Computers existed in this world for more then decade but only in year 1980s and 1990s they got popularity as companies like Microsoft and Apple started releasing personal computers which are affordable and small in size to fit on your table or any where you like since computers are very advanced and powerful alot of people purchased them for personal and work purposes in many countries.

However, prior 1990s computers are only able to run softwares and programming languages like C++ to do personal and professional works in ease using Windows softwares like MSDOS and MS Paints etc but in 1991 Tim Berners Lee released a browser named World Wide Web that can access information on internet.

Internet is a protocol founded in January 1, 1983 is network of various computers where computers can communicate each other with unique IP aka Internet protocol address to differentiate each computer anyway on internet you can publish your files, information etc by hosting them on computer or cloud servers which can be accessed by any computer in the world through browser via uniform resource locator aka urls also known as links.

The world's first browser World Wide Web is a software released by Tim Berners Lee that can access urls of internet since then many people around the world got to know about Internet thus large percentage of people started creating thier own websites and blogs to host on computers and publish on internet for various usages.

Internet over the years filled with billions of different category websites and blogs which are information platforms created using numerous programming languages mainly HTML as base in web 1.0 era back in 1990s most websites and blogs are text based thus you can only read them.

However, in 20th century world wide web upgraded to web 2.0 when people started making modern websites and blogs using numerous programming languages at that time on February 14, 2005 Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley created video blogging platform named YouTube that's very new as people can only upload and share videos in numerous categories.

YouTube got huge success so with in year on October 9, 2009 search engine giant Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion and developed it further by adding more interesting and useful features where you can upload 12hr videos and monetize them using Adsense to earn money as YouTube pays many creators and people started creating and uploading thier videos on YouTube.

Now, you'll find all types of videos on YouTube you name it you'll get it but as YouTube allows upto 12hrs videos most people creating atleast 5 to 10 minutes length videos that's super fine as video length is based on information but not everyone like to watch lengthy videos to get information or entertainment so for them we got interesting and useful short form video hosting platforms.

A china company ByteDance created and released short video hosting service named TikTok in year 2016 where you can only upload videos upto 15 seconds that was bumped to 60 seconds in year 2017 as TikTok has amazing features with daily challenges millions of people around the world started installing it to enjoy cool and interesting short videos.

TikTok is known in china as Douyin that later merged with in year 2018 from then TikTok is available worldwide with in few years TikTok got immense 
popularity especially in india as people using thier creativity and taking so much time to make informational and fun videos in 15 to 60 seconds time so to encourage them TikTok even started gifting products to it's users when they reach milestone just like YouTube.

People, who have busy schedule and can't watch lengthy YouTube videos for fun or information started using TikTok even alot of popular celebrities and creators joined on TikTok to upload videos as it's very easy to use and mainly because of TikTok huge userbase but there are few YouTube creators who said TikTok is waste of time and don't have informational content so YouTube is better then TikTok.

In year 2019,  a TikTok creator criticised YouTube and said TikTok is better then YouTube that created controversy as many creators and people who watch YouTube on daily basis didn't like his opinion and comments especially India's popular roaster and entertainer Carryminati so he created and uploaded a roast video named YouTube vs TikTok criticizing the guy who said TikTok is better then YouTube.

YouTube vs TikTok video by Carryminati got millons of views and went to trending section with in hours but that video was removed by YouTube stating it voilated YouTube polices even though that video was later uploaded by other YouTubers while Carryminati made a video about why YouTube removed that video stating few possible reasons for such actions.

Carryminati's YouTube vs TikTok war got huge support from other big YouTubers but unfortunately YouTube vs TikTok video was removed by YouTube yet thankfully with in few months more then 150 china company apps including TikTok banned by indian government to protect privacy and provide security to Indian people.

The war between china and India troops at border is the main reason behind ban of some data threat china apps in india since the ban china apps didn't returned back except PUB-G that to after control is taken by Bluehole south korea company so the probability of TikTok getting back in india is very low unless ByteDance ready to sell TikTok to other country companies.

The ban of TikTok in india really disappointed alot of TikTok creators and users but that smart decision of Indian government made TikTok creators to shift and make videos in YouTube as TikTok creators already has huge fame they got satisfactory response from viewers with faster increase in subscribers as well.

Indian government after the ban of china apps introduced Aatma Nirbhaar Bharat programme which promote and encourage indian developers to make world class apps and with the inspiration of Aaatma Nirbhaar Bharat programme Indian developers built amazing apps with tagline Make in india or inspired by Aatma Nirbhaar Bharat aka self reliant india.

