There are many religions and cultures in india and each of them has thier own food style and methods so when you want to taste your favourite food you have to make yourself or buy from a restaurant near you thankfully in india people of many religion and culture mostly live in same place due to that you'll find all types of food courts and restaurants every where especially in urban areas.

Usually, Urban areas are developed where people from different places live for them small and big entrepreneurs setting up different religions and cultures food courts and restaurants to make business out of them but in urban areas most people has busy life style due to that some times they are unable to make food for themselves or go to food courts or restaurents to eat and enjoy except in weekends and holidays.

However, people from urban areas don't go to restaurants not just because of busy lifestyle there are several reasons like laziness, traffic jams and bad weather like heavy rains and hot summers etc so many people instead of going outside contact food courts and restaurants to pack and deliver foods to home so that they can enjoy foods comfortably.

But, majority of food courts and restaurants in urban areas don't deliver food to home so to taste food from such spots you have to go yourself that can break your work and convenience so many entrepreneurs and companies know this problem so to solve this they created home delivery food apps.

Home delivery food apps mostly limited to one country or state where they partner with many food courts and restaurants to list thier items on food delivery app which people from that food court or restaurent area can check and order them using food delivery app once you order any food then the details provided by you like name and address will be passed to the food court or restaurant and delivery person.

Food courts and restaurants from where you ordered will pack food items based on your instructions then wait for delivery guy to pick up when delivery guy taken your food items you'll be notified even delivery guy may contact you for confirmation of home address if delivery person can't find it then your food items will be delivered and handed over to you once you pay for food items online or COD aka cash on delivery.

We have numerous home food delivery platforms in india even though we got them bit late each home delivery platform has thier own delivery persons, coupons, service and delivery fees because of that you'll find different prices of food items on each home food delivery platform app or website of same food court or restaurent.

In sense, each home food delivery apps has thier own business model to achieve it's goals for instance in india there are 2 top popular home food delivery platforms Swiggy and Zomato each has it's own offers, policies and quality of service if customers like to use them then they'll get success else failure which is common in business venture of any category.

Even though, the success and failure of business and company mainly depends on customers yet there are many other reasons and factors that play as main key  to run business or company with success for long time for instance Uber Eats a home food delivery from popular global cab service platform Uber.

Uber is american well known world wide cab service company available in many countries including India they are running cab service pretty well but for some reason they entered into home food delivery platform business with UberFresh in year August 2014 then renamed to UberEats in  2015 that has it's own app and seperate from UberRides cab service.

UberEats service started in Santa Monica, California later expanded to 6000 cities and 45 countries where they are running home food delivery platforms absolutely fine witj t's success in year 2017 UberEats entered in india and got good response because of it's user friendly home food delivery app and no delivery charges.

In india, Swiggy and Zomato take high service and delivery fee based on time and weather conditions so most users who are unable to pay delivery fees shifted to UberEats since then Uber Eats become best alternative to swiggy and Zomato as they don't charge for delivery and service that eventually leaded them to losses.

When companies launch it's services they very likely provide better offers then it's competitors to get attention from people later turn them as regular customers in future like wise UberEats waived delivery fees and given some amazing coupon codes like 50% off and buy 1 get 1 for new customers etc which are much better then Swiggy and Zomato etc.

While, Swiggy and Zomato also has some cool offers but they are very strategical on it for instance Swiggy and Zomato used to only provide big offers and free delivery on selected food courts and restaurants thus they're able to cover it's losses from other food courts and restaurants profits where they charged service and delivery fee etc that put them in safe zone.

In sense, Swiggy and Zomato focused on profits at the same time provided tactical offers to its users which they can afford so they never been in losses Including that Swiggy and Zomato also offer premium subscription with benefits like free delivery and exclusive offers for extra money that are available for free in UberEats.

Swiggy and Zomato survived and sustained in this competive home food delivery business because of profits that they made using several strategies and tactics over the years like any business and company in the world while UberEats focused to much on getting people with real offers no hidden tricks and free home delivery thus they get huge losses.

Uber from past few years operates it's cab service at loss hoping for profits in future generally most companies don't dare to launch another service when it is in losses but Uber did with UberEats but that also got losses in india and they're unable to compete with Swiggy and Zomato India's home food delivery platforms.

Swiggy and Zomato are old and well established home food delivery platforms which are serving in india way before UberEats thus they know much better handling home food delivery platform business in india then UberEats it is clear as UberEats went with US type offers and services that didn't worked out financially in india.

Anyhow, the increasing losses of UberEats made them unable to continue in india further so Zomato acquired UberEats in year January, 2020 for 1,376 crores excluding Rs 248 crore payable towards GST since then UberEats merged it's operations with Zomato and UberEats now redirecting it's users to Zomato india.

Meanwhile, Swiggy and Zomato has tough competition between them including that other indian home food delivery platforms like fassos and foodpanda also trying their best to reach top position fortunately alot of Indian companies getting into home food delivery business who have potential to challenge Swiggy and Zomato in future.

Finally, this is why UberEats failed to beat Swiggy and Zomato home food delivery platforms in india are you an existing user of UberEats? If yes do say your experience and mention why do you like UberEats over Swiggy and Zomato in our comment section below, see ya :)