In year 1957, Russell Kirsch converted a photograph of his 3 year old son into tiny digital file on computer since then alot of Inventors created many technologies for people to easily create and convert various format files then store them on computers
that has HDD - hard disk drives a hardware with storage capacity that will let you save your digital files and access them anytime using compatible softwares available on computer, mobiles, smartphones etc.

People, used HDDs for decades but later on with rapid advancements in technology we got SSDs that are much faster but still most people use HDDs at first they used to big but eventually they become super small thanks to Inventors and companies like SD cards and pen drives etc.

Thankfully, now in 21st century we have HDDs with big storage capacities like GB - giga byte and TB - terra byte but as the storage of HDD increases price will grow as well so if you have large size files then you have to buy big capacity HDDs that's expensive even if you can afford them yet you can't always secure and carry HDDs it's bit hard and when you loose HDD for whatever reason you can't get it's files as it's physical object so there is no option other then to buy new HDD to re-store digital files again.

Even though, most people still store digital files on HDDs or SSDs but if you are an individual then handling them on your own is risky isn't? which is why when the era of world wide web started in year 1991 many many companies even some individuals created and build cloud storage platforms which you can access through computer or smartphone with support browser then register a account to upload and save all your digital files on cloud servers.

Cloud storage platforms are digital websites available on world wide web of internet that also use HDDs or SSDs in back end but you can't see them instead it will just show storage capacity and an option to upload your digital files through computer or smartphone using mobile data or WiFi via cloud servers and once upload you can simply access them with account details anytime and anywhere.

However, it is very important to choose reliable and trustworthy cloud storage platforms as if they go down you may can't access your digital files again which is why it's always suggested to store your digital files on HDD and cloud storage platforms as well to be safe but the main advantage of cloud storage platforms is even if you forgot password of account then you can simply recover with your recovery email or phone number etc.

Now a days majority of people use cloud storage platforms to save digital files but not every cloud storage is free especially when you want big storage capacity on cloud storage platforms you have to buy paid plans but fortunately we do have numerous free unlimited cloud storage platforms thus you will never lack and get out of space to store your digital files.

There are many unlimited cloud storage platforms that allow you to store all format digital files but alot of people who have videos use social messaging or blogging platforms for instance YouTube where there is no limited storage you can easy upload unlimited videos and that also pay money for views based on various factors but most social messaging and blogging platforms has strict terms and policies so you can't upload all types of videos.

There are many alternatives to YouTube which provides you unlimited storage to store and share videos but most of them don't pay you when people view your video or download it even though they also put alot of ads so they're are not suitable for those creators and people who want to earn money with videos online.

But, from past few years we got several cool and interesting unlimited video platforms which will pay money for every thousands view and downloads out of them the most popular one is Mdisk and considered as best alternative to Pdisk another unlimited cloud video hosting platforms but left it's operations last year due to complaints from DMCA.

Anyhow, Mdisk eventually got top position and totally replaced Pdisk but the videos you upload on Mdisk is encrypted in .mpd format so you can only view or download them on compatible video player and download manager like for Instance Mdisk right now officially support MX player and S Player so you need them.

Mdisk has few advanced features that are not available on most other unlimited video hosting platforms like for Instance without uploading video you can simply add someone else Mdisk videos into your account with different url address using Telegram bot and start earning money.

@VideoToolMoneyTreebot is official Telegram bot of Mdisk that will convert someone else Mdisk videos links as yours thus you don't have to upload same video on Mdisk that save storage of Mdisk and also save your time but not everyone like to use official bot what if you can make your own simpley yet useful client of @VideoToolMoneyTreebot for personal or commercial purposes, it's completely possible and easy.

Telegram is top social messaging platform known developed by Pavel durov and Nikolai durov in year 2013 that has privacy and security focused powerful and advanced features equipped with futuristic technologies over there anyone can build unofficial bots using Telegram Public API but in order to do you must know coding and has enough financial condition to afford and maintain cloud servers.

Usually, when you make heavy resources Telegram bot you need powerful and advanced with big storage cloud servers but Mdisk link convertor is small bot so you don't need paid cloud servers unless you want it share with other people so we're are going to use Heroku a free cloud server to build and host Mdisk link convertor bot on Telegram.

