Free domains are rare, we have very few platforms available out there on internet which provide free domains, eventhough numerous domain and hosting platforms occasionally provide pretty cool offers to give free domains yet they put expiry date for free domains or will be linked to some kind of paid offer like pay for hosting or email subscription to get domain for free.

So, people who don't want to buy domain or pay for hosting sticked to free domains from or top tier sub-domains provided by content management systems like .blogspot or .wordpress etc but most people don't know there is another way to get free domains using domain registry.

Eventhough, provide only free sub-domains yet it's top level TLD domain of Ukraine, while on other domain providers you don't even get option to buy free sub domains and unless you pay for domain then only you can generate sub-domains for that domain, so sub-domain is definitely useful for those who want free short sub-domain forever.

You can integrate sub-domains on any platforms, but at the end fact is is sub-domain so there is less chance that you will get approval from ad networks like Adsense to monetize your blog or website, anyway we didn't apply for Adsense using sub-domain but you can try there is possibility to get approval if you fullfill all requirements with valuable content.

However, accredited registry like any other domain provider only offer basic features thus we are going to show you how you can integrate sub-domain with Cloudflare to make your website not only faster but also secure with industry leading cloud technology, so do you like it? are you interested? If yes let's know little more info before we explore more. official support •

Website :

• How to get free sub-domain and integrate with Cloudflare •

- Go to and enter your preferred domain name then tap on Search

- If domain is available for registration! tap on Add to cart

- You don't have to pay anything, just tap on Continue

-  Tap on Sign up to create account.

- Enter your Email, Password then tap on Sign up

- Enter your private details then tap on Save contact

- Scroll down, then tap on Continue checkout

- Your order is issued! tap on Go to my orders

- Go to, it will show Requires mail confirmation status.

- Open your E-mail service provider and find mail received from in primary or spam folder.

- Once found just tap on green button to confirm your email and wait for atleast 5 minutes to get updated on

- Go to, if updated  it will show Card connection just tap on it.

- Tap on Add card

- Enter your credit or debit card details and pay 1.00 UAH to verify your card.

- it says 1.00 UAH which is 2.86 rupees but it won't charge you anything so don't worry you can add card and remove later.

Once, debit or credit card is added go to

- if it shows Activation is required then go to @ppuabot

- Tap on Send phone number

- Tap on Activate domain

- Enter and send your sub-domain that you got from

- Tap on Yes

- Instantly, you will get 9 digit code copy it and go to

- Enter your domain, phone number, paste 9 digit code in key and check I'm not a robot ✓ then tap on Continue

- Done, your domain is activated and read to use.

 - Go to then tap on Order name servers

- Enter your domain name then tap on Continue

- Tap on Continue

- Tap on Continue checkout

- Your Name servers order is issued! Tap on Go to my orders.

- Enable AR then go to

- Tap on Settings

- Scroll down, In NS-servers select Custom name servers from drop down menu then tap on Change

- Now, we have to get name servers from Cloudflare to update here.

- Go to Cloudflare then sign up and login.

- Tap on + Add a site

- Enter your sub-domain then tap on Add site

- Scroll down, select free plan then tap on Continue

- Scroll down, then tap on Continue

- Scroll down, copy Cloudflare's nameservers then head back to

- Replace nameservers with Cloudflare then tap on Save

- Go back to Cloudflare then tap on Done, check nameservers.

- Here, you can do basic setup of Cloudflare, I'm skipping it.

- Now, it take few minutes to hours to process updated nameservers.

- Cloudflare will send you email once new nameservers are updated in

Ta-da, you successfully received subdomain and integrated with Cloudflare.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best domain domain registry to get sub-domain for free then is best on go choice.

Overall, comes with light mode by default, it has clean and simple user interface hat ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's nice.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention is created in 2007 by Andrew Khvetkevich and Sergey Bulakh which is first developed software in Ukraine that automated domain registration process and the first only domain registry that introduced proprietary name servers, isn't awesome?

Finally, on beside free sub-domains you can also buy paid .ua sub-domains and hosting, are you an existing user of If yes do say your experience and mention have you got your sub-domain or not in our comment section below, see ya :)