Dark web is subset of deep web and part of internet created by Ian Clarke in year 2000 that was intentionally hidden as on dark web it is very hard to track visitors IP address thus black hat hackers, criminals, terrorists and scammers use dark web to stay anonymous and to do illegal stuff like pirated softwares and selling drugs etc so you can't access dark web using normal search engine instead you should connect to Tor network.

Tor aka the onion routing is a open source project that provide a software by using it you can enter and open dark web indexes and websites even though it's completely legal to open dark web but as it was fully filled with ruthless black hat hackers, criminals, terrorists and scammers so you have to be very cautious as when you do anything wrong on dark web it can end your life or you will stay in prison for long time based on the activity which is why all country law enforcements say you stay away from dark web and Tor network.

Tor network will work as VPN it will transmit your mobile or deskop device traffic through number of relays to cover your identity online and network provider thus it's very hard to track them which is why people who want extreme privacy use Tor network over VPNs and proxies etc but upon emergency law enforcements can track and access exit relay to check data even if they track down person from exit relay yet there will be many legal issues.

The exit relays also known as nodes on Tor network are hosted by volunteers even if law enforcements track down exit relay and raid the person who hosted exit relay yet they can't take legal action against him even it's bit hard for them to re-trace back to first relay and law enforcements can't take legal action against on volunteer who hosted exit relay even if they do there are many independent lawyers who support exit node operator and raise voice against law enforcements for privacy and security on internet also known as world wide web.

You can connect to Tor network and use it like VPN for privacy but kindly don't open dark web as if you're not cautious enough and enter your personal details on website hosted on dark web then the hackers or criminals who hosted that website on dark web will get your personal details who most likely will misuse your data even they can may track you to violate your privacy and do illegal activities for sure.

if you ever entered your personal data on dark web website and found any suspicious activity then immediately you must inform and complaint to local law enforcement agencies for your safety as many persons who entered and submitted thier personal details on dark web website end up getting hacked or harassed by hackers and criminals even in some cases dark web vistors got killed which is why dark web is unsafe for everyone.

There are many stories available on internet of people who entered into dark web and end up with tragedies while most people say they're are fake but no one knows until they experience isn't? so it's always safe to be in surface web instead of going to dark web out of curiosity that can give extra knowledge but it may also put your lift at risk.

Thankfully, from past few years law enforcement agencies taken down several dark web drug and adult websites even anonymous a hacking group voluntarily removed several illegal dark web sites which are known to cause immense damage to public but unfortunately law enforcements can't take down all websites on dark web until they become big threat to public and voilate laws of country.

Silkroad, a popular website used to sell illegal drugs in US with anonymity using bitcoin as Silkroad is threat to united states law enforcement agencies like FBI and other taken down Silkroad website for some time through DDoS attacks and then they thoroughly investigated to track down the founder of Silkroad then in year 2013 FBI aka federal bureau of investigation arrested Silkroad creator Ross Ulbricht in library since then Silkroad is unavailable on dark web like this over the years law enforcement agencies taken down many illegal dark web websites.

You may say why dark web not closed completely if that become platform for illegal websites but that's not possible in 21st century as most countries now follow democracy and providing full freedom to access internet and darkweb is part of internet if they close darkweb then internet will get closed as well that's why law enforcement agencies can't close dark web instead they take down dark web websites through DDoS attacks like they now close websites on light web through DMCA - digital millenium copyright act.

Fortunately, people can't access dark web  through search engines like Google or browsers in order to access dark web you must connect your desktop or mobile to Tor there is no other method available out there on internet to access dark web thus Tor is very popular and widely used one and only software to enter in dark web right now.

Tor launched as desktop software but now a days even smartphones are getting number of Tor VPNs and browsers like Invisible VPN to give access to open dark web since Tor VPNs and browsers available for smartphones the percentage of people who open dark web increased immensely and as Tor is open source project developers around the world utilising it to make new privacy and security focused platforms based on Tor network.

Recently, we found Tor based messaging platform named Speek! Interesting right? undoubtedly Tor network provide better security and privacy with protection from surveillance but when you connect to Tor VPN it uses more resources then regular VPN thus you may get slow speed and faster battery drain based the level of security you applied on Tor network.

