In 18th century, most people in this world used machinery that require humans manual physical actions to work like for instance in order to travel from one place to another people depended on steam engine trains that is actually a machinery with different mechanisms where workers need to put coal in a fire container to generate steam that will power up train to move from its location which is actually revolutionary back then first steam engine locomotive train is invented by George Stephenson & Richard Trevithick in year 1804 from then thanks to more inventors we have different types of trains with new technologies now.

Steam engine train is just one best example there are many machines few centuries back need humans continous physical actions and effort to start and work with machinery like cloth stitching machine but thankfully from ancient times many inventors around the world tried to run machine without physical intervention of humans due to that we got electricity.

Electricity is power with + positive and - negative charge ions can be generated using a machine with continous movement or force in a required cycle rate from it you can pass electricity using copper wires even though it's possible to generate some electronic with human physical effort but it's impossible to give electricity to world so we use natural resources like water force from rivers, nuclear plants, solar energy via heat and air wind mills to generate electricity.

Thankfully, many Inventors around the world developed and found several ways to generate and pass various forms of electricity to power up and run machines for instance DC aka direct current is developed by Thomas Alva Edison to light up bulb in late 1880s that totally replaced gas light bulbs and then AC - alternating current developed by Nikola Tesla for world's first AC induction motor in year 1887.

AC current is further used by Nikola Tesla in 1990s to transmit electricity through air wirelessly using his Tesla coil there is big fight between Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla on this matter as Thomas Alva Edison preffered DC current over AC current and said that there are alot of risk with air transmissible electricity even though Nikola Tesla himself performed public demo on wireless AC current yet Tesla coil didn't went public in large scale.

Nikola Tesla tried his best to reach his AC wireless current to people and he also got funds from JP Morgan with them he build a Tesla coil but he didn't complete it due to lack of more funds so eventually Tesla coil didn't went public and Nikola Tesla without finishing his Tesla coil died in year 1943 
and unfortunately his invention papers on Tesla coil is not known to people because of that now we don't have full developed air transmissible wireless AC current.

However, George Westinghouse adapted and promoted AC current in US and now we use wired AC current in homes as it's less expensive to generate and can transmit electricity to long distance with few energy losses but AC current is very dangerous for various reasons yet we are using in almost all countries to power up machines and home appliances.

Even though, most machines and home appliances require continuous flow of AC or DC current to power up and run it's mechanisms yet you can't always depend on electricity to power up home  appliances including that there are some electronic devices that you can't always connect to electricity to use it to name a few smartphones and computers.

Both AC and DC current that we use 
now pass through wires from power plants to power stations and then transformers to homes due to that if anything happen at one point then it will disconnect electricity to your home for whatever reason mainly it happen due to old machines and weather conditions like heavy rain and storms etc so most people using batteries to save the electricity when it's available and use it when it's gone to power up again.

Battery is technology made up of chemicals that store electricity when you charge it so that you can use again like any revolutionary invention batteries also developed for decades started in 18th century and then in year 1899 Swedish inventor Waldemar Jungner invented the nickel–cadmium battery but later in year 1970s Stanley Whittingham invented the first rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

In 21st century, on almost all machines, home appliances and electronic devices we use Lithium-ion batteries even though they are better then Nickel - cadmium batteries yet it has some drawbacks like Lithium batteries will loose it's capacity to store electricity in long term including that once Lithium-ion battery lost it's capacity you have no choice other then to replace with new Lithium-ion battery.

Anyhow, companies with scientists around the world trying to replace Lithium-ion batteries with new technologies in that process we got graphene batteries which are not only fast and quick to charge but also hold charge longer then Lithium-ion batteries thus you'll get improved battery life so graphene batteries will be future of world machines but at present Lithium-ion batteries hold large market share.

On PC aka personal computers you don't get battery so you have to depend on electricity yet you can still power up PC using inverter or generator that uses batteries but on smartphones you'll get sealed Lithium-ion battery of different Mah capacity that you have to charge using electricity and once you do it you can run your smartphone without direct electricity for hours or days based on your usage.

Smartphone is pocket friendly electronic device alternative to PC that has multi-touch and several other technologies with operating system basically a software so alot of processes go in background due to that when you use your smartphone heavily like using big apps and play big high graphic games then it will consume and reduce battery faster which is why you have to smartly manage and use it with care as once battery is low you have to charge up using electricity for few hours until it reach full capacity.

