In year 1974, a 14 year old indian american named V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai invented E-Mail aka Electronic Email a revolutionary computer software that will let you send messages to anyone in the world who also have Email instantly in seconds since then most people started using Email prior that in order to send information to some one you have to write letters and send them using postmans or birds etc then wait for days to get return response.

Email changed the way people communicate thus it was widely used by people around the world for decades even now as it has potential but over the years number of developers build several communication programs and softwares to replace Email like social messaging platforms where you get many features and options that are not available on Email to send messages to anyone instantly.

Instant messaging platforms will let you send messages in real time available since the time of email but only in year 1991 when Tim Berners Lee released World Wide Web a browser to access internet from then many developers around the world created modern instant messaging websites and softwares then uploaded on internet which people accessed and used using World Wide Web.

Most modern social messaging apps only allow you to have limited members in channel or group due to that you have to create several groups to fit all your community members which is bit hard to manage isn't including that you won't get powerful or advanced features on Whatsapp to manage your channel or group efficiently as of now due to that you may not able to control and manage your channel or group properly.

The main problem on most social messaging platforms is when you create a channel or group you most likely get fake members and spam messages frequently which may be irrelevant and inappropriate to your community including that some members intentionally voilate rules and disturb your geniune channel or group community members.

Unfortunately, majority of social messaging platforms don't provide any automatic tools to control channel or group extensively thus you have to appoint some active friendly and trusted members as channel or group admins who can check channel and group activity manually to restrict fake members and spam messages regularly.

Even though, social messaging platforms channel or group admins try thier best to manage community manually yet they are humans so sometimes they may not stay active in channel or group at that time there is high probability that your channel or group get filled by fake members and filled by spam messages which you may not even able to detect as they look like real members.

So, in order to protect your social messaging platform channel and group from fake members and spam messages in addition auto manage or control your channel or group you must require auto tools which are currently only available on two social messaging platforms telegram for everyone of any category and discord mainly focused for gamers.

Telegram is one of the most popular super advanced privacy and security focused social messaging platform created by Pavel durov and Nikolai durov released on August 14, 2013 since then Telegram gone through updates and upgrades adding new features for growing users where you can create numerous public and private channels to broadcast content and groups to chat and provide support upto 200,000 members in your community.

While, Discord is popular social messaging platform where you can create channels and groups known as servers of any category with upto 500,000 members in community but Discord mostly has gaming channels and groups as it's designed and focused on gamers so incase you want to create a community other then gaming on Discord then you can't grow it easily.

Thankfully, both Telegram and Discord has advanced and powerful auto tools to manage your channel and group members the way you like but my vote goes to Telegram as it's very easy to setup and you can create and grow any category channel or group in several ways that's why most creators especially famous ones create Telegram channels and group to manage  small and big communities.

However, on Telegram there is no official auto tools to manage channel and group then restrict fake members, spam messages etc but thankfully Telegram have public API by using that anyone can create his own Telegram bot with it's own options and features because of that many third party developers build thousands of cool and useful un-official Telegram bots.

We have numerous unofficial Telegram bots to do various works out of them there are many unofficial group management bots like Rose, Group butler and Banhammer etc build by third party developers around the world to manage Telegram channels and groups but most of them are bit hard to setup and use for beginners who're new to Telegram.

Unofficial group management bots are not owned by you they are build by third party developers so you can't put your name and other details on it which is fine but some people want everything in thier community with channel or group name to make it look professional and increase brand recognition for them they can create thier own group management telegram bot but it's not easy you have to setup and do alot of stuff.

In order to create a complete group management telegram bot you must have good command on many programming languages if you don't have that then you can deploy group management Telegram bot GitHub repository on Heroku for that you don't need coding or else you can hire freelancers on Fiverr or any other platform to make group management Telegram bot as per your liking that is bit expensive.

Usually, most people use already available group management bots on Telegram channel or group that's common but recently we found a unofficial Telegram bot named Group Help that will let you make your own Group management Telegram bot in few steps for free that's simple and better then other Telegram group management bots.

Note : GroupHelpBot is unofficial bot of Telegram build by third party developers so Telegram won't take any responsibility on it as there is high data breach threat so kindly use GroupHelpBot at your own risk we are not responsible for any personal or financial losses we just shown it for demo and educational purposes so do you like it? are you interested in GroupHelp bot ? If yes let's explore more.

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It is very easy to download Telegram from these platforms for free.

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• How to create your own group management bot on Telegram •

- Open Telegram, then tap on ✏️

- Tap on New Group.

- Now, add logo and enter group name then tap on

- You successfully created a group if you already have it then skip this procedure and directly go to @BotFather.

- Tap on START

- Enter and send /newbot command then
enter and send a name for your bot.

- Enter and send a username for your bot.

- Done, your created a new telegram bot using @BotFather will send you a token message forward it to @GroupHelpBot.

- Before forwarding message to @GroupHelpBot in @BotFather tap on Menu here you will get some commands to change name, description, about text and profile pic use them.

- Tap on START

- Once you forward @BotFather Token to @GroupHelpBot it will now instantly create a group management telegram bot.

- Bingo, @GroupHelpBot converted your new bot into group management telegram bot kindly open your telegram bot 

- Tap on START

- Tap on Add me to a Group

- Select group where you want Group management bot then tap on ADD.

- Tap on Settings

- Tap on Open in Private Chat or Open here.

- Here, you will get all options and features which you can set and modify to manage your group completely.

Bingo, you created your own group management bot on Telegram.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features @GroupHelpBot there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want to create your own group management bot then @GroupHelpBot will work for sure.

Overall, @GroupHelpBot has clean and simple intuitive interface thanks to Telegram public API developers can only add buttons or commands to provide any options or features but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will @GroupHelpBot get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better as of now it's nice.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention @GroupHelpBot is one of the very few telegram bots our there on internet by using you can create your own group management telegram bot, yes indeed if you're searching for such bot then @GroupHelpBot has potential to become your new favourite choice.

Finally, this is how you can create your own group management bot on Telegram using @BotFather and @GroupHelpBot are you an existing user of @GroupHelpBot? If yes do say your experience and mention which feature of @GroupHelpBot you like the most in our comment section below, see ya :)