Smartphones, a multi-touch revolutionary upgrade of keypad mobiles are not easy to make as mobile companies need proper manufacturing plant and infrastructure including that they must have potential to create and import number of smartphone parts from several companies around the world that will cost billons of dollors based on company targeted country market scale.

Usually, Most mobile companies even Apple import some smartphone parts from foriegn mobile companies especially from china or south korea that is common as some smartphone technologies are patented by different mobile companies around the world while some companies  partner with mobile companies to make smartphones like for example : Google partnered with HTC and LG to make Nexus smartphones and then recently Reliance a indian company partnered with Google to make JioPhone Next smartphones.

We have many companies who want to manufacture smartphones but as they don't have hardware manufacturing plants or experience they partner with existing 
mobile companies to make smartphones in case of Indian mobile companies they neither do partnerships or have proper infrastructure to make smartphones thus they directly order and import non branded smartphones mainly from china as they are cheap then add thier brand logo on it to sell smartphones in india.

China mobile companies has complete infrastructure and network of companies who make all smartphone parts thus in china there is large market for mobile parts mainly in tech cities like Shenzen due to extreme competition and low employment cost in china they are able to make smartphones and it's parts at very cheap price thus china companies Import majority of smartphones and it's parts to foreign mobile companies.

Even though, in india there are many companies who have money to setup capable infrastructure and manufacturing plants to fully make smartphones but that costs billions of dollors due to that no indian company seems ready to do it as at present foriegn and mainly china mobile companies has high demand in india thanks to thier budget premium smartphones.

If an indian company come front to develop infrastructure to make and release smartphones yet they may unable to provide smartphones at cheap rate like china mobile companies as employment rate per day in india is much higher then china including that china mobile companies take low profit margin when compared to india mobile companies who take high profit margin even on imported smartphones that has less features which is why most people don't like to buy indian smartphones.

We have many indian mobile companies who still sell old smartphones with outdated hardware and software but they won't be able to sell thier old smartphones in online market as china and foriegn smartphones already occupied it and mostly people who have knowledge on smartphones buy from online shopping web sites so indian mobile companies target and sell thier smartphones in retail market instead of online market.

In retail market, dealers will get commission to sell smartphones and they like to sell smartphones of that company who give them higher commission so to get more money many dealers gimmick people to sell smartphones this is how indian mobile companies are making profits in retail market so far.

Even retail market is dominated by china smartphones brands like Oppo and Vivo etc who pay more commission to dealers then indian mobile companies thus almost all indian mobile companies severely impacted and they are struggling to sell smartphones in retail market to.

Most indian mobile companies like Karbonn, Celkon, Itel, iBall, Micromax etc used to sell their imported smartphones very well in india but in year 2014 onwards feature rich budget smartphones entered in india from US based Motorola especially china mobile company Xiaomi completely mesmerized indian people with it's low priced budget smartphones that are much better then Motorola and indian mobile companies thus people shifted to Xiaomi value for money budget smartphones.

The usage of smartphones in india increased drastically thanks to china mobile companies but india mobile companies are unable to make smartphones like china mobile companies so eventually indian companies failed and each indian mobile company has it's own reasons and decisions that put them in such scenario but the main one was indian mobile companies seems like they are not even trying to compete with china mobile companies instead they are trying to somehow make money with thier old and outdated smartphones.

However, there is one indian mobile company named Lava international founded in 2009 headquartered in noida, uttarpradesh seems like has potential even though Lava is struggling to compete with china smartphones yet unlike other indian mobile companies Lava is trying to make smartphones that are atleast comparable to china and foriegn company smartphones.

Even though, Lava smartphone market share is low in india yet they recently setup R&D - research and development centres in india to invest in focus of Make in india and Aatma Nirbhaar Bharat and they are doing justice to it as Lava manufactured and released number of amazing products from past few years which are much better then other indian mobile companies.

Lava manufacture number of products like smartphones, keypad mobiles laptops and accessories etc they look dazzling and the price is reasonable even though china products are available at much low price yet Lava products seems worthy especially when you want to buy india made products for patriotic reasons.

Recently, Lava launched Indian made first 5G smartphone named Agni 5G powered by Mediatek dimensity 810 with top features priced at 17,999rs you heard that right a 5G smartphone from indian mobile company unbelievable but it's true meanwhile other india mobile companies making plans to sale thier 3G mobiles.

Agni 5G seems like the only indian smartphone that has capacity to beat china smartphones even though Micromax tried with Micromax IN series smartphones but they didn't worked out well as most china smartphones performed better then Micromax IN series in various device tests.

But, Lava only released one high end 5G smartphone remaining all are low and mid and range 4G smartphones that can reduce sells of Agni 5G in future as china mobile companies usually release more then one 5G smartphones models but we have to appreciate Lava for showing that indian mobile companies are still in race.

Indian mobile companies thrown out of smartphone race a decade back but Lava 5G smartphone raised hopes feels like indian mobile companies has ability to revive and release worthy smartphones that may be entertainment globally even though Lava is available world wide yet it doesn't have much market in foriegn countries mainly in europe.

Indian mobile companies should learn and take inspiration from LAVA to make new and modern up to date smartphones instead filling pockets with keypad mobiles that won't sustain for long even most keypad mobiles are made by china companies so it's time indian mobile companies need to manufacture latest smartphones as once you join along with LAVA there will be competition that will lead to better budget smartphones which will surely reduce dominance of foriegn  smartphones in india.

The problem with indian mobile companies is they import smartphones from china that is fine but import high end new smartphones instead basic ones then only people will buy them and another issue with indian mobile companies is they don't partner with foreign mobile companies to manufacture smarphones like Google if they do then definitely it will increase hype and push smartphone sales.

Anyhow, as we are focusing on Make in india and Aatma Nirbhaar Bharat it's better to manufacture full smartphone in india itself instead importing and partnering etc for that indian companies must take risk to build infrastructure and manufacturing plants for the future of India if we keep on relying on foriegn countries to develop smartphones then that will cause negative impact in future.

Finally, if Lava keep on releasing smartphones like Agni 5G overcoming struggles then one day Lava can rise above china smartphones, are you an existing user of Lava? If yes do say your experience and mention what to do you think indian mobile companies should learn from Lava? In our comment section below, see ya :)