Elon Musk, born on June 28, 1978 in Pretoria city of South Africa was now most successful entrepreneur even become world's richest man last year but most of you know money and fame don't come easily right? Elon Musk is not billionaire from start even though his parents are well known and rich but they didn't played much role in Elon Musk entrepreneur endeavours thus we can say Elon Musk was self made billionaire.

In 1984, when Elon Musk is just 12 year old he developed a video game named the blasters which he saled for 500$ for a magazine company and then later on Elon Musk in his teens using his programming knowledge that he learned from book co-founded full service online bank named x.com that later merged with confinity and renamed as Paypal which later purchased by ebay.com a popular shopping website for US$1.5 billon as Elon Musk is major shareholder of PayPal he got $US 170 million that is sufficient to invest and create new companies.

PayPal is very futuristic at that time as Elon Musk always like to invest and create futuristic products so Elon Musk with the money that he got from selling PayPal that was around US$180 millon out of it US$70 million was allocated and invested in Tesla motors a electric car manufacturing company named after Serbian American inventor Nikola Tesla founded by american entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in year 2003.

The name Tesla motors is taken by Erin Corbett based in Sacramento who didn't want to sell the name but Elon Musk and co founders of Tesla motors want it so they send a calm and composite guy in Tesla who won't get angry to talk and deal with Erin Corbett after so much time Erin Corbeet agreed to sell Tesla motors for $75,000 since then Tesla name itself make you remember electric cars.

Anyway, the remaining money left with Elon Musk is US$ 110 million out of it US$ 100 millon is allocated to create SpaceX a private spacecraft manufacturing company and US$ 10 million is allocated to create Solar City a Solor panel and battery manufacturing company that produce environmental friendly power from sun to homes instead of water and nuclear plants that damages nature.

Tesla, Space X and Solar City all 3 of them are futuristic companies, in case of Tesla motors Elon Musk is one of the early investor and major shareholder thus by year 2008 he become ceo of Tesla motors that manufacture pollution free electric cars to replace petrol and diesel cars in America since Tesla electric cars are very advanced and environmental friendly most people in united states gradually started buying Tesla electric cars.

In year 2008, Telsa motors released thier first electric car named Tesla roadster since then Tesla launched number of models but in year 2017 Tesla launched model 3 electric car that got super popularity thus the sells of Tesla electric cars skyrocked as almost all people in united states started buying advanced AI powered autopilot Tesla electric cars to replace thier old manual cars.

In sense, Tesla within years reduced the usage of petrol and diesel cars to large percentage which is why you will now find Tesla cars every where in united states and to facilitate them Tesla setup electric charge docking stations in every possible location just like petrol bunks thus no Tesla electric car owner go out of power while driving to thier destinations.

Even though, Tesla provide home charger to power up yet as Tesla electric cars are based on lithium battery with specific mah you can only run Tesla electric car to some distance based on several factors like % of battery and speed etc so when your Tesla electric car battery go out of power at any location then Tesla docking stations will come in handy to continue further.

Thankfully, from past few years Tesla increased number of docking stations to serve all customers effectively including that Tesla also provide top class support to Tesla electric cars owners if they get any issue with Tesla electric car with in  warranty period then they can report it to Tesla support who will come and fix your Tesla car if they were unable to fix it then you can get new Tesla car free of charge.

The increasing popularity of Tesla electric cars grasped attention of all developing countries who want Elon Musk to setup and manufacture Tesla electric cars in thier own country even Elon Musk was interested to expand Tesla electric cars availablity in this process he setup Tesla stores in number of countries except india.

In india, from past few years usage of electric cars slowly increasing as many people are aknowledging that petroleum cars release polluted gas into air that not only damage nature but also harmful to health so india people are interested in buying Tesla electric cars even though they are bit expensive but as Tesla stores not available in india people don't have any option other then buying electric cars or bikes from indian companies.

Almost all countries especially united states know india is big market where you can make huge profits because of mass population full-filled with youngsters thus majority of entrepreneurs like to launch and sell thier products in india Elon Musk is not an exception he was smart enough to know potential of india thus from past few years Elon Musk and his team is in talks with indian government to sell Tesla electric cars in india.

