 3d graphic softwares at every level, but the problem is in order to render 3d files on paid or free software you must have high end PC or else you have to use cloud rendering platforms which are expensive, while most beginners who are excited to learn or build 3d graphics unable to afford them.

So, Majority of 3d artists limit themselves to build thier 3d graphics on either low end or mediocre PC which take rendering time to hours or even days in some cases
however there is an solution to this issue you can start cloud rendering blender files on Google Colab for free.

Google Colab is build for developers to execute code, but you can use it to cloud render blender files as well, anyhow note : Google Colab is right now available for free but in future they may put price tag or not allow rendering 3d files as they don't allow mining crypto currency, anyway are you ready to cloud render your blender files using Google cloud? Let's begin.

• How to use Google Colab to render your blender files on cloud for free •

- First, export your blender files to Google Drive to get started.

- Go to Google Colab then tap on

- Tap on ▶️

- Tap on Run anyway

- To ok ▶️ to check either Google Colab allocated CPU or GPU to you.

- If GPU is allocated, then all set.

- Select Blender_Version from dropdown then tap on ▶️ 

- Tap on ▶️ to connect Google Drive.

- Tap on Connect to Google Drive and connect with your Gmail.

- Tap on ▶️ to import Google Drive.

- Edit your Drive directory and Export file name then tap on ▶️

- Bingo, you successfully cloud rendered blender file using Google Colab for free.

- You can edit them to render same files multiple times to export on Google drive.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Google Colab and there are numerous scripts available to render blender files, while this script which we used above allows you to render blender files and there are many more features In-build on Google Colab which you have to explore based on requirements to get external additional benefits.

Overall, Google Colab is very easy to due thanks to simple and clean user interface of Google Colab which ensures user experience, but in any project there is always space available for improvement so let's wait and see will Google Colab get any major UI changes to make it even more better as of now Google Colab is simply awesome.

Moreover, it is very to important to mention Google Colab is right now best platform to cloud render your Blender files for free right now, as most other cloud servers requires payments, yes indeed if you're searching for a way to render your blender files for free then Google Colab has potential to become your favourite.

Finally, this is Google Colab, a platform for programmers which you can use to cloud render your blender files for free, are you an existing user of this script on Google Colab? If yes do say your experience and mention have you faced any errors in our comment section below, see ya :)