Magisk is a software for Android rooting, when well known Android rooting software SuperSu by Chainfire Team announced the end of it's development, developer john wu created and introduced Magisk, from then Magisk is considered as best replacement and alternative to not only SuperSu but for other Android rooting softwares as well.

Magisk is advanced Android rooting software which gone through alot of advancements over the years to provide most useful and amazing features, thanks to John Wu for such commitment, effort and hardwork on Magisk to provide one stop rooting solution for Android users.

Magisk has ability to pass Safetynet of Google, hide root, install magisk modules like Xposed modules, grant root access aka superuser access to apps and ADB and many more, however when John Wu the creator of Magisk got full time job at Google's Android security team he has to discontinue support for MagiskHide for various reasons.

MagiskHide is popular and most useful feature of Magisk to hide device root and run that apps which won't work on rooted Android devices, unfortunately the fact is official support for MagiskHide come to an end, so people have no choice other then look for alternative and thankly we have riru and shimiko to do the job.

Eventhough, John Wu tweeted that MagiskHide has flaws but stlll MagiskHide is working and effective method to hide root from various types of detections,  anyway John Wu eventually worked on new features on Magisk named Zygote, Zydisk and DenyList which can be used to only hide root for apps not device.

That's why, people especially geeks like and prefer MagiskHide feature but it's not available on latest Magisk releases, so they limit themselves and use Zygisk which is daemon of zygote and DenyList to run apps which won't work on rooted android devices, anyhow many people don't know MagiskHide is still alive on custom Magisk.

Magisk is open source software which means developers can use it's repository to make thier own version of Magisk, we recently found a developer named TheHitman7 who created a custom magisk where MagiskHide still exists which you can use to hide root of device and apps easily, isn't this awesome? If yes let's know little more info to explore more.

• Custom Magisk Support •

How to download custom Magisk •

It is very easy to download Magisk from these platforms for free.

Note : Magisk is a Android rooting software to gain root access aka superuser control on your android device, so first you have to unlock bootloader and then boot custom recovery like TWRP and install custom rom which is created only for your device using specific guides from portals like XDA, incase you already done all this then you are ready to install custom Magisk but remember you shouldn't install custom Magisk on existing stable or official magisk builds.

• How to install custom Magisk and get MagiskHide on Android •

- Reboot to recovery then select Magisk from storage.

- Swipe to Install

- If custom is installation is done then tap on Reboot System

- Rename custom to custom magisk.apk then install and open custom magisk app.

- Tap on

- Here we go, now you can enable MagiskHide on custom Magisk.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of custom magisk manager there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, so if you want to hide root and run banking apps on Android then right now custom Magisk is the only option to get MagiskHide.

Overall, Magisk Manager comes with light and dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Magisk Manager get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better as of now it's nice.

Moreover, it is very important to mention on the current version of custom magisk v24.1 in order to use MagiskHide feature you have to to enable Zygisk and do not dirty flash this update kindly update fresh installation for no errors including that the custom magisk telegram channel notified that next release of Magisk going to have DenyList implementation with MagiskHide.

Finally, this is custom Magisk to get MagiskHide on Android to hide root and run apps that are not supported on rooted devices, A big thanks to @TheHitman7 for such an useful project, are you an existing user of this custom Magisk? If yes do say your experience and mention if you know any other method o get MagiskHide on Android in our comment section below, see ya :)