Fortunately, from past few years most mobile companies releasing fast charging support with big battery smartphones packed with fast chargers which support high voltage to power up smartphone fast in less then 1 hour but when you're on move and in a location without electricity then you may not able to charge your smartphone which is why it's better to save your smartphone battery life as much as possible.

There are numerous methods and tricks to save battery life on smartphones foremost try to buy that Smartphone which has big battery capacity like atleast 6,000 to 7,000 Mah with super fast charging support and then as smartphones use Lithium-ion batteries they will very likely loose power storage capacity after few years so in order to not let that happen it's better to use your own official charger in safe charging mode at right electricity voltage to be in safe zone.

Once, you charge your smartphone make sure it only reach till 80% then disconnect it and when you start using it kindly try to not drop below 20% including that's it's better to avoid overnight charging in this way your smartphone battery will be safe and work long as per developer Paget96 found of BatteryGuru who have deep expertise on smartphone batteries.

If you are following our 20% to 80% battery charge cycle regularly then try to full charge your smartphone battery to 100% once in week or month in this way your smartphone will don't forget remaining battery percentage and it will also reset your battery usage statistics so that you can analyse and keep check on it.

Now, when put your smartphone for charging if possible try to turn on Airplane mode as it will stop all mobile and WiFi networks running in background so that your smartphone will charge quickly if you don't want to turn on Airplane mode as it will stop receiving calls and messages then atleast turn on data saver mode it will not just increase charging speed but also save alot of battery life.

The optimization of operating system plays major role in battery life of your smartphone if operating system is not optimized then you'll get low battery life that can only be fixed by your mobile company with software upgrade or update they mostly provide them but some don't so it's better to buy such smartphone that has stable and optimized software.

Most people Install many big apps and HD games like PUBG, Fortnite, COD - Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Asphalt Legends etc and play them as they use heavy graphics it will drop your smartphone battery life at faster rate so it's better to stay away from then and use small size apps and games if you really serious about saving battery life of your smartphones.

Generally, most developers build and optimise apps or games that use low power but some don't they are packed with alot of resources that will leech your battery life so try to avoid battery cosuming apps you can check which apps or games consumer more battery life on your smartphone battery usage statistics after you figure high battery draining apps uninstall them if not possible hibernate or freeze them using best root or no root battery saver apps. 

Especially, VPN aka virtual private network apps are widely used by people around the world to connect to different country server and protect privacy while browsing online on world wide web but VPN apps always stay active in background due to battery percentage decrease bit faster so use such VPN apps which are optimized well to save battery on smartphones like for instance Windscribe VPN.

Camera also decrease battery to large extent even though mobile companies and third party developers build optimized battery friendly camera apps yet when you record at high resolution video for long time then for sure battery lasts quickly in addition if you use face unlock then camera is in background that will decrease battery life further so if possible try to use camera only when needed and avoid face unlock and use manual password or pattern on your smartphone.

Mobile companies know that people want to save battery which is why they usually provide battery saver mode find it and use it wherever necessary for sure it will extend battery life for few more hours while some smartphones has ultra battery saver mode like Tecno if you have it turn on to extend battery life for atleast a day but you'll be limited to few features like only calls and messages so use it as per your needs and requirements.

Smartphones, battery life is not just based on software it also depends on your processor CPU and GPU cores cloak speed that you can't Customize on non-root smartphones but on rooted smartphones you can simply change that using root app like Franco kernel manager available for Android smartphones but it voids warranty of your device.

• Franco Kernel manager official support •

• How to download Franco Kernel manager •

It is very easy to download Franco Kernel manager from these platforms for free.

We have number of processors available for smartphones on Android most mobile companies use Qualcomm Snapdragon or Mediatek while Apple iPbone use Bionic processor at the end both are processor chipsets that are made to handle tasks of smartphone each processor can have it's own pros and cons but mobile companies usually make them processor powerful according to the smartphone in addition they also designed in way to save battery like processor have nono meter aka nm the more it's less the higher battery life you'll get on smartphones so choose that processor which has less nm and provide best battery life in all scenarios.

After you select right battery efficient processor then comes display without it you can't access and operate operating system so it's essential mobile companies developed numerous display technologies over the years to increase quality and resolution and they always stay in active thus your battery will decrease whenever you turn on display which is why it's better to turn off display when you're not using it then instead of using adaptive brightness feature of smartphones available on your operating system disable it and manually set display brightness to low as possible it will immensely save battery life.