On Heroku, you can deploy Mdisk link convertor bot automatically in minutes thus you don't need to know coding but the drawback is it has 550 free dyno hours limit on new accounts and require paid subscription to extend limit so it's only suitable for personal usages if you want to make it available for wide audience then it's better to deploy Mdisk link convertor bot on paid cloud servers like Google cloud or Amazon Azure etc.

You may probably think that to make Mdisk link convertor bot you must know coding but actually it's not required as thanks to many third party developers who already made Mdisk link convertor code as open source repository on GitHub and they also provided an one tap option to deploy on Heroku easily and comfortably.

Anyway, it's clear that you don't have to know coding to make Mdisk link convertor bot on Telegram but you have to use some official and unofficial bots on Telegram that's simple even newbie can do so do you like it? are you ready to create your own Mdisk link convertor bot? If yes explore more. 

• Telegram official support •

Website :

• How to download Telegram •

It is very easy to download Telegram from these platforms for free.

• How to sign up on Heroku •

- Go to Heroku sign up, enter details required then check ✓ I'm not a robot and tap on CREATE FREE ACCOUNT.

- Now, you'll receive verification email check it.

- Tap on verification link and open in any browser you like and use.

- Enter and create new password as per requirements then tap on SET PASSWORD AND LOG IN.


Done. you successfully registered and got free plan on Heroku.

• How to create bot on Telegram •

- Go to @BotFather, tap onthen tap on /newbot.

- Enter and send bot name for Mdisk Link Convertor bot.

- Enter and send username for Mdisk link convertor bot.

- Here we go, you created bot on Telegram for Mdisk Link Convertor and got token copy and note it.

• How to get API ID and API Hash on Telegram for Heroku •

- Go to @PyGetssApiBot, then tap on START.

- Tap on Get Api ID and API Hash.

- Tap on Share Phone.

- You'll receive code to Telegram, check it enter and send it to @PyGetssApiBot.

- Bingo, It will send Api ID and API Hash copy and note it.

• How to get Mdisk API key •

- Go to @VideoToolMoneyTreebot then tap on START.

- Tap on then tap on /getapikey.

- Well, you got Mdisk API key copy and note it.

• How to get Mdisk link convertor repository •

- Go to then create a account or sign in if you have it already.

- Now, simply go to GitHub Cynite Official Mdisk-Link-Converter-Bot in desktop mode then tap on Fork.

- Enter repository name, description ( optional ) then Tap on Create fork.

- Yay, you forked Mdisk Link Convertor repository copy and note it's url address.

• How to deploy Mdisk link convertor bot on Heroku •

- Go to @XTZ_HerokuBot then tap on START.

- Send your Mdisk Link Convertor fork url address then tap on main.

- Tap on Authorize Bot.

- Tap on Allow.

- Tap on Create new app.

- Enter or paste and send Bot Token.

- Enter or paste and send API ID.

- Enter or paste and send API HASH.

- Enter or paste and send CUSTOM FOOTER.

- Enter or paste and send MDISK TOKEN / API KEY.

 - It will start building and then if you get message Build succeed.

Bingo, you successfully deployed Mdisk link convertor bot on Heroku.

How to convert Mdisk links • 

- Go to your Mdisk link convertor bot then tap on START.

- Now, send the Mdisk link and instantly it will add that in your Mdisk account.

Woohoo, you successfully created your own Mdisk link convertor bot.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Mdisk link convertor bot there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want to create your own Mdisk link convertor bot then this telegram bots method is much better then website for sure.

Overall, all telegram bots has clean and simple intuitive interface thanks to Telegram public API developers can only add buttons or commands to provide any options or features but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will this Telegram bots get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better as of now they're cool.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention deploying Mdisk link convertor bot on unofficial Heroku bot is much better and convenient then official website, yes indeed if you're searching for such bot then Heroku bot has potential to become your new favourite choice.

Finally, this is how you can create your own Mdisk link convertor on Telegram, are you an existing user of this Telegram bots? If yes do say your experience and mention is there any other way to auto deploy Mdisk link convertor on Heroku? in our comment section below, see ya :)