While, normal VPNs use centralized servers that are managed by one or multiple companies who can access your personal data to sell or provide them to law enforcement agencies for legal reasons even hackers usually target centralized servers to exploit and extract personal data that they can publish online or sell on dark web which reduces your privacy and security but still as normal VPNs are fast most people use normal VPNs over Tor VPNs.

Thankfully, now a days we are getting decentralized VPNs aka dVPNs to upgrade Internet to Web3 that is very similar to Tor VPN where volunteers like you host relays known as nodes they are decentralized servers through them your traffic will pass with best encryption thus no one can track and access them even though Tor VPN and dVPNs are based on Web3 yet dVPNs offer better speed and security as dVPNs work like VPN on Tor that's why people are shifting to dVPNs from Tor VPNs.

dVPNs are decentralized like Tor VPNs but that doesn't mean you can open dark web using dVPNs it won't work you can only access dark web by connecting to Tor VPNs with Tor browser using onion search engine that are only available on Tor network as they use thier own specific technology to unlock access to hidden dark web so don't expect dVPNs to work like Tor VPNs but as Tor is open source project developers of dVPNs can add support for Tor that is possible.

The easy availability of Tor VPNs and browsers on desktops and smartphones may let you open dark web even after knowing risks associated with dark web illegal websites but wait dark web is not only platform for illegal websites over there you'll find worst bizzare stuff that you may never imagine so if you don't like bizzare stuff then keep yourself calm and don't open dark web using Tor network.

In dark web, there are red rooms websites when you open them you will find some criminals and psychics torture and kill real alive humans and animals even they will torture children for fun and pleasure so if you're a person who can't see such sad and violent stuff then opening red rooms on dark web will may have negetive impact on you psychologically that may take few years to get over that's why don't open darkweb especially red rooms if you have health problems and mental disorders etc.

Unfortunately, there are numerous different voilent websites on dark web like red rooms including that you will also find such websites on darkweb over there you can hire black hat hackers and criminals to hack or kill person whom you don't like for that you must provide details and pay the fees with crypto currencies but this is very risky as when you do it black hat hackers or criminals may reverse hack or kill you that's another reason why you shouldn't visit darkweb for safety.

In sense, dark web is fully filled with black hat hackers, criminals, terrorists, scammers and illegal stuff so accessing and using it is like jumping yourself in dangerous zone, if you are such person who want safety of your life and family then don't open dark web but if you're such person who want adventures and ready to take extreme risks then no one stop you accessing dark web using Tor network.

But, when you decided to open dark web make sure you first become cyber expert or law enforcement agency as usually only some cyber experts or law enforcement agencies open dark web to analyse or take down dark web websites if you're not an cyber expert or work in law enforcement agencies then put dark web out of your sight that's good for you.

However, if you decided to open dark web then you must take safety measurements first inform and take protection from law enforcement agencies stating proper reason why you want to visit dark web even though they won't approve you to visit dark web unless in exceptional cases and then you should only visit safe dark web websites using disposible desktops and smartphones where you shouldn't enter your personal details instead use fake details for full anonymity.

We have several reasons why you should use disposible desktops and smartphones instead of personal devices out of them the main ones are when you connect to dark web using personal device then the dark web sites especially the bad ones can inject undetectable malware or trojans on your device to get your personal data and surveillance that will tamper your privacy and break security unknowingly.

Especially, you must not react to activities happening on dark web and mainly you shouldn't install softwares or apps even any format file from safe or bad dark web website as very likely the files that you download from dark web can contain malware, virus and trojans etc that can lock your device which you can only unlock when you send them prescribed amount of crypto currencies but even if you send them full crypto currencies still there is no guarantee that they will unlock your device so never ever do this.

If you're an existing regular visitor of dark web websites and you didn't faced any issues still kindly don't create dark web website even if that is safe one as black hat hackers and criminals can use your safe dark web website for thier own personal illegal stuff that can trigger law enforcement agencies and make you thier target even though you didn't voilated any laws yourself, so kindly don't create dark web websites unless you have permission from law enforcement agencies it is not safe like surface web that you are using now.

Finally, this is dark web and tor network with the reasons why you should stay away from them, are you an existing user of dark web and tor network? If so do say your experience and mention your opinion on dark web and tor network in our comment section below, see ya :)