Humans, we gone through several era's like ancient and medieval etc and now we are in modern era where digital technology become essential for everyone to connect with people around the world through alot of ways like calls, messages, social media, apps, softwares etc using digital devices like smartphones and PC.

The era of digital technology begin in year 1991 when Tim Berners Lee released Web 1.0 first version of internet since then you may know internet was used by almost all techies and geeks in developed countries like america eventually majority of people also got thier hands on Internet thanks to home compatible computers also known as desktops available in affordable and budget prices.

The price of computers keep on decreasing with increase in features over the years due to never ending competition among companies and as you may know electronic products price only stay high when the product technology is new then gradually electronic products will become old and reach wider audience at this phase products price will be reduced by sellers to sustain in thier market conditions.

Even though, the usage of digital technologies started in 1991 since the inception of internet but evolved digital technology era only started when Apple founder Steve jobs launched iPhone 1 in June 2007 a revolutionary first patented multi-touch technology mobile that has powerful hardware and software with awesome advanced features.

iPhone 1 quickly amazed people around the world even though it is very expensive still people queued in lines infront of Apple stores to buy one piece of iPhone 1 as it's 10X+ more capable then any other keypad mobile at that time thus eventually Apple iPhone become inspiration for almost all mobile companies except Blueberry.

Most mobile companies started making thier own smartphones like Apple iPhone but they can't use Apple mobile operating system " iOS " on thier smartphones as it's closed source but thankfully search engine giant Google released it's mobile operating system " Android " as open source project in-short AOSP that was actually buyed in year 2005 from Andy Ruben.

Android is open source project thus anyone either developer or company can use and build thier own custom version of Android and install on thier smartphones thus mobile companies who were unable to use iOS shifted to Android OS then added thier own brand customization and extra features to release Android powered smartphones in worldwide mobile market.

The mobiles with advanced features known as smartphones over the years gone through alot of advancements from mobile companies according to research and development report on usage patterns of smartphones users in 21st century thus now have very advanced smartphones that are not only capable to surf internet fastly but also play high graphic games due to upgraded powerful hardware and software.

However, desktops and home gaming consoles has more powerful hardware with many CPU and GPU cores integrated with it thus you can play heavy resources high graphic games in ease which is not possible on smartphones as of now but eventually smartphones gonna get more powerful hardware in future.

Smartphones are capable enough to do  almost all works of PC in its own way and available for less then 50$ thus majority of people like to use pocket and user-friendly smartphones to play games over desktop and home gaming consoles that are more then 500$ if you choose Sony PlayStation series then it will be more expensive.

The lifestyle of human beings especially teenegers was severely impacted by smartphones for example : in olden days people used to play physical games but now almost everyone irrespective of age playing digital games on smartphones, PC, home gaming consoles according to trend
and modernization in society except some full time professional athlets.

Home console video games are more enjoyable but not everyone can afford them so some smartphones users always wanted to play home console video games on PC or smartphones which is impossible a decade ago due to different hardware and software with system limitations but eventually talented developers around the world build 1000s of unofficial emulators to play almost all home console video games on desktops or smartphones.

Desktops has software and hardware like home video game consoles thus desktops support and compatible with any type of emulator but incase of smartphones it has powerful hardware and software that is no match for desktop and home video game console thus smartphones don't support video game emulators and even if some how it is compatible yet you may can't video games in full scale on smartphones.

Fortunately, we have number of video game emulator available for smartphones like PSP - PPSSPP, PS1 - DuckStation and AetherSX2 - PS2, WonderSwan, Coleco etc which people thought only available for desktops but as demand to play home console video games on smartphones is very high developers of desktop emulators shown interest to create unofficial video game emulators for smartphones as well.

But, many desktop emulators taken years to get on smartphones to mention one : Citra 3DS a emulator to play Nintendo 3DS games is only available for desktops even though there are numerous Nintendo 3DS emulators available on desktops but for whatever reason not even one developer managed to get Nintendo 3DS emulators for smartphones.

Meanwhile, for almost more then 5 years  people who want to play Nintendo 3DS games on smartphones struggled and wasting thier time on fake Nintendo 3DS emulators and BIOS files until Citra 3DS team member sachin developed unofficial Citra 3DS Emulator a PC Emulator mobile version in year 2018 for smartphones that is in alpha and early access phase for few years with alot of bugs and issues.

