We have many popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram etc out there on internet but these social networks use centralized server to store user database managed by company so due to single server hackers were able to exploit server to access users database which they can sell to advertising agencies or on darkweb even publish them online.

So, to fix this loopholes we are stepping towards Web3 a Decentralized upgraded internet where websites data are divided into bits then hosted on numerous servers provided by unknown individuals like you from around the world due to that hacking is difficult task even not possible.

Web3 platforms not only provide security and privacy but also load your website faster and you may never face down time as Web3 sites use decentralized servers over centralized server, now-a-days we got to see numerous decentralized platforms coming up to upgrade Internet to Web3.0 like crypto currency, DeFi - decentralized finance, cloud storage,  dVPNs etc.

Recently, we found an interesting decentralised social network powered by blockchain named Steemit which rewards crypto currency for engaging content isn't it amazing? so do you like? are you interested in Steemit? If yes let's know little info before we explore.

• Steemit official support •

Website : Steem.com

• How to sign up on Steemit and earn crypto online with key features and UI / UX overview •

- Go to Steemit sign up then tap on Sign up for free.

- Enter Username, Email then tap on Send code, now will receive verification code on your email check it and enter here.

- Scroll down, Enter your phone number then tap on Send code, now you will get verification code on your phone number check it and enter here.

- check reCapcha then tap on Continue

- Now copy or generate new password then keep it somewhere as of you loose it there is no way to recover account.

- Tap on Continue

- Check √ Terms of service and privacy policy then tap on Create the account and download this.

- Pdf will be automatically downloaded and it will automatically create Steemit wallet and update you on email. 

- Go to Streemit Wallet login and enter your username and earlier copied private password then tap on Login

- Tap on Keys & Permissions

- Tap on Posting Key

- Copy your posting key.

- It's time, go to steemit.com/login and enter your username, password then tap on LOGIN

- Voila, You're on Steemit.

- Profile

- Post 

- Once you post content on Steemit, when users start engaging with it through likes, comment etc you will rewards via crypto.

- Settings

- Menu

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Steemit there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, so if you want one of the best decentralized social network powered by blockchain technology then Steemit is worthy choice.

Overall, Steemit comes with light and dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Streamit get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Steemit is nice.

Moreover, it is very important to mention Steemit is one of the very few blockchain powered decentralised social networks that rewards users for engaging content,  yes indeed if you are searching for such app then Steemit has potential to become your new favorite choice for sure.

Finally, this is Steemit a social network build on top of blockchain decentralized technology that rewards users for social posts created for entrepreneurs and influencers, are you an existing user of Steemit? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like Steemit in our comment section below, see ya :)