Radio, a communication technology that allow you to send and receive signals from long distances from anyone this idea is actually invented by Siberian & American engineer Tesla in 1892 but he didn't patent his idea of radio at that time Guglielmo Marconi italian inventor in year 1895 sent and received first radio signal and then patented it since then Guglielmo Marconi is known as inventor of Radio.

There are number of ways Radio technology can be used thus in year 1900s radio began commercially available at first Radio is mostly used to communicate with people especially in military operations but on 24 December 1906 radio was used to broadcast entertainment and music since then many companies and individuals around the world started creating thier own Radio stations to broadcast various matters to people in thier country.

Especially, on November 2, 1920 Elections day KDKA became the first licensed commercial radio station to broadcast news program back in 19th century people used to heavily depend on news papers to know information but since news radio stations are convienient and user friendly most people shifted to them leaving news papers.

Now, we have millions of radio stations in different fields like music and news etc available in this world but Radio stations has signal limit thus you can't broadcast every where because of that people can only listen to radio stations available in thier area which are known as local radio stations but even local radio stations has some problems when weather conditions are bad like rain which will disturb radio signals also known as waves due to that people may face issues while listening to thier radio stations.

However, most people especially in rural areas don't have thier own radio stations and stay out of range to most radio stations because of that they were unable to get radio stations but fortunately since computers and smartphones entered in this world with Internet technology alot of modern radio stations platforms created by number of companies and developers that can stream any country radio stations to people around the world all you need internet with mobile data or WiFi.

Even though, Smartphones has build in FM radio to listen local radio stations yet now a days most people use modern radio stations where they are able to listen global radio stations using internet data but most of them are commercial radio  radio stations which transmits music and news etc thus like TV channels and news paper you'll get commerical breaks.

Usually, commercial breaks are common and required by individual or company to generate revenue and run radio stations ethically people have to support it if they like radio station but some people don't like commercial breaks and unwanted advertisements so they want to get rid of  commercial breaks but it's not possible as they are live radio stations.

Live radio stations broadcasted in real time so it's not possible to remove commercial breaks but recently we found an modern radio app named Faidr that with it's technology removes commercial breaks and lets you replace them with the audio content you like, isn't cool and interesting?

Faidr has 5,200+ live radio stations of  music, news, talk, sports in every major U.S. market which you can stream without commercial breaks and get amazing streaming experience so do you like it? are you interested in Faidr? do we got your attention? are you interested in Faidr? If yes let's know more.

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It is very easy to download Faidr from these platforms for free.

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Radiogram there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best app to listen live radio stations without commercial breaks then Fair is on go choice for sure.

Overall, Faidr comes clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Faidr get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Fair is fabulous.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Faidr is one of the very few Radio apps out there on internet that stream live radio stations without commercial breaks, yes indeed if you're searching for such Radio app then Faidr has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is Faidr a platform that will allow you to listen live radio stations without commercial breaks, are you an existing user of Faidr? If yes do say your experience and mention which feature of Faid you like the most in our comment section below, see ya :)