PUBG aka player unknown battlegrounds and Free Fire are most popular FPS - first person shooter game available for PC and mobiles but if you're some one who never played either PUBG or FreeFire then most probably you may want to know which is best FPS battle royale game thus you can install that without wasting time and data isn't?

Krafon Bluehole a south korea company developed PUBG for desktops then after few years they developed and released PUBG mobile for smartphones on March 23, 2017 since then PUBG got immense popularity from people around the world as PUBG is better then other battleroyale mobile FPS games at that time even now PUBG is top battle royale FPS games competing with FreeFire, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Fortnite etc.

But, Tencent a china gaming company made a deal with Krafon to develop and release PUBG mobile in india so people in india used to play Tencent PUBG not from original developer Krafton that's fine but in recent years because of india and china troops war at border indian government to protect security and privacy of country and people they banned china apps which may become data threat in that PUBG Mobile also listed.

Indian government banned PUBG on September, 2020 since then it was not available as PUBG is operated by china company even though it was popular and many people become sad as they used to make money by streaming it on YouTube or Twitch etc but as security and privacy of India is more important then anything else people who used to play PUBG left it and started playing KR korean version of PUBG using VPN or Call of Duty and Free Fire Max etc.

Tencent PUBG can't return to India as indian government feel it as data threat so for PUBG to return back in india it should be from a different country company that has no partnership with Tencent or china companies thankfully Krafon south korean company original developer of PUBG cut partnership with Tencent and developed a indian version of PUBG named BGMI aka Battlegrounds mobile india adhering to all indian government rules and regulations to be in safe zone.

BGMI released in India on July 2, 2021 which is replica of PUBG with few changes they are same since then indian gamers who used to play PUBG started using BGMI but many people in india as well don't know which battle royale fps game to choose as there is big confusion each individual say  his own favourite game as best so it's bit hard to select right one.

Anyhow, as both BGMI and PUBG are same from now we use PUBG as people around the world know it except china where PUBG is known as game of peace with some changes according to china people developed by Tencent and PUBG also has specific versions in few countries like PUBG KR in Korea, PUBG JP in Japan and PUBG TW in Taiwan except this most countries fortunately has PUBG global version developed by Krafton inc. 

The biggest competitor of PUBG is FreeFire developed by Vietnamese game company 111dots Studio published by Garena also got banned in india on February 14, 2022 for privacy and security reasons but later returned back which is most downloaded mobile game globally in year 2019 and set a record with 150 million daily users in year 2015 even though there are numerous FPS battle royale games that compete with PUBG like Call of Duty and Apex Legends yet PUBG and FreeFire is very similar in interms of gameplay.

However, most people and gamers now a days find it hard to choose between PUBG and FreeFire as both has immense popularity but thankfully there are many differences between PUBG and FreeFire with it's thier own pros and cons by that we will now analyse and say you which is the best FPS battle royale mobile game PUBG or FreeFire.

• How to download PUBG •

It is very easy to download download PUBG from these platforms for free.

• How to download BGMI •

It is very easy to download BGMI from these platforms for free.

• How to download Free Fire Max • 

It is very easy to download Free Fire Max from these platforms for free.

• PUBG vs Free Fire •

The main difference is FreeFire feels like cartoon in terms of graphics, colours so kids will like FreeFire while PUBG graphics and colours are close to reality thus most adults and PC gamers like PUBG including that in PUBG 100 players can play with 4 people for each group while on Free Fire it's just 50 players with 4 people for each group so if you want real graphics and more players then go with PUBG else FreeFire.

Usually, when there are less players it should be hard to find players but on Free Fire it's very easy to find players you will get atleast 1 to 2 players very near you thus most times you don't have to explore lands and constructions to find players that is not exciting as atleast it should be bit hard to find players then only it will be adventurous.

While on PUBG even though it has 100 players in most cases you have to run long distances and check constructions like homes and factories corner to corner to find other players thus every minute will feel exciting and interesting so if you like exploring and finding players even it takes time then PUBG may work better for you.

In case of Maps, FreeFire has several cool modes and three different modes in that Bermuda is old and big map where game last quickly in just 10 minutes because of that most players get killed in first five minutes thus it don't even feel like playing so if you're some one who want to play battle royale more then 10 minutes then for sure Free Fire is not for you.

PUBG also has numerous amazing maps and modes especially Erangel russian map is most used one all are much bigger then FreeFire thus it can take upto 30 minutes to finish game because of that players have to work hard to survive that's super fun so if you like big maps and want to stay and survive in game for long time then PUBG is on go choice.

