Carding is illegal where thiefs steal debit or credit cards numbers of people through hacking or any other means then use it to buy online products, e-gift cards or top-up balances etc even sell this credit or debit cards numbers online especially on dark web so it's hard to trace who stole cards and published them on internet.

Hackers and carders do carding with strict security measures like hiding IP through proxy or socks and by creating fake accounts on online shopping platforms for anonymity and then purchasing product using fake address or drop shipping address for additional safety and privacy.

Even though, online shopping platforms actually don't care either the product purchased on thier website done via carding or not but still some carders don't use real address, anyhow the problem here is on internet there are only few geniune carders and remaining all are scammers.

Scammers use numerous methods and tricks to scam people like fake websites, phishing mails, fake lotteries, betting etc, but the latest method that was well used by scammers is carding, scammers using social messaging apps like telegram to attract and scam people.

Scammers creating groups and channels on telegram naming them as carders then adding people on thier channels and groups using scraping technique or through paid promotions, once people aware of thier existence they started sending attractive offers like Apple iPhone X for 5K / 50$ INR to target greedy users.

Who don't like if they are getting Apple iPhone at 1/10 price but you must understand if the carder ask you to pay money first then definitely it's a scam, just ask carder to send product first then very likely Carder will refuse as his only intention is to scam you once carder receives money to his bank account.

You may be thinking as carders use bank account I will file complaint to law enforcement agencies to recover my money, but as carders use fake bank accounts that are created using fake mobile numbers, identity cards and other details etc so it's impossible to catch and arrest carders unless they use ATM machines to withdraw money.

Carders also upload fake product delivery success messages and product unboxing videos to make them look geniune, they also talk with you professionally with religious photos or numbers on profile to somehow connect with you and then they trap and make you enroll in scams..

Anyhow, even if you somehow caught carders still they are not afraid of you and law enforcement agencies as they know how to escape from law using loopholes, that's why it's better to stay away from carders because once you become victim of carding scam your money is not recoverable at all.

Finally, this is carding and here's why you must stay away from carding, what do you think about carding? have you ever heard of carders? are you victim of carding scams? If yes do say your experience with fake carders and mention which method or trick they used to scam you in our comment section below, see ya :)