Nokia, a well known finnish company which is now a corporation founded by Fredrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin, Eduard Polón on 12 may, 1865 started as a pulp mill then later on after 19 century ventured into numerous fields and manufactured alot of electronic products like Telephones and radios etc especially the major turning point is in year 1979 when Nokia and Salora jointly developed a automatic cellular system mobile phone named Mobira Cityman 150 for Nordic Mobile Telephone called 1G that was released in year 1981 commercially.

Motorola Inc. a American company released world's first portable wire-less mobile phone named DynaTac 8000X commercially in year 1983 that can make long distance calls without lines and cords etc to replace Telephones but at first it is pretty expensive yet it got huge demand to supply that alot of companies around the world started making wireless telephones like DynaTac 8000x including Nokia.

In year 1984, Nokia purchased Salora and renamed it's Nokia telecommunications division as Nokia-Mobira Oy then in year 1987 launched it's first portable mobile phone Mobira Cityman 900 after that Nokia intensively competed with other mobile phone makers by developing and adopting new technologies to provide more features with increased quality  mobile phones for thier customers.

Mobile phone is a revolutionary electronic voice transmissible device to replace Telephones which gone through alot of improvements and upgrades from alot of companies around the world due to that by the end of year 1990s we got small size and affordable modern mobile phones thanks to competition among mobile companies in capitalist world.

Nokia 1011 is first modern mobile phone with keypad released on 10, November 1992 since then Nokia made thousands of keypad mobile phones and most of them are super successful due to that for more then a decade Nokia is world"s largest mobile phone manufacturer competing with alot of companies.

In the beginning of 20th century, few companies started releasing mobile phones with operating system like computers even though they are not super powerful and advanced yet you can play small apps and games so eventually Nokia also made many operating system mobile phones like any other company to stay in mobile market and make business.

There are two popular mobile phone operating systems Java and Symbian OS even though Nokia widely used Java yet SymbianOS is personal favourite of them they focused and developed it further to power up keypad mobile phones that was actually developed for PDAs aka personal digital assistants.

Anyhow, when Apple inc. a american company who used to make personal computers and iPods get into mobile business it's founder Steve Jobs launched iPhone on January 9, 2007 a world's first  multi-touch smartphone that has powerful hardware and advanced software with potential and capability to fully replace almost all keypad mobile phones in the world with it's futuristic technologies.

iPhone is expensive yet people used to stand in long queue to buy them especially because of it's modern operating system that has no name and uses a version of Apple inc. desktop operating OS X but from iPhone 2 they named operating system as iOS that has amazing features with improvements and bug fixes to provide much better experience.

Nokia and its biggest competitor Samsung a south korean company are top mobile companies who has resources to make top notch quality hardware smartphone better then iPhone but they lack operating system like iOS that can beat keypad mobile phone operating system like Java and SymbianOS etc in ease.

iOS is closed source operating system thus no one can use it other then Apple inc. so mobile companies has no choice other then using some other operating system but thankfully search engine giant Google partnered with HTC and launched world's first Android powered smartphone on september 23, 2008 named HTC Dream.

Android is free and open source operating system known for ultra customization and has capability to compete with iOS edge to edge and anyone can build thier own version of Android OS using sources to install on thier device from AOSP aka Android open source project as it free Android smartphones are bit less expensive then iOS iPhones.

Samsung cleverly made smartphones and powered it with Android OS but Nokia for whatever reason didn't want to install Android OS on it's smartphones so like always they simply used SymbianOS for years but it doesn't have proper guides for developers and lack of apps so eventually Nokia got huge losses with SymbianOS smartphones yet still they didn't use Android OS on smartphones.

However, the failure of SymbianOS smartphones didn't stop Nokia they partnered with Microsoft and made Lumia smartphones with Windows a closed operating system that grasped attention globally but it is same as SymbianOS due to that that Nokia got huge losses and eventually failed even though Nokia still top keypad mobile phone maker yet they selled it's smartphones business to Microsoft in year 2014.

Lumia is popular smartphone series brand of Nokia that was handed over to Microsoft who stepped in to revive Lumia with new smartphones but still they didn't fixed issues persisting like lack of proper guides to build apps and support from third party developers who are very much focused on Android and iOS thus Windows Lumia also got losses and failed just like Nokia Lumia smartphones.

Microsoft didn't limit Windows Lumia operating system to themselves instead many mobile companies started using Windows Lumia operating system on thier smartphones like HP and HTC etc but Microsoft only upgraded it till Windows 10 and then on December 10th 2019 ceased and fully stopped providing upgrades and updates.

Microsoft Windows 10 smartphones has premium quality hardware but lack of software upgrades and apps made device unsupported for future usages so alot of people stopped buying Microsoft Windows 10 smartphones but some people who like Windows still buy unsupported Microsoft Windows 10 smartphones.

Meanwhile, Microsoft windows 10 existing users shifting to Android or iOS powered smartphones if they won't or can't they are finding ways to make Microsoft Windows 10 usable for them mainly from past 2 years few developers created several useful projects to continue Windows Lumia smartphones.