Majority of existing indian apps on playstore released before Aatma Nirbhaar Bharat programme also added make in india or aatma Nirbhaar Bharat taglines on thier app or description as indian people preffering and showing interest to install indian apps over foriegn ones

Indian developers and media companies considered TikTok ban as opportunity so after few months they released thier own short video hosting platforms like chingari,
Josh, MX TakaTak, Roposo, Moj etc which resembles TikTok in terms user interface and features thus TikTok users who didn't like or can't manage YouTube shifted to Indian short video hosting apps.

TikTok indian alternatives got millons of downloads on google play store which is a dream for many indian developers by this we can understand that indian developers has potential to develop world class apps but due to foriegn company big marketing and advertising indian apps not receiving enough attention from india people.

Aatma Nirbhaar Bharat programme will provide financial assistance and rewards to indian developers if the app made by them has potential to become world class app they also promote it for instance Koo indian microblogging platform alternative to Twitter has been declared an Aatma Nirbhaar Bharat app and won the Aatma Nirbhaar app challenge in August 2020.

Indian celebrities and politicians who use Twitter to share information now shifted to koo but to reach large percentage of people they're using Twitter and koo simultaneously the positive impact of Aatma Nirbhaar Bharat is clearly visible due to that the presense of Indian apps on internet reached new heights.

Most people in india Install made in india apps for patriotic reasons thus even if TikTok somehow manage to re-launch in india still indian people use indian short video hosting platforms Iike MX TakaTak over china ones as right now indian short video hosting platforms are comparable to TikTok and Instagram etc.

Even TikTok losing its originality like recently they are testing to bump video length to 3 minutes to certain users which is long video support already available on  YouTube that may be liked by some TikTok users as they can fill video with more content but alot of people don't like it as they're using TikTok for 60 seconds short videos from past few years so they may leave TikTok.

Anyhow, TikTok short videos has large fanbase due to that many companies want to make thier own short video hosting platform including search engine giant Google they understood that large percentage of people liking and making short videos so they developed and launched YouTube Shorts on Sept 14th, 2020 in US then later rolled out to other 100 countries worldwide in beta mode.

YouTube Shorts is exactly like TikTok where you can upload 60 seconds short videos that may be the reason why YouTube removed YouTube vs TikTok video by Carryminati anyway as TikTok is banned in india most TikTok users in india shifted to YouTube Shorts as YouTube already has millions of viewers per day YouTube Shorts got instant success.

The war between YouTube vs TikTok put to an end with YouTube Shorts as big creators of YouTube also started uploading YouTube Shorts mean while Facebook popular social media platform launched thier own short video hosting named Reels in year 2020 right before YouTube Shorts on it's popular photo sharing social media platform Instagram.

Especially, Majority of small and big YouTubers got super success with YouTube Shorts as YouTube Shorts are short in time and don't have ads large percentage of users watching and liking them which increases engagement and subscriber base of YouTube creators quickly then long YouTube videos.

In sense, YouTube Shorts will get you faster success which is why many new and existing creators started creating exclusive YouTube short channels that worked out now we have millions of channels on YouTube which are totally dedicated to YouTube Shorts.

The rise of YouTube Shorts and Instagram reels in addition India's TikTok alternative apps made people in india put TikTok aside but few people still using TikTok using VPNs for various reasons that can't be stopped as indian government can't stop people using VPN as it voilates Internet freedom and without VPN people may loose privacy and security that can lead to several problems and issues.

Now a days in india most people forgot about TikTok as they have indian TikTok apps if they didn't like them they are using foriegn short video hosting platforms like YouTube Shorts and Instagram etc in most cases indians trying to avoid TikTok and other china apps to support made in india and Aatma Nirbhaar Bharat programmes.

But, indian government didn't banned all china apps thus people are using them if they didn't find best indian alternatives to them as india is largest democracy in the world after US they are not stopping foreign technologies enter in india even from china which is why china companies selling thier smartphones like hot cakes.

India government is not against china developers they just banned data threat china apps as there is high probability that banned china apps may give data of Indians to china government who can make plans to disturb india's integrity and security so to not let that happen india government banned TikTok.

There may be numerous reasons why TikTok was banned in india out of them main ones are as TikTok has personal data of millions of indians it has huge data breach threat so allowing them to continue in india can have more risks and then to reduce china and foriegn products as much as possible to promote Made In India and Aatma Nirbhaar Bharat that can increase employment rate and definitely boost India's economy for better future.

Finally, this is rise and fall of china company ByteDance TikTok short video hosting platform in india are you an existing user of TikTok? If yes do say your experience and mention why do you think indian government banned TikTok in our comment section below, see ya :)