The most important part of battle royale FPS game is game mechanics and player movements unfortunately FreeFire is bit slow when player run or move which is like old game so if you're coming to Free Fire from PSP or PC battle royale games then you may feel Free Fire bit different it may take some time to get used to it once you do it feels ok anyway if you don't like such slow player movements and mechanisms then stay away from Free Fire.

The player movements and mechanisms in PUBG is smooth and far better then Free Fire it will make you feel like you're playing a high end PSP game on your smartphone with PUBG when you run, move or rotate it feel like real life when you deeply involve in the game so if you want modern era battle royale game player movements and mechanisms then you will get them on PUBG.

Especially, A battle royale FPS game without audio and bgm sound effects is like sandwich without peanut butter in my personal Free Fire game play the sound effects and bgms which I heard are bit low in volume and didn't impress me at all as I listened to much better high quality audio and bgm in other battle royale FPS games like call of duty and PUBG etc.

Yes, audio and bgm sound effects much better in PUBG they are well created and adjusted to player actions according to the items and weather conditions of the map you'll get top movie range audio and bgm sound effects in PUBG which is why many gamers are big fans of PUBG so if you like ultra high quality audio and sound effects then PUBG is master In it.

In FPS battle royale game, guns and grenades are compulsory but Free Fire only have guns everywhere that to most of those guns are already available in PUBG for whatever reason they tried to release a red grenade but later cancelled and on Free Fire it will auto focus enemies when you turn gun to thier direction near you thus it's easy to shoot in addition when you shoot a player on free fire it will display small numbers that don't feel professional including that on Free Fire gun shoot sounds and scope quality are ok but not fantastic.

On PUBG you'll get military guns, grenades and motolov cocktail only in buildings, loot from dead players and air drops which is not available on Free Fire where you get the most powerful AKM that can kill anyone in one shot that's why everyone come near drops and when you shoot a player with guns on PUBG it won't display any small or big numbers instead you will see red or green color smoke thus it look and feel professional in addition sound quality of guns and scope quality is indeed nice and fabulous.

The faster you move on your battle royale map arena you save time and find more players which is why Free Fire allow you to run fast but there are no vehicles thus you can't reach long distance map locations easily but as Free Fire is just 10 minutes with small map you don't need vehicles yet if you want vehicles on Free Fire right now it's not possible as they are unavailable.

There are 10 vehicles in PUBG of different companies out of them one is Duke buggy so that you can reach far location in map including that PUBG also has fast run mode to reach short distances quickly with energy drinks to speed up even more as it take upto 30 minutes to finish PUBG game vehicles will be very useful.

-  PUBG vehicles list - 

- Chenowth (Buggy
- BMW R1100 GS (Bike)
- Chevrolet Blazer
- Dacia 1300
- BRDM-2
- Volkswagen Type-2
- Piaggio Vespa
- Golden Mirado (Plymouth Duster)

When you got shot by other players to recover health you'll find only 1 type of  medkit on Free Fire but on PUBG when you got hit by vehicle or shot by players there are Bandages, First Aid Kits and Med Kit to recover health and to boost health bar we have Energy Drinks, Painkillers and Adrenaline Shots so interms of health management definitely PUBG is better for sure.

In terms of character customization both Free Fire and PUBG has alot of costumes and items to change look of character or upgrade your profile which you can buy them for money but if you're not a regular player then very likely you don't need to buy any costume or items unless you play Free Fire or PUBG seriously or you stream on big Twitch or YouTube channel anyway it's a tie between Free Fire or PUBG.

Recently, in year January 2022 Krafton inc. PUBG developer filed a law suit against Garena and it's parent company sea for copyright infringement as they are copying various aspects of PUBG and BGMI it's actually true as you can see Free Fire look and feel similar to PUBG but still Free Fire  didn't yet reach the level of PUBG.

The speciality of PUBG is it provide authentic real life retro war experience either in terms of locations, costumes, guns, vehicles, grenades, buildings etc while other battle royale games like Free Fire bit over exaggerate things for instance a player land from sky with skate board who use skate board in war zones back in time by this itself we can consider PUBG is way better then Free Fire.

Finally, In our analysis of PUBG and Free Fire we found PUBG as best FPS battle royale game that won against Free Fire, so do you like PUBG over Free Fire then say PUBG winning title winner winner chicken dinner else if support Free Fire over PUBG then mention BOOYAH in our comment section below, see ya :)