Display is pixels the smaller pixels you'll have on display the better resolution you'll get but to light up it uses battery power to show colors that's fine but it consume alot based on resolution and the time you use display so to increase battery life number of mobile companies tried to make displays that use less battery power in that process Amoled display technology came into spot light that only turn off pixels when display got colours if it's black Amoled display will turn off pixels in that way you'll get better battery life.

Samsung is early investors of Amoled display technology they mostly use Amoled displays on majority of it's smartphones especially in flagship series so eventually they developed Super Amoled that's advanced then Amoled display it's better to buy Super Amoled display smartphone if not available atleast buy Amoled display smartphone both will use less power then other display technologies like LCD.

Most smartphones use Android a open source operating system from Google that has 88% world wide market share it is very customizable you can unlock device bootloader, then flash recovery to install custom roms aka softwares developed exclusively for your device build by third party developers and then root your smartphone with Magisk using specific guides made for your device from trusted portals like XDA after that you can install number of battery saver Magisk or Xposed modules to increase battery life of your smartphone for sure.

While, Apple inc. iPhone smartphones can be jailbroken but you can't install Magisk or Xposed modules to increase battery life but there is no need as iPhone usually has better battery life then Android powered smartphones thanks to high quality hardware and ultra optimization of iOS but still it's better to use some battery saving apps on iPhone for extra battery juice.

Most people who have non-root Android smartphones use battery saver apps to save or improve battery life we know two amazing battery saving apps that will work on root and non root smartphones as well first Battery Guru from Paget96 and PhoneMaster which are more then enough they have all essential tools to smarty manage and improve battery life of your smartphone.

Before, we get into Battery Guru or PhoneMaster there is one option you have to change which you may probably already done but for newbies who just got thier smartphones generally mobile companies set animation scale to 1.0x but that will reduce battery life a bit so it's better to change it to 0.5x in developers settings which is easy just follow our below steps are you ready? If yes let's get started.

• How to change Animation scale in developer settings on Android OS smartphone •

- Go to Settings then scroll down and find Build number then tap on it 7 times until it say Developer options enabled.

- Now, open Developer options.

- Here, scroll down and change animation scale of Window, Transition, Animator to 0.5X that will speed up and also save to increase battery life.

Cheer up, you successfully changed animation scale to 0.5x in developer settings of Android OS smartphone.

• Battery Guru official support •

• How to download Battery Guru •

It is very easy to download Battery Guru from these platforms for free.

• Phone Master official support •

• How to download Phone Master •

It is very easy to download Phone Master from these platforms for free.

Unfortunately, both Battery Guru and Phone Master not available for iPhones so you better find iOS apps that are similar to them any way we are already covered about Battery Guru last year but here once again in simple Battery Guru is battery management app for your smartphone it will analyse your battery charging and usage patterns and suggest you tips to increase battery life of any smartphone.

Paget96 done alot of upgrades and updates to improve Battery Guru with better user interface and additional features to increase user experience due to that we have many battery saving features for smartphones where you can monitor monitor battery voltage, electric current, temperature etc that you just have to check and enable them designed to make your battery healthy, so do you like it? are you interested in BatteryGuru? If yes let's explore more.

• BatteryGuru key features with UI / UX Overview •

- On Battery Guru, you will get this features which you can change accordingly to get best battery life on your smartphone.

Now, smartphones apps like PC softwares create thier own folders to store data in thier own folders even when you use it or not so this create alot of junk files and deleting them manually is hard task you can't find them easily which is why Phone Master has excellent Junk cleaner that will check unnecessary files to delete in one tap that will save your device storage.

Phone Master also has Phone cooler and booster to remove heating apps and background apps, Antivirus that will scan installed apps for malwares if detected it will ask you to delete, app booster and ultra boost to increase app speed, power saving to remove battery draining apps and increase performance and battery life, so do you like it? are you interested in Phone Master? If yes let's explore more.

• Phone Master key features with UI / UX overview •

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Battery Guru and Phone Master there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, so if you want one of the best app to save battery then Battery Guru and Phone Master are best on go choice for sure. 

Overall, Battery Guru and Phone Master comes with light and dark mode they have clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Battery Guru and Phone Master get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now they're fabulous. 

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention you have to follow each and every trick and methods stated above to get best possible battery life on smartphones but do note if you have pretty old smartphone even if you apply what I said above still nothing will change in that case get a new smartphone or replace battery itself.

Finally, this is how you can get best better life on any smartphone using some tricks and methods with Battery Guru and Phone Master apps, are you an existing user of this? If yes do say your experience and mention your favourite way to increase battery life on smartphone in our comment section below, see ya :)