There are millions of companies make and export consumer electronic products around the world out of them Sony and Philips are most popular ones who are making number of consumer electronic products and exporting them globally for decades appreciated by customers for well made finest and quality consumer electronic products.

Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Ltd. is a japanese electronic company founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio morito on May 7, 1946 which later renamed as Sony corporation in year 1958 that is still in use anyway at first Masaru Ibuka in year 1945 used to make wooden electric cookers without any company name that didn't sell well.

But, the failure of electric cookers didn't stopped Masaru Ibuka he with Akio Morito founded a company named Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Ltd in early days they used to repair electric cookers and other electric equipment but eventually entered into consumer electronic business in year 1955 with it's first transistor radio TR-55.

TR-55 transistor radios are pretty successfull commercial electronic products from Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Ltd. since then they started making different consumer electronic products and providing services with it's own subsidiaries so in year 1958 Tokyo Tsushin Kogo Ltd. renamed to Sony Corporation.

Sony manufacture many consumer electronics products in various sectors like computer hardware, films, music, robots, 
consumer electronics, semi-conductors, telecommunications, TV shows, Video games including that they also provide advertising agency, banking, financial services, credit finance, insurance and network services thankfully almost all of them are successfull businesses now.

While, Philips is a Dutch company founded by Gerard Philips and Anton Philips in year 15 May 1891 at first Gerard Philips with his father used to make light bulbs then in year 1925 Philips experimentally made it's first consumer product Television after that in year 1927 they started producing radios and sold 1 million in 5 years.

Philips made many consumer electronic products and provide services over the years with it's own subsidiaries even though most Philips consumer electronics has global market and customers but for whatever reason Philips shifted it's focus to health care technology so in year 2013 Philips dropped electronics in its name.

Even though, Philips is in electronics business for more then 100 years still Sony become best competitor to Philips from radio to TV's what not in everything except few consumer electronic products for instance Philips is in healthcare technology business but Sony isn't so you may not find competition between Sony and Philips in every product and services.

Fortunately, Philips and Sony co-developed Compact disc numerous technologies but right now Sony has much more recognition worldwide as Sony focused on it's consumer electronic products business unlike Philips that does have competitive consumer electronics yet primary focusing is on healthcare technology services.

Anyhow, both Sony and Phillips are multi-national conglomerate companies build trust from millions of customers with thier quality electronic products and services who buy thier consumer electronics products or services without thinking regularly but new people find it bit hard to choose between Sony and Philips electronic products.

When you search on any online shopping platforms on world wide web for an consumer electronic products you most likely get Sony and Philips products on top with good reviews isn't? the first difference you'll find is Sony consumer electronic products are priced much higher then Philips.

Usually, almost all Sony consumer electronic products are costly for more then few decades when compared with other companies consumer electronic products as Sony make best quality consumer electronics products but price not always based on quality so we can't say Sony is better then Philips on all consumer electronic products.

However, since mid 19th century Sony and Philips compete each other mainly in TV and sound systems consumer electronic products even though Philips made TV and sound systems consumer electronic products way before Sony yet eventually Sony with it's own new revolutionary and advanced technologies on TV like Bravia and Triluminos display and Dolby Atmos HD to improve audio on sound systems extensively surpassed and beat Philips.

Now a days most people choosing Sony TVs and sound systems but Phillips is giving tough competition to Sony in terms of quality and advanced technology features so definitely new people at first who want to buy TV or sound systems has to find alot of time on choosing Sony or Phillips consumer electronic products.

Especially, Sony made powerful cameras with it's own various cool and amazing developed technologies to increase the potential of cameras and improve quality of photos and videos with many features even though Philips also make cameras yet Sony cameras are way better as of now most photographers and film creators prefer Sony cameras.

Anyhow, at the end you have to choose between Sony and Philips each company make thier TVs, Sound Systems, Cameras with thier own pros and cons in terms of quality and features which is why not all Sony TVs, Sound Systems, Cameras are better then Phillips and vice versa each individual can have his own liking so make sure to check Sony and Phillips consumer product reviews before you buy them.

In case of smartphones, Philips does made some smartphones last year they launched Philips PH2 but there is no match for Sony flagship smartphones even though Sony is struggling to compete with Apple iPhones, Google Pixels and some china smartphones from Xiaomi and iQOO etc yet Sony never compromise on quality, design and features of it's smartphones.

Currently, Philips is top manufacturer of home appliances like Microwave, Air fryers, Light bulbs etc mainly Philips shavers are very popular around the world while Sony didn't yet fully entered into home appliances business even though they made and repair rice cookers without a company now Sony is very focused on it's consumer electronics products and services.

If Sony entered into home appliances business then for sure there will be huge competiton between Sony and Phillips in future but right now Sony may not enter in home appliances business as even if they enter it takes time to setup subsidiaries of each home appliances then race to win against Phillips, but It's not impossible.

The potential of Sony is immense they already has many subsidiaries and experience in consumer electronic products business with more then US$81.38 billion revenue for year while Phillips has €19.535 billion revenue for year considering numbers Sony has 3x more revenue if Sony started making home appliances then very likely they get hold of it's market in short time.

Finally, this is Sony vs Phillips both make best consumer electronic products so it's upto customers to choose between Sony or Phillips as each individual has his own liking and preferences, are you an existing user of Sony or Phillips? If yes do say your experience and mention which company make best consumer electronics products in our comment section below, see ya :)