The wait of gamers who eagerly wanted to play Nintendo 3DS video games on smartphones is full-filled by Citra 3DS a open source emulator by sachin that was eventually taken over by Citra 3DS team to release officially by fixing some major bugs since then Citra 3DS emulator is working as one and only option to play Nintendo 3DS games on smartphones.

Citra 3DS is unofficial emulator build by third party developers who are not associated with home video game console makers thus they won't get any support due to that third party developers has to go through alot of things to make smartphone software and hardware compatible emulator which is super hard and takes time that's why almost all video game emulators stay at early access phase for years to become stable even being open source on GitHub or GitLab.

Home video game console makers don't develop official emulators as it will drop sells of thier existing products so you have to legally dump BIOS and video games from real home video game consoles onto your unofficial emulator else you have to download pirated version of video game known as rom from Internet to load on to your video game emulator that is illegal but still most people prefer and like to use that method to play video game on smartphones.

Usually, unofficial video game emulators are not stable and supported on low and mid range smartphones due to mediocre hardware thus you will face gliches, lags and slow game play but as developers provide number of settings on unofficial video game emulators which you can set and change according to your device to improve video game fps rate.

Citra 3DS official emulator give very bad fps rate on low and mid range smartphones eventhough it has settings yet they won't work immensely but luckily there are few developers who created few unofficial variants of Citra 3DS emulator known as Citra Enhanced and Citra MMJ to fix lags and increase fps rate for smooth gameplay on low and mid range Mediatek, Exynos Qualcomm processor smartphones.

You can select Citra Enhanced or Citra MMJ as they are almost same created by different developers and by changing settings you can play Nintendo 3DS games without any problems, in our personal game play test we found Citra MMJ emulator to work better as it gives more fps with extra settings that may work for you to if not you can try Citra Enhanced.

Both Citra Enhanced and Citra MMJ emulator has different settings which you have to set according to your smartphone specifications else it won't work thus we're are going to provide best settings for Citra Enhanced and Citra MMJ for low and mid range thus you can play Nintendo 3DS games / roms on smartphones in playable fps rate, so do you like it? are you interested? If yes let's know little more info before we explore more.

• Citra Emulator official support •


Website :

• How to download Citra Enhanced and Citra MMJ •

It is very easy to download Citra Enhanced and Citra MMJ from these platforms for free.

GitHub [ Citra MMJ ]
GitHub [ Citra Enhanced ]

• Citra MMJ best settings for low and mid range smartphones with key features and UI / UX overview •  

- Open Citra MMJ emulator then tap on Add Folder to Library.

- Select folder directory where you saved Nintendo 3DS games / roms then tap on USE THIS FOLDER.

- Your games in that folder will be listed, now tap on ⚙️

- Tap on Shader Type

- Tap on Normal Shader with Cache or Seperate Shader ( Unstable ) to Increase fps rate even more then scroll down.

- Tap on Speed Limit Percent.

- Set to 200 then tap on OK, scroll down.

- ✓ check New 3DS Mode, scroll down.

- Select Audio Output : Cubeb then go back.

- Tap and open your Nintendo 3DS game.

- Tap on back button, you will get this menu set and ✓ options as shown above and remember you can set layout to large but only increase resolution from 1x when you flagship smartphone with 8GB ram as even in 6GB video game is not playable.

- Citra MMJ FPS rate.

Bingo, you successfully set best settings on Citra 3DS MMJ Emulator.

• Citra Enhanced best settings for low and mid range smartphones with key features and UI / UX overview •

- Open Citra Enhanced then tap on OK

- Find and select folder directory where you have Nintendo 3DS roms / games then simply tap on OK

- Your Nintendo 3DS games will be listed then tap on ⚙️

- Settings

- General

- Graphics

- Audio

Done, you successfully set best settings on Citra 3DS Enhanced Emulator.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Citra MMJ and Citra Enhanced there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best emulators to play Nintendo 3DS games on low and mid range smartphones then Citra MMJ and Citra Enhanced is best on go choice.

Overall, Citra MMJ and Citra Enhanced comes with light mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Citra MMJ and Citra Enhanced get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now both are super cool and useful.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Citra MMJ and Citra Enhanced is one of the very few variants of Citra official emulator available out there on internet for low - mid range smartphones, yes indeed if you're searching for such emulator then Citra MMJ and Citra Enhanced has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is how you can set best settings for Citra Emulator using Citra MMJ and Citra Enhanced variants to play Nintendo 3DS games on low and midrange smartphones without lag, are you an existing user of this best settings? If yes do say your experience and mention if you know any better best settings for Citra 3DS emulator in our comment section below, see ya :)