But, Elon Musk talks with indian  government didn't go well as Tesla want to manufacture Tesla electric cars in china then Import and sell in india through Tesla that idea didn't liked by indian government as they are already depending on china for most products mainly smartphones so to make India self reliant and global power indian government want Tesla to setup and manufacture Tesla electric cars in india that not only boost economy but also increase employment to Indian people.

However, Tesla seems didn't agree with indian government terms and conditions on that basis thus we are not getting Tesla electric cars in india while Tesla is still in talks with indian government on that matter but indian government won't agree on that as it is not good for future of india even Elon Musk must understand this.

In india, from past few years there is drastic impovement in infrastructure like roads and connectivity in many states but there are numerous states especially rural areas don't have good roads even indian roads are alot of mess due to high traffic all day thus Tesla electric cars may won't work properly even if they run Tesla cars smoothly on indian roads yet autopilot mode won't work as india roads are not well organized thus even slight misjudge of Tesla autopilot mode can end up with bad accidents which may be the reason Tesla is not in josh to manufacture Tesla electric cars in india.

Anyhow, Tesla now worth billions of dollors and it's world's largest electric car manufacturing company that has biggest factory in Fremont so every country especially Elon Musk and Tesla fans are eagerly waiting to see Tesla electric cars rolling in thier country roads to make that Tesla constantly working and progressing towards to reach people worldwide.

While, SpaceX was created in personal interest of Elon Musk as from his childhood he was very interested in space and astronauts so as Elon Musk is futuristic guy he wanted SpaceX to manufacture reusable rockets that can be launched to space then get back to earth and land in same position where it was launched which is very new concept and people doubted it's possibility even NASA and other government space exploration agencies who invest billons of dollors into spacecraft didn't ever shown prototype of re-usable rockets in decades.

SpaceX failed 3 times to make re-usable rockets and lost millons of dollors but they didn't lose hope with only some money left to launch one more rocket Elon Musk and SpaceX put all efforts to make 4th re-usable rocket success and fortunately that worked and put Elon Musk and SpaceX team in celebrations since then Elon Musk and SpaceX never look back.

Usually, Most government space exploration agencies like NASA and ISRO etc manufacture and launch number of rockets per year that are packed with different type of satellites and once in few years they launch specific rockets for special missions like moon and mars exploration with rovers for scientific study and for the future well being of human kind but all this rockets are not reusable so if they send a couple of members to space when they get back to earth that rocket cannot be used again so NASA have to another one which will increase rocket manufacturing costs every time.

NASA aka National Aeronautical Space Agency over the years found that Mars also known as red planet is identical to earth even though it is much bigger then earth in size yet it can support life being and humans can live since earth ozone layer is depleting due to pollution with many biohazards and earth is targeted by several asteroids since ages which even wiped dinosaurs so Nasa is developing technologies to send human to Mars.

Mars will work as safe zone for humans if anything bad happens on earth so alot of people want to go Mars even Elon Musk has same goal so he want to speed up the process of sending people to mars for that Elon Musk with his Space X company created special reusable rockets that are specifically developed to send humans to Mars as soon as possible by year 2029.

Fortunately, SpaceX not just make re-usable rockets as said earlier they also create other advanced and futuristic spacecraft technologies out of them in year 2019 SpaceX launched Starlink satellites in low earth orbit - LEO that can provide fast Internet access beside bad environment conditions in 36 countries that now has over 400,000 userbase mainly focused in united states as most countries didn't approve Starlink yet but as Starklink is revolutionary in future majority will approve Starlink including India.

The whopping success and revolutionary re-usable rockets of SpaceX attracted investers around the world even NASA invested and collaborated with SpaceX in various projects from this we can clearly understand that entrepreneur should be ready to take calculated risk even when there is number of failures in back still never give up as when you keep on trying one day will definitely get success.

Now, SpaceX is most valuable private spacecraft manufacturing company in the world worth $US 125 billion competing with BlueOrgin founded by Jeff befos and country government space exploration agencies like NASA and ISRO etc beside that SpaceX may beat NASA in landing human beings on planet Mars in future.

