Generally, most instant messaging apps by default comes with calling and file sharing feature with size limit which is normal, but 
we recently found a app named illumy that combines instant messaging + email + file sharing with no size limit to multi-task and communicate with people easily for free.

Majority of instant messaging apps have file sharing size limit as companies want to easily save space on thier cloud server for ex: Whatsapp has 16mb file size limit, and Telegram has 2GB file sharing size limit which is highest for any messaging platform out there on Internet.

Eventhough, we can't compare Telegram with illumy as telegram is futuristic and advanced instant social messaging app but illumy in-fact breaks file size limit of Telegram which is cool including that on illumy you will get rare combination of email and messaging, isn't innovative?

illumy is indeed innovative in my opinion,  atleast, messaging + email side by side is amazing combination for sure and there is no ads as illumy uses artificial technology so no popup ads or banners to make your experience better including that on illumy all your data will sync in real time across all platforms like Mac, PC, Android, so do you like it? are you ready to explore more? If yes let's get started.

• illumy official support •

Website :

• How to download illumy •

It is very easy to download illumy from these platforms for free.

• How to sign up on illumy •

- Open illumy app.

- Tap on Sign up

- Enter First name, Last name, Username, Password, Confirm password, your mobile number then tap on SIGN UP FREE

- Enter 6 digit verification code recieved to your mobile number then tap on VERIFY

YAY, you successfully registered on Illumy.

• illumy key features with UI / UX overview •

- Settings

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of illumy there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, so if you want an email + instant messaging combined platform then illumy app is available for free.

Overall, illumy comes with light mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will illumy get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now illumy is impressive.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention we didn't highlighted group chat feature of illumy app which supports 100 members as most instant messaging apps allows more then 100 members, while telegram allows 200,000 members in group chat, so if you're searching for best messaging app for group chat then we suggest telegram.

Finally, this is illumy, a app that combines email, instant messaging, chat, contact management, group chat, file sharing, are you an existing user of illumy? If yes then do say your experience and mention which feature you like the most on illumy in our comment section below, see ya :)