Tim Berners Lee, created world's first browser named World Wide Web in year 1991 that will open websites and blogs available on Internet that is very basic at that time but later on many developers and companies started developing browsers with highly advanced features according to needs of people to access world wide web in this modern digital technology era.

UC browser, a well known popular web browser developed by UCWeb a subsidiary of Alibaba Inc. a china company you may probably heard of it? especially if you're from india few years back UC browser is most used browser around the world that has numerous cool and useful features which you won't get on other browsers so people started considering UC browser as best alternative to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox etc.

Even though, at first in year 2004 UC browser is only available for java mobile operating system but later on UC browser released for other operating systems like Android and iOS etc at first a decade back UC browser used to be very simple yet super fast like you can browse, watch videos and download files instantly at much higher speed then other browsers.

Now a days, we are widely using cloud servers to compress data but UC browser a decade back itself heavily used cloud servers to compress websites before sending it to users device thus they can load websites quickly including that UC browsers also has cloud acceleration, multi-file format downloading, cloud syncing features, HTML5 web app etc.

Few years back, most browsers like Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox etc used to download files in one part without resume support due to that almost all file downloads are slow in most cases they fail because of that users have to re-download file from start even if they do there is no guarantee that file will now download 100% that's disappointing but thankfully UC browser has fast download feature that can easily download file in multiple parts with resume support on supported links thus you no more face slow speed and interrupted downloads issues.

Usually, The multi-part downloading feature is only available on download managers even now most browsers like chrome don't download file in multiple parts for that you have to enable parallel downloading option in developer settings but fortunately UC browser still has multi-part downloading feature so if you're using UC browser you don't have to depend on external download managers.

The simplicity of UC browser is one of the main reason people used to install it but since US browser got immense popularity and userbase UCWeb started adding spam stuff on UC browser like unnecessary ads and offers including that there is numerous allegations and reports of surveillance, malware, data leaks and privacy voilations from different national security agencies and researchers in the world.

Google Play removed UC browser on it's app marketplace for voilation of policies yet UC browser returned back by fixing things but on June 29, 2020 indian government banned UC browser shortly after India-china skirmishes to protect security and integrity of india since then UC browser didn't return back to India and there is no way to re-enter in india unless UCWeb sell UC browser completely to a foriegn company which is very unlikely to happen as UC Web is profitable subsidiary of Alibaba group.

In india, UC browser is favourite browser for millions of users but after the ban to support indian government decision and to protect security and privacy of country most people stopped using UC browser as there is data breach threat and shifted to other browsers which has functionalities and similar to UC browser.

Thankfully, we have several browsers on Google Play which has numerous features of UC browser like Puffin that uses cloud server compress to load websites fast and then Via browser a simple yet awesome browser developed by Tu yafeng a china developer with goal of less is more that will remind you of old UC browser for sure.

• How to download UC Browser  •

It is very easy to download UC Browser and UC mini from these platforms for free.

• How to download UC Mini •

It is very easy to download UC Mini from these platforms for free.

There are two browsers released by UCWeb UC browser and UC mini a lighter version of UC browser which is small in size like just 500kb to 1MB packed with plenty of features thus most people prefer to use it over full UC browser because of it's minimal look and powerful browsing but unfortunately UCWeb started adding unwanted stuff on UCMini as well due to that the size of UC mini increased to more then 50 mb like full UC browser.

Now, you don't find much difference between UC browser and UC mini in terms of size and features but for the name sake UCWeb release them with different names most UC browser and UC mini users aware of this big changes as both UC browser and UC mini notify you to update it's app to new versions so eventually most users stopped using UC browser and UC mini.

But, some people smartly still use old UC browser and UC mini for nostalgia reasons they are working fine even in modern days any how the fact is UCWeb completely spoiled the simplicity and originality of UC Browser and UC Mini due to that it loose large percentage of users globally who started ignoring UC browser and UC mini and shifted to other ad free simple and privacy friendly browsers.

Unfortunately, UCWeb didn't stop increasing size of UC browser and UC mini and also adding low quality ads and offers with unfixed privacy and security issues as reported by national security agencies so majority old of UC browser and UC mini users not showing interest to re-use them but still both UC browser and UC mini has millions of downloads and users everyday.

In-fact UC browser is second most popular browser and in other countries also many people installing UC browser and UC mini to check out thus UCWeb getting new users every day which may be the reason they are not changing UC browser and UC Mini but this won't work for long as most people leave them because on web there are many better alternative browsers.

While, Chrome and Firefox browser mostly never loose it's users from the early days they developed and maintained thier browsers in such a way most people never felt to shift to other browsers but UC browser and UC mini once most preffered choice lost majority of old users and they are unable to regain them.

There are numerous reasons why UC browser and UC mini not getting old users back out of them the main one is once upon a time UC browser and UC mini is known for pure browsing but now UC browser and UC mini is filled with low quality ads that are mostly not wanted by majority of users which disturb feel and pure browsing thus most old users are not getting back to UC browser and UC Mini.

In March 2021, many china app stores removed UC browser over a complaint that it was showing and selling mislead ads when people search for hospitals by this you can understand ads intensity on UC Browser which once used to only add safe and relevant bookmarks but now UC browser focusing on ads to make profits.

Especially, Even new users who installed UC browser and UC mini uninstalling them after seeing ads and knowing about reports and allegations of privacy and security issues on UC browser so untill UCWeb remove ads and fix it's data breach loop holes and bugs it may for sure continuously loose users day by day.

If you're someone who want extreme privacy and security on browsers without unnecessary ads and offers then stay away from UC browser and UC Mini but as UC browser and UC Mini officially available on Google Play may be UCWeb fixed all of it's security loop holes and bugs to comply with Google Play policies so it's upto you.

• How to download Via browser •

It is very easy to download Via browser from these platforms for free.

Currently, Via browser is best replacement to UC browser and UC mini that has no ads and offers including that Via browser offers advanced features that are not even available on UC browser and UC mini in just 1mb app size so most UC browser and UC mini users shifting to Via browser.

Finally, this is rise and fall of UC browser and UC mini are you an existing user of UC browser and UC mini? If yes do say your favorite feature of UC browser and UC mini and mention do you still use UC Browser and UC Mini if so why in our comment section below, see ya :)