Microsoft Windows Lumia smartphone users don't know that there are some unofficial projects exists as they didn't yet got enough spotlight to reach everyone but anyway foremost a guy named Sjrmac known as Samuel Ridosko with his fellow co-developers created Android4Lumia project and managed to boot Android OS on Nokia Lumia smartphones.

But, Nokia Lumia smartphones are outdated and no more in usage so right now Microsoft Windows 10 smartphones are in constant development from third party developers with unofficial projects by using them you can do alot of things on your Windows Lumia smartphone.

• LumiaWoA project official support •

The last official upgrade of Lumia smartphones is Windows 10 that's bit disappointing but with LumiaWoA project you can upgrade your Lumia smartphone to full Windows 11 deskop version but in order to do that you'll need Lumia 950 or 950x on other models it won't work so make sure you have supported device.

• Windows Universal Tools official project •

• How to download Windows Universal Tools aka WUT •

It is very easy to download Windows Universal Tool aka WUT from these platforms for free.

Windows Universal Tools is hub of everything that existed on Windows Lumia smartphones over there you'll get all old Windows Lumia apps and new apps with simple guides updated regularly basically it's a index repository to navigate stuff of Windows 10 smartphones convieniently.

• Windows Universal Tool key features with UI / UX overview •

• Penguin Store official support •

• How to download Penguin Store •

It is very easy to download Penguin Store from these platforms for free.

It is fact lack of apps is one of the major reason behind downfall of Nokia and Windows smartphones isn't? Microsoft Store on Windows 10 smartphones will not more work effectively in future so JULIAN aka pinguin2001 a Windows smartphone enthusiast passionately made a Windows Store alternative named Penguin Store it has 30 apps as of now and focused to add more new apps to continue the legacy of Windows 10 smartphones. 

• Dimas Windows 10 PC ports official support •

Usually, you can't install deskop PC softwares on Windows 10 smartphone as the package format is different it uses .exe while Windows 10 Lumia smartphone uses .apkx format but there are numerous cool stock softwares on Windows 10 PC that many people want on Windows 10 Lumia smartphone so a developer known as Dimas porting PC softwares to Windows 10 Lumia smartphones so far we got some but there is long way to go.

• Windows Continuum project unofficial support •

Microsoft introduced Continuum back in year 2015 that will let you get Windows PC experience on a device using external monitor eventually Microsoft released a new version to support Windows 10 Lumia smartphones that we let you run Windows 10 PC and it's apps as we currently don't have enough apps on Windows 10 Lumia smartphones relying on Continuum is for sure indeed smart choice.

• Windows 10 Mobile Astoria project unofficial support •

You can't directly run Android apps on Windows PC or Lumia smartphones but Android has millions of apps which are required by most people so Microsoft in year 2015 released a Android runtime environment project named Astoria with that you can install Android apps directly on Windows 10 Lumia smartphones but unfortunately Microsoft abondened it and never got it back running now.

Recently, we got some insider builds 1049 and 1059 updates that support Astoria and all Windows smartphones with unlocked bootloader as of now they are most consistent and performance builds so few developers working on to improve and fix bugs as it's insider builds through updaters with patches but Android sub-system version is still kitkat 4.4.4 so you can only run old SDK level apps but it's better have something then nothing.

• Zella Store official support •

Zella Store is an an alternative to Microsoft Store but didn't got updates for years so PenguinStore is better to use right now but Zella Soft team is currently developing a new browser to replace Microsoft edge browser on Windows Lumia smartphones if released it can drive legacy of Windows Lumia smartphones further.

• Windows Lumia 8.1 unofficial support 

Windows 10 latest software upgrade is only released to new Lumia smartphones from Microsoft remaining all sticked to old Windows Lumia operating system like Windows Lumia 8.1 as unofficial projects are concentrated on Windows 10 Lumia smartphones so few developers managed to upgrade Windows Lumia 8.1 to 10 to keep it up to date with developements now.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of some main official and unofficial projects of Windows Lumia smartphones there may be many other projects that are capable to get extra features on Windows Lumia smartphones to extend usability of them in 21st century digital technology era of Millennials and Gen-Z.

Overall, Windows Universal Tools aka W.U.T and PenguinStore has dark mode by default they have clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience thanks to Windows 10 Lumia operating system but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Windows Universal Tools aka W.U.T and PenguinStore get any major changes in future to make them better as of now they're fine.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention unofficial projects may continue Windows Lumia smartphones for few more years but they are handled by third party developers depeneded on volunteer donations may not see company level stable development yet it's fortunate to have them as Microsoft completely abondened Windows Lumia smartphones.

Finally, Microsoft Windows Lumia smartphones are still alive with unofficial projects yet it will be amazing if Microsoft get back to development of Windows Lumia smartphones, are you an existing user of Nokia and Lumia Windows smartphones? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like Nokia and Windows Lumia smartphones in our comment section below, see ya :)