Cloud gaming is popular in many developed countries especially in united states but in india majority of people even gamers don't know about cloud gaming platforms as right now people are more busy with FPS games such as PUBG and call of duty etc but eventually cloud gaming will be the future of world.

Since, the entry of smartphones in mobile market drastically reduced the usage of PC and gaming consoles as now a days majority of people using modern and advanced smartphones to play high graphic games but hardware that you get on smartphones is not powerful enough to support PC and home console games due to different hardware and software limitations.

However, by using cloud technology you can stream and play almost all PC and PS5 games on smartphones using cloud gaming platforms even though most cloud gaming platforms aren't free and not available in india yet we recently found one of the best and reliable cloud gaming platform from Nvidia named GeForce now.

Nvidia is well known powerful GPU aka graphical proccesing unit manufacturer for regular and gaming PCs but recently on Feb 4, 2020 they launched GeForce now a cloud gaming platform for Android powered smartphones to play 1000s of popular and amazing PC and PS5 games absolutely for free.

But, in order to play PC or PS5 games without glitches and lags over cloud on Android using Nvidia GeForce now, you need high speed internet atleast 10 mbps connection as the quality of cloud stream is totally depended on your internet speed so just make sure you have good network with budget or high end smartphone.

Even though, Nvidia GPUs available in many countries yet for whatever reason Nividia GeForce Now cloud gaming platform is only available in few countries like USA so incase you want to try Nvidia from India then it won't work as it's not supported but we can use Nvidia GeForce now in unsupported countries using VPN by connecting to any USA server.

We have numerous free and paid VPNs which provide USA servers yet alot of them actually won't work and detectable by Nvidia GeForce but there is this VPN named Windscribe by using that you can connect to numerous USA servers and and start using Nvidia GeForce now.

Note : on Nvidia GeForce cloud gaming platform there is only one free plan by using that you will get 1 hour cloud gaming session with basic rig and standard access to gaming server so incase you want more then 1 hour cloud gaming session then you have to buy paid plans, so do you like it? are you interested in Nvidia GeForce? If yes let's know little more info before we explore more.

• Nvidia GeForce now official support •

• How to download Nvidia GeForce now •

It is very easy to download Nvidia GeForce now from these platforms for free.

• How to download Windscribe VPN • 

It is very easy to download Windscribe VPN from these platforms for free.

- Mac

• How to play PC and PS5 games over cloud on Android using Nividia GeForce now for free •

- Open Windscribe VPN then tap on Get Started.

- Tap on 

- Tap on Account Setup

- Enter Username, Password, Email, then tap on Continue

 - Now open you email service provider and find confirmation email from Windscribe.

- Tap on Confirm Email.

- YAY, you got 10GB of monthly which is more then enough for 1 hour cloud gaming session on Nvidia GeForce now.

- Open Windscribe VPN, here you can see you instantly recieved 10GB data now tap on US Central, US East or US West.

- Tap to select any US server you like, here I selected Chicago Cub in US East.

- Once connected to US server, you are ready to use Nvidia GeForce now.

- Go to then tap on JOIN NOW

- Select Free plan then tap on JOIN.

- Tap on NVIDIA

- Log in with Email or Google, Discord, Apple, Facebook etc.

- Enter your email address, display name, date of birth, check ✓ I am human captcha then tap on CREATE ACCOUNT.

- ✓ check recommendation settings then tap on SUBMIT

That's it, you successfully created account on Nvidia GeForce now.

- Now, simply open Nvidia GeForce now app then tap on LOG IN

- Choose account that you created earlier then tap on CONTINUE

- Select any PC or PS5 game you like.

- Tap on ALLOW

- Select your platform based on game then tap on CONTINUE

- GeForce will start analyzing network.


- It will start connecting to your game.

Bingo, now start playing your favourite PC and PS5 games on Android for free.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Nvidia GeForce now there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway  if you want one of the best cloud gaming platform to play PC and PS5 games on Android then right now Nividia GeForce now is best on go choice for sure.

Overall, Nvidia GeForce now comes with dark mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Nvidia GeForce now get any major UI changes in future to make it even better, as of now Nvidia GeForce now is super cool.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Nividia GeForce now is one of the very few cloud gaming platforms available out there on internet that provide free plan to play PC and PS5 games on smartphones, yes indeed if you're searching for such platform then Nvidia GeForce has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is how you can play PC and PS5 games over cloud on Android for free using Nividia GeForce now, are you an existing user of Nividia GeForce now? If yes do say your experience and mention which feature of Nvidia GeForce now you like the most in our comment section below, see ya :)