Apple inc. a American company well known for personal computers made revolutionary world\"s first multi-touch smartphone with powerful hardware and software named iPhone was released by it\"s founder on January 9, 2007 thanks to it\"s futuristic technologies it has potential to totally replace keypad mobile phones so most people started buying iPhone even  thought it\"s expensive due to that keypad mobile phone sells dropped immensely and almost all mobile companies has no choice other then to make smartphones like iPhone to stay and survive in market..

Eventually, most mobile companies especially south korea company Samsung in just few years started making thier own smartphones like iPhone with different hardware and software including search engine giant Google partnering with HTC, Samsung, LG etc that are less expensive and become best alternative to iPhones.

Even though, there are many billion dollors indian companies who has potential to spend millons of dollors on projects but none of them really seems interested to invest in indian mobile companies to develop complete infrastructure to make smartphones in india itself as it\"s require huge investment and very risky so indian mobile companies has no choice other then to rely on foriegn mobile companies.

Indian mobile companies since the beginning used to import keypad mobile phones and smartphones from china then they brand thier logo and little customize software to sell in india with extra profit margin that worked for them with this method they\"re able to sell millions of keypad mobile phones and smartphones and make big profits for long time.

The reason india mobile companies choose china because over there labour costs are low and china mobile companies have full infrastructure and advanced technologies to make and export feature rich keypad mobile phones and smartphones at low price affordable rates around the world which is why even Apple inc. depend on Foxconn a chinese company to assemble parts of iPhone.

But, In year 2014 many china mobile companies gone international in that process they entered in india and started selling budget smartphones with flagship features at finest quality as they\"re value for money most india people used to buy them at the time india mobile companies smartphones has less features and over priced so they got huge losses and failed to beat china mobile company smartphones.

You may so far seen or heard indian mobile companies struggled and failed to compete with china mobile companies but do you know? there are few china mobile companies who faced hard time to sustain in india even though they have low price and better smartphones then indian mobile companies like Meizu.

Meizu is largest consumer electronics company in china founded by Jack Wong in year 2003 at first they used to make MP3 and MP4 players but later on started making smartphones then in year 2014  like any other china mobile company entered in india with low price value for money smartphones which are successful as they're well received by indian people.

However, only first few Meizu smartphones got huge sells later on most indian people stopping buying Meizu smartphones as other china mobile companies grasping attention of them with much better price smartphones like for instance Xiaomi inc.

Xiaomi inc, is most successful and top china mobile company in India inspired many china mobile companies to enter in india well known for best low price value for money which not just give tough competition to Meizu but also many other china and popular global mobile companies like Samsung, HTC and Sony etc.

Anyhow, almost all china mobile companies including Xiaomi inc and Meizu used to partner with india online shopping platforms as it\"s easy to enter and make business in india but Meizu unable to get enough recognition from india people as the buzz of Xiaomi inc. is much higher then Meizu.

If Miezu smartly entered in india offline market retail stores as online market is dominated by Xiaomi then very likely Meizu used to give edge to edge competition to Xiaomi now but back then Meizu decided to stop smartphones in india due to that Meizu lost large percentage in india .

Fortunately, Meizu after many years re-entered in india with few new affordable smartphones and this time Meizu selling it\"s smartphones on online and offline market as well but it seems like Meizu didn\"t yet received much spotlight as most people still concentrated and focused on on Xiaomi inc. and other china mobile company smartphones.

Oppo and Vivo china smartphones already dominating offline market retail stores in india and now Xiaomi inc. and other online focused china smartphones also entering into offline market retail stores to expand business and reach everyone so currently it is bit difficult for Meizu to win against them as over the years they gained alot of experience to sell smartphones and other electronic products in india.

In case of online market in india it is mostly ruled by Xiaomi inc. even though many new worthy competitors came up especially Samsung is back in track they made and released online exclusive low price budget feature rich smartphones in name of M series specially for Millennials.

Samsung M series is launched in year 2018 and got huge popularity since then it is giving decent competition to Xiaomi inc. and other china mobile companies thanks to it\"s brand name alot of people in india buying Samsung M series smartphones over china mobile company smartphones.

In order to sustain in online market Meizu foremost have to first beat Samsung\"s M series smartphones to compete with Xiaomi that can take few years if planned well as Samsung has huge fanbase and regular trusted customers who buy thier products without checking reviews so it\"s not easy for any mobile company to dodge Samsung in india and globally.

Recently, from past few years many new smartphones brands entered in india to name a few RealMe, iQOO, Tecno, Infinix etc which are competing with Xiaomi inc. edge to edge and gained separate fanbase and customers so unless Meizu come up with excellent plans and strategies it is hard to survive in india for sure.

Anyway, the re-entry of Meizu smartphones in india definitely spiked  competition among mobile companies and Meizu customers are joyed if Meizu already worked out well before entering into India then definitely if everything goes well Meizu has potential and capability to defeat Xiaomi in future. 

Finally, this is why Meizu china smartphones failed in india, are you an existing user of Meizu smartphones? If yes do say your experience and mention what do you think about Meizu and kindly mention your view on failure of Meizu in india in our comment section below, see ya :)