YouTube Vanced has been discontinued due to legal notices from Google.

YouTube Vanced, a popular YouTube client for Android offers full features of YouTube premium without subscription for free like video popup player that is only available in united states, download videos offline and force UHD video, background playback, no advertisements etc, that's why people use YouTube Vanced over YouTube premium.

YouTube Vanced is illegal mod and client of YouTube released on March 4, 2018 by developers KevinX8, RazerMan ( xfileFIN )
Laura Almeida ( Retired ), ZaneZam which uses MicroG a privacy focused alternative of google play services to log in on GMail account and access YouTube services.

YouTube Vanced is not only threat to Google but also for creators who create videos and monetize them with ads for money, so Google sent legal notices to YouTube Vanced team forcing them to shutdown immediately by removing all links related to YouTube Vanced from websites, social networks etc.

Google also forces YouTube Vanced team to replace links of YouTube Vanced with YouTube Premium on website and social networks including that YouTube Vanced recommending YouTube premium as an alternative to YouTube Vanced, which is surprising, anyhow YouTube Vanced app somehow managed to survive for 5 years.

YouTube Vanced tweeted on Twitter stating the existing builds may work for upto 2 years until they become outdated, meanwhile people already started looking for alternatives to YouTube Vanced, while they are some YouTube clients which offer YouTube premium features, but YouTube Vanced seems better in comparison.

• YouTube Vanced official support •

Website :

• YouTube Vanced last build key features with UI / UX Overview •

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of YouTube Vanced last build there may be many hidden features in app that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, we taken this screenshots to show you the features of final existing version of YouTube Vanced, we don't recommend using this app.

Overall, YouTube Vanced is exact replica of YouTube, so you will same clean and simple user interface that ensure user friendly experience, but as we said earlier a friendly reminder YouTube Vanced app already shutdown so you won't get any any bug fixes or improvements in near future, so kindly don't expect them.

Moreover, it is worth to mention Google YouTube Vanced team also shutdowns YouTube Music Vanced which is an mod and unofficial client of YouTube music, fortunately both apps are not available on official sources of office Vanced website, and don't download YouTube Vanced from un-official sources as they may contain malicious malwares, virus etc, be safe.

Finally, this is YouTube Vanced, a illegal mod and unofficial client of YouTube that provide all features of YouTube premium for free, are you an existing user of YouTube Vanced? do say your experience and mention why are you using YouTube Vanced instead of YouTube premium in our comment section below, 
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