Samsung is world's biggest and well known electronics company from south korea which manufacturers many types of electronic devices but not everyone know Samsung as electronic company instead most people know Samsung as awesome mobile company which once ruled mobile market next to Nokia.

Samsung manufacturers many cool mobiles and when smartphone era started they even started making them competing iPhone, but even though Samsung install Android OS on most smartphones yet few budget and low end smartphones used to get Samsung's own linux based operating system named Tizen OS.

Tizen OS is based on Linux but it's not build using Android open source project but Tizen OS has Android apps support, However due to Tizen OS low circulation on Samsung smartphones it didn't got 
much attention from Samsung users who already used to Android OS which is the major reason behind Tizen OS failure.

Tizen OS user interface is different from Android but you can see the influence of Android OS on Tizen OS everywhere but it does have different user interface, anyhow Android OS user interface is far better and modern not only interms of user interface but also incase of latest software features so Tizen OS doesn't even have chance to beat Android OS.

Samsung eventually understood that people are more interested in Android OS over Tizen OS so to satisfy every buyer and increase sells they have no choice other then installing Android OS on budget and low end smartphones, now almost all samsung smartphones come out of the box with One UI a custom skin Android OS.

Tizen OS just like Android OS also available for Smart TV's and other devices even though Tizen OS failed to beat Android OS on smartphones yet Tizen OS giving Tough competition to Android OS on Smart TV's, however there is better alternative to Tizen OS on smartphones and smart TV's named Sailfish OS.

Fortunately, Tizen is open source operating system like Android and not many people know Samsung merged it's previous linux based Bada OS into Tizen OS and it is considered as successor of MeeGo OS by linux foundation and nokia, anyway both MeeGO OS and Tizen OS failed to beat Android OS on mobiles.

Even though Tizen OS failed to beat Android OS yet it is best alternative to Android OS on Smart TV's and wearable devices so Samsung didn't stopped the development atleast for Smart TV's sake, the latest Tizen OS software version is 6.5 with alot of new features and changes.

Samsung Z series are low end budget smartphones which has Tizen OS but the last Z4 smartphone released back in June 2017 from then no new versions, seems like Samsung not interested to make Z5 as it's already 5 years and no updates, it feels like Samsung totally abandoning Tizen OS on all smartphones.

But, Samsung has potential to make Tizen OS alternative to Android OS if they focus on developing and making Tizen OS better then Android OS with better user interface and features by increasing circulation of Tizen OS on all samsung smartphones even partnering with other companies to install Tizen OS on thier smartphones. 

Finally, Samsung not using it's full ability to make Tizen OS alternative to Android OS and they limited Tizen OS to only few smartphones like Z series, so eventually Tizen OS failed to beat Android OS, what do you think? are you an existing user of Tizen OS? If yes do you like it? Is Tizen OS
have potential to beat Android OS, say us which OS you like Tizen or Android OS in our comment section below, see ya :)