The man behind SpaceX was Elon Musk who didn't leave SpaceX even when company was near to bankruptcy he put more then half of his own money US$ 100 millon in SpaceX and worked all days for it's growth you can understand how much pain he gone through when SpaceX failed 3 times  he could abandon SpaceX at 3 attempt but he didn't that leaded him to victory that's why bare pain and failures for fortunes.

In year 2006, Elon Musk suggested his cousins Peter and Lydon Reve to start Solar City that was another futuristic company which will manufacture solar energy systems like Solar panels and batteries that will generate power from Sun to supply environment friendly power to homes and companies to fully replace environment harmful water and nuclear plants generated electricity in future.

You may probably know we generate electricity from water dams and nucleur plants which are not good for nature as to generate electricity you need mass water supply with fast flow of water that you will only get on rivers so to get electricity you have to build dams on rivers that for sure negatively impact nature even can cause reason for earth quakes based on several factors for instance : china build world's largest hydroelectric facility dam named three gorges dam that slowed down earth rotation speed by 0.06 microseconds.

SolarCity was acquired by Tesla motors in year 2016 since then SolarCity has been making Solar panels and batteries for Tesla motors due to that Elon Musk also become CEO of SolorCity including that Elon Musk has few more more cool and futuristic companies that he founded and invested which can change the lives of humans like deepmind, Neuralink, Hyperloop etc.

Deepmind got investment from Elon Musk before that was acquired by Google in 2014 created to build safe artificial intelligence systems to advance science and benefitting humans, if you may not know Artificial intelligence is a technology that is programmed to make computers automatically learn and act on it's own in number of ways that simplifies almost all works using machines and softwares but Artificial intelligence has advantages and dis-advantages so we have to be careful.

AI aka Artificial intelligence can do miracles using different types of technologies but still it's a software that was programmed by human even if AI analyse and get best output still there can be some error that can cause big damages including that AI is systematic it can learn human feelings but can't sense it so even if we get powerful and advanced AI robots still that can't replace humans senses.

Artificial intelligence is future technology has more advantages then disadvantages which is why most companies running towards it and making thier own AI based apps and softwares especially Elon Musk was interested in AI from long time to upgrade human beings thus he founded Open AI and Neuralink corporation.

Open AI founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman etc in year December 11, 2016 to outperform humans over the years Open AI researched and developed numerous amazing artificial intelligence projects and then comes Neurolink founded by Elon Musk in year July, 2016, uses artificial intelligence to create neurochips that are implanted in human brain to cure health issues and improve life of human beings through neurochip + AI technology.

Atlast, The Boring company founded by Elon Musk in December 17, 2016 a america infrastructure and tunnel construction services company is a subsidiary of SpaceX but later became independent company in year 2018 they are constructing high speed transportation systems like Hyperloop that can travel from one city center to another in 29 minutes claimed by Elon Musk.

Hyperloop technology got global attention since Elon Musk popularized it as of now few hyper loop transits are constructed by The Boring company in Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, Nevada and many more projects are upcoming but seems like Hyperloop transits by The Boring company is highly limited to united states just like Tesla so it may take number of years to get The Boring company Hyper loop transits to other countries.

The companies that are founded and invested by Elon Musk in simple all are successful and futuristic right now in future also Elon Musk only invest and found futuristic companies considering his nature it's worth to mention Elon Musk also like crypto currencies so frequently he promoted crypto currencies that he was fond of like doge, shiba, baby doge, baby shiba etc thanks to his generosity the new crypto currencies that he promoted on twitter got global media coverage that eventually surged thier price so high to get striking success.

Recently, Elon Musk bid $44 billion to buy Twitter a popular micro blogging platform where Elon Musk is very active founded by Jack Dorsey in year 2009 either this deal go in favour of Elon Musk or not but in my opinion it's better if Elon Musk create his own social media network that will be exciting and interesting instead of buying Twitter that people already got used to it.

Finally, Elon Musk from bullied kid to most successful entrepreneur and from 500$ as first earnings to world's richest man life can turn you in minutes so always dream high, work hard and strive immensely to achieve them when you do it success will follow you for that to happen never ever give up like Elon Musk even when life constantly pushes you into failures, so do you like Elon Musk? kindly say your favourite quote of Elon Musk and mention why you like Elon Musk in our comment section below, see ya :)