Do you know Micromax? World's 10th largest mobile company from india that sell products with made in india tagline even though in reality Micromax from the beginnings used to order and ship mobiles from china and then they print Micromax logo on it to sell thier products in india with increased profit margin.

Micromax doesn't have complete mobile manufacturing plant in india that's why they import mobile components from china and other parts of world to  assemble in india and then simply apply Made In India tag to sell products, anyway Micromax failed to beat china mobiles not just interms of pricing but also in quality and value for money.

Back in 2015, Micromax also launched affordable lapbooks and laptabs that are imported from china which comes with low end specifications like Intel atom processor and 2GB ram etc with windows software out of box so alot of people who can't buy costly laptops shown interest in Micromax Laptabs as it comes with touch screen under 10,000 INR.

However, Micromax Laptabs are not worthy at all if you are thinking about buying one then kindly wait first listen my experience with Micromax Laptabs and then decide for yourself, in year 2016 Micromax launched LT666 and LT666W Laptabs and out of curiosity I buyed LT666W model on

Foremost, I know Micromax Laptabs comes with low end specifications like Intel atom processor and 2GB RAM and 32GB harddisk with pre-installed windows which is acceptable considering the price of Laptab but the problem occurs when Laptab is corrupted for whatever reason you have no choice other then visiting Micromax service center to fix it.

When I got my hands on Micromax Canvas Laptab LT666 I was super excited to check it's features and felt super happy with it's multi-touch support but after few days of usage like anyone I set a password to secure windows but unfortunately I forgot my password and didn't connected my Email to reset password.

If you're using windows then you probably know when you forgot password and don't have recovery email you have only option to format and re-install windows right? So I try to do the same but as Micromax didn't put it's Canvas Laptab custom Windows software public I didn't find it on internet thus to re-install windows I have to visit Micromax Laptab service center.

Ok, it's my mistake that I didn't set recovery email to reset password but isn't it Micromax fault that they have minimum responsibility to put thier custom windows software online even now it's not available, anyway as my Micromax Canvas Laptab is still in warranty they didn't charged me.

The another problem with Micromax Canvas Laptabs is system drivers are not available on Internet so if you for whatever reason uninstall required drivers you have no drivers package to fix them thus you have no choice other then visiting Micromax service center to install Windows software.

However, after re-installation of Windows software on Micromax Canvas Laptab I resecured it once again and used it for another few days without any issues but this time when I put Laptab for charging it went to blackscreen and not booting after few hours for whatever odd reason I tried to find solutions on Internet but ended up getting no support and answers.

I even tried to boot Micromax Canvas Laptab to install non-touch screen Windows software through pen drive but it didn't work, and then I visited few service centers to see either they can repair or not but they are unable to fix it so I called to some Micromax service centers which are near to me to know either they can repair or not but they didn't even pick my calls.

Micromax service centers give poor experience there is no doubt about it and when I somehow finally managed to get service center number and location do you know what? they always want you to visit thier long distance service center and they are not willing help you on call.

I want to badly fix my Micromax Canvas Laptab so I went to one service center and they directed me to another and when I finally reached right Micromax service center they said the technician who fix Micromax Canvas Laptabs is not available and they want my Laptab to submit so that they can analyse and say repairing costs.

This incident proves how worst is Micromax service center they didn't even said technician not available on call and they don't know estimated pricing to fix my Laptab, what they want you to do is visit thier service centers again and again to waste your money and time and then they will shock you with expensive repair costs.

If you already own Micromax Canvas Laptab and don't want issues that I faced then I suggest you to carefully remove the pre-installed custom windows software and install .iSO windows software using bootable pendrive or disk, even though you won't get touch screen support yet it will not give troubles and In most cases you don't have to visit service center.

Most Micromax Canvas Laptabs comes with 32bit software so you just have to download and install 32bit Windows software from official Windows website or from third party sources which has optimised Windows software for low end laptops, once you done that you will get immense support from Microsoft forums and fellow users thus you can stay away from Micromax service centers.

Finally, now decide yourself I strongly suggest you to don't buy Micromax Canvas Laptabs but it's up you, are you an existing user of Micromax Canvas Laptabs? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like or don't like them in our comment section below, see ya :)