Oppo and Vivo are most popular china smartphone brands from BBK electronics who expanded thier business to numerous countries over the years especially since year 2014 they focused and entered into many developing countries including India but Oppo and Vivo targeted offline market of india over online market and spend alot of money to survive in india offline market competing with existing global and indian mobile companies.

Xiaomi inc. a chinese mobile company become international and entered in india in year 2014 with Redmi Note 1 a low price quality and feature rich smartphone since then they made many amazing value for money smartphones but Xiaomi always used to target online market and sell it's smartphones through shopping platforms like Amazon and Flipkart with offers.

Most china mobile companies entered in india were inspired by Xiaomi and almost all of them sell thier smartphones on online shopping platforms but Oppo and Vivo marketing strategies is different they majorly focus and sell thier smartphones in offline market partnering with retail stores especially for retail customers.

Even though, Oppo and Vivo does sell it's smartphones in online market through shopping platforms but they don't get much response as online market is dominated by china mobile companies like Xiaomi, RealMe, iQOO etc and recently Samsung also got grip on online market with it's Samsung M series smartphones.

Usually, mobile companies who want to sell thier smartphones in offline market have to partner with retail stores and pay them specified percentage of commission when they sell smartphones to customers but the thing is retailers usually prefer and like to sell those brand smartphones that pay them high commission which is why most mobile companies select online market to sell smartphones.

In online market, mobile companies don't have to pay commission but it's not easy to sustain in online market as online  shopping platforms don't talk and convince customers to buy a specific smartphone from particular company instead they leave everything to customer who have to check specifications and 
reviews then decide to buy or not that smartphone himself.

There is alot of competition in online market of India as over there you mostly find feature rich value for money low price smartphones thus it's hard to choose and buy a smartphone which is why most people especially geeks who have knowledge about online shopping platforms and smartphones buy from online shopping platforms remaining all go to offline market retail stores.

Majority of people in india don't know how to choose and buy smartphone which is why they go to offline market retail stores and ask retailers to show best smartphone in thier budget but most retailers instead of recommending value for money smartphones they sell  those smartphones that pay them high commission due to that retail customers very likely get such smartphones which are not in range to online market shopping platform value for money smartphones.

But, most retail customers care so much about camera they want and like to buy best camera smartphone due to that the demand for camera centric smartphones is very high in offline market retail stores especially in india so mobile companies try to make and sell high pixel quality and clarity camera smartphones.

Oppo and Vivo make decent hardware and software features smartphones but they are very much concentrated on high quality camera smartphones thus with in few years Oppo and Vivo was able to gain alot of customers in india offline market competing with global and indian mobile companies even though they are bit high priced yet people used to buy Oppo and Vivo smartphones.

In order to attract people and sell smartphones in india offline market Oppo and Vivo partnered with almost all indian mobile retail stores and paid them high commission including that Oppo and Vivo put big banners in front of retail stores and advertised wherever possible in india to attract customers and sell smartphones.

Meanwhile, indian mobile companies also partner and pay commission to retail stores but not upto the mark of Oppo and Vivo even if indian mobile companies pay more commission then Oppo and Vivo yet it won't work as most india mobile company smartphones are old and outdated which can't compete with Oppo and Vivo smartphones.

Samsung a south korean mobile company is biggest competitor to Oppo and Vivo in India offline market who spend billions of dollors on advertising and pay high commission to retailers but Samsung in recent years shifted it's focus to online market with Samsung M series a low price affordable smartphones due to that Oppo and Vivo increased it's dominance in india offline market further.

Fortunately, flagship smartphones of Samsung is still ruling offline market retail stores even though they're expensive globally but in developing countries like India most people buy budget low price smartphones so they're choosing Oppo and Vivo over Samsung.

Nokia, a finland mobile company also pay high percentage of commission to retail stores and competing with Samsung for more then decade in both keypad mobile phones and smartphones business world wide but Nokia stopped manufacturing smartphones because of failures since year 2014 from then it loose grip in offline market retail stores even though they're still top company in keypad mobile phones business yet as Oppo and Vivo don't make keypad mobile phones they don't have any problem with Nokia.

From past few years, the success of Oppo and Vivo made many china mobile companies to enter in india offline market including Xiaomi inc. as most customers in india are still concentrated in offline retail market so to expand business china mobile companies gradually entering into indian offline market.

The entry of china mobile companies in india offline market significantly effecting Oppo and Vivo grip in india offline market even customers themselves asking retail stores to show them online smartphone brands like Xiaomi and RealMe over Oppo,  Vivo and samsung as as there is no option retail stores themselves buying them to sell in retail stores and make profits.

Now a days, you'll see many online smartphone brands in offline market retail stores but most of them are not partnered with retail stores and don't pay any commission when they sell smartphones instead retail stores buying online smartphones like regular customers then selling them to retail customers with added some extra price on it.

Big retail stores don't buy online exclusive smartphones from online shopping platforms instead they partner directly with company and import them in bulk at wholesale price due to that big retail stores take less profit margin which is near to online market price.

Anyhow, in most cases offline market price is bit higher then online market as maintenance of offline store is much higher then online shopping platforms which is why you have to find out and compare the price of smartphone between offline retail stores and online shopping platforms before you buy to get best possible low price of smartphone.

Finally, Oppo and Vivo still continuing dominance over India offline market retail stores with camera centric smartphones, are you an existing user of Oppo and Vivo smartphones? If yes do say your experience and mention why you buy smartphones in retail stores over online market in our comment section below, see ya :)