Voice transmissible devices gone through alot of developments at first people depended on big wired Telephones after that we got world's first wireless mobile phone from Motorola named DynaTac 8000x that can make long distance calls without wires but the main drawback of Telephones and early mobile phones is you can't install softwares for that people have to use personal computers.

Mobile phones are small and better then Telephones yet in the begginings like any other revolutionary technologies Mobile phones are quite expensive but thanks to competition among Mobile companies in this capitalist world they keep on working to make better and less expensive mobile phones due to that by early 20th century we got modern mobile phones.

Modern mobile phones are equipped with small qwerty keyboard and mobile operating systems to name a few SymbianOS and java etc by using them you can install tiny softwares but mobile phones hardware and operating system is not comparable and powerful enough to  compete with personal computers.

Thankfully, Apple inc. a well known PC maker made world's first multi-touch technology powerful hardware and advanced software smartphone named iPhone launched by it's founder Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007 that can install modern apps and has potential to totally replace modern keypad mobile phones.

iPhone has futuristic technologies so to get them many people started buying iPhone due to that demand for mobile phones like iPhone increased all over the world especially in USA that dropped sells of keypad mobile phones so majority of mobile companies to survive in mobile market and compete with iPhone started making smartphones like iPhone.

Fortunately, in few years most mobile companies mainly south korean mobile company Samsung managed to make smartphones like iPhone with different software and hardware which are less expensive yet not everyone can afford them especially in developing countries but eventually the price of smartphones reduced immensely a big thanks to china mobile phone companies.

China is biggest competitor to USA and they continuously making and improving technologies to reach top position #1 spot in biggest economy countries list which is now holded by USA so china is constantly pushing it's entrepreneurs and companies to produce affordable products thus they can export in big numbers to get profits.

Usually, economy of country and value of currency will be increased when exports are high which is why china since long time encouraged and motivated it's people to produce all types of goods and export them in less price thus most countries prefer to buy them that eventually worked and made china not just self reliant but also largest goods exporter in the world.

Anyhow, in china over the years they are able to build advanced technologies with top notch infrastructure for companies yet labour wages are low due to that almost all china mobile phone companies are able to make low price affordable smartphones and easily export them globally.

However, most china mobile companies used to just do business in thier country but in year 2014 many china mobile companies entered in international business mainly targeting developing countries like India, vietnam etc with low price feature rich value for money quality smartphones out of them Xiaomi is most successful and top company.

Majority of China mobile companies put strong presence in one or more countries and successful enough to generate profits especially in india china mobile companies with it's affordable smartphones kicked all
indian mobile companies like Micromax, Karbonn, Celkon, Lava etc and dominating india mobile market for years.

You may heard of Indian mobile phone companies failure because of china mobile phones but most people don't know there are many china mobile phone companies failed to sustain in India as well to name a few ZTE, Leeco, Meizu, Gionee which struggled to compete fellow china and global companies like Samsung.

Gionee is a chinese largest smartphone manufacturer founded by Liu Lirong in year 2002 that gradually expanded its business to many countries which used to make many smartphones to compete with global and china mobile phones in india and overseas but most of them didn't got much attention and recognition thus they are unable to sell them well due to that they went to stage of bankruptcy.

The lack of sells in india and losses made Gionee to sell it's indian operations for rs. 250 crores to indian mobile company  Karbonn since then they are making and releasing interesting Gionee smartphones and other products like power banks, head phones, true wireless stereo, ear phones, smartwatch but still struggling to compete with global and china smartphones.

Even Gionee global operations are not well they recently released Gionee G13 pro on January 30, 2022 a entry level smartphone with unisoc processor with price 90$ while other china companies are releasing all it's smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon or Mediatek processor as most people in india and over seas prefer to buy them.

Unfortunately, both Gionee global and indian exclusive smartphones are not impressive even though they are trying to unleash low price smartphones with big screen and battery for instance Gionee Max Pro at price 7,000rs ( 90$ ) in india yet unable to get and occupy place in neither offline or online market.

Gionee Max Pro is considerebly value for money entry level smartphone atleast based on paper features but seems like it didn't got enough attention from global audience as now a days most people are buying mid range smartphone by adding few more bucks they're able to get much better and feature rich smartphones.

In sense, Gionee is very much focused on entry level smartphones so until they shift it's focus on making mid and high end flagship smartphones they may unable to attract large percentage of customers but even if Gionee bring value for money mid and high end flagship smartphones yet it is hard to get sufficient grip in online and offline market as other china and global companies already ruling it.

It is well known fact advertising and marketing of products is essential for any company despite it's field to reach people and sell products but for whatever reason Gionee is not advertising and marketing it's smartphones and products enough there is promotions on television, events, from influencers etc which is one of the main reason most people don't know about Gionee smartphones.

If Gionee fix it's marketing plans and strategies and make smartphones in all ranges with value for money features at best possible low price better then fellow china and global companies in future then they may get attention and recognition from customers for sure.

Finally, this is why Gionee failed globally, are you an existing user of Gionee smartphones or products? If yes do say your experience and mention which Gionee smartphone or product you like the most and why you prefer and buy Gionee smarphones in our comment section below, see ya :)