When internet is upgraded to Web 2.0 in that process we got many modern digital platforms and technologies with them you can get and do alot of things due to that some percentage of people for personal or work purposes always wanted such social messaging platforms which has potential and space to adapt or integrate third party technology projects from developers and companies additionally to customize and bring new features timely.

There are many social messaging platforms out there on world wide web of internet to make calls or messages using smartphones and personal computers etc but most of them lack many features and has limitations like you can't delete chat messages, channels and groups can only have upto 500 members max, you can't send more then 100MB size digital files etc.

Thankfully, in year 2013 founders of Russia's popular social network VKontake released an privacy and security focused modern social messaging platform named Telegram that unlock limitations of regular social messaging platforms with futuristic advanced and powerful features by using them you can anonymously communicate with people easily and comfortably.

On Telegram, you can anytime and anywhere can delete chat history in both ends of personal chats, create secret chats with self destruct timer where no one take screenshot or record videos and auto deletes chat history to leave no traces on Telegram servers for extended privacy and security, create numerous channels to broadcast content and groups to chat with upto 200,000 members which is mostly enough to manage large communities isn't amazing?

Especially, you can send 2GB size files to anyone on free plan of Telegram if that's not enough then you can buy premium plans to get double features and exclusive features with that you can send 4GB size files including that there are many official bots and thousands of unofficial bots of almost all categories which provide extra features and simplify hard tasks that's why most people are now shifting to Telegram.

Telegram provides an Public API which third party developers or companies can widely use to build and integrate third party projects and it's technologies into Telegram and unofficial bots to customize or provide extra features that are officially not available on Telegram.

Unofficial bots are one of the main reason why many people use Telegram on daily basis even you can create your own custom Telegram bot but in case you want to create custom heavy resources Telegram bot then you have to know coding or hire third party developers from platforms like Fiverr. In addition you have buy cloud servers which are quite expensive.

Fortunately, now a days we have many free cloud servers including that there are alot of Telegram bot GitHub public repositories of almost all categories created and contributed by third party developers around the world by using them without coding you can make Telegram bots.

Foremost in order to make your own custom or clone Telegram bot with or without coding you have to get basic pre-requisites like Telegram API ID, API Hash and Telethon or Pyrogram session string based on the type of Telegram bot which you can generate in numerous ways.

Telethon and Pyrogram session string is different to each individual account on Telegram which you have to generate using your Telegram API ID and API Hash through cloud server that require terminal knowledge but luckily some developers made session string generator bots which you can use convieniently on Telegram.

Recently, we found an GitHub repository to automatically deploy session string generator Telegram bot on Heroku as session string generator is small bot it don't have heavy resources so Heroku free plan cloud server is enough which provide 550+ hours dynos to handle user requests of session string generator on Telegram.

But, if you want to make public session string generator bot on Telegram for commercial reasons like to show off your other projects or build big communities even provide paid plans to Telegram users, and make business then it's better to rely and use paid cloud servers from Google Cloud or Amazon Azure etc.

Note : now we are going to make Session string generator Telegram bot but remmember the GitHub repository which we are using is banned by Heroku yet don't worry there is simply way to fix it all you have to do is fork that GitHub repository, so do you like it? are you ready to make your own session string generator Telegram bot? If yes let's explore more.

• Telegram official support •

Website : Telegram.org

• How to download Telegram •

It is very easy to download Telegram from these platforms for free.

• How to create Telegram bot •

- Go to @BotFather then tap on START.

- Tap on  then tap on /newbot.

- Enter and send name for Session string generator Telegram bot.

- Enter and send username for Session string generator Telegram bot.

- Now, copy API token and note it.

Here we go. you successfully created Telegram bot for session string generator.

• How to get API ID and API Hash on Telegram •

- Go to @PyGetssApiBot then tap on START.

- Tap on Get Api ID and API Hash.

- Tap on Share Phone.

- Now, you will receive OTP to your Telegram check it then enter and send to @PyGetssApiBot.

Bingo, you successfully got Api ID and Api Hash copy and note it.

• How to sign up on Heroku •

- Go to signup.heroku.com, enter required details and ✓ I'm not a robot then tap on CREATE FREE ACCOUNT.

You will receive verification email, check it then tap on link and open in any browser you like to use.


- Enter new and confirm password according to requirements then tap on SET PASSWORD AND LOG IN.

Voila, you successfully sign up on Heroku.

• How to get session string generator Telegram bot GitHub repository •

- Go to github.com/StarkBotsIndustries in desktop mode then tap on Fork.

- Enter Repository name, description, then tap on Create fork.

- Once done, scroll down.

- Tap on Deploy to Heroku and copy link then paste it in notepad or text editor etc.

- Here, replace StarkBotsIndustries with your Github account username then copy link that we will use later.

Bingo, you successfully forked Session string generator GitHub repository.

• How to deploy Session string generator Telegram bot on Heroku •

- Go to Heroku link that you edited earlier on browser where you log into Heroku.

- Enter app name, choose a region then scroll down.

- Enter or copy and send API_HASH, API_ID, BOT_TOKEN then scroll down.

- Tap on Deploy app.

That's it, you successfully deployed session string generator Telegram bot on Heroku.

• How to generate session string on Telegram 

- Go to your session string generator Telegram bot then tap on START.

- You can use mine as well : @TTSSGTG_Bot

- Select Pythogram or Telethon based on your Telegram bot.

- Enter and send your API_ID

- Enter and send your API_HASH

- Enter and send your PHONE_NUMBER with country code.

- You will receive OTP to Telegram, check it then enter and send as shown above.

- You successfully generated Telethon or Pyrogram, go to saved messages.

Perfecto, here is your session string that you can use to make Telegram bots.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Session string generator bot there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want to create your own session string generator bot then this is one of the best way for sure.

Overall, session string generator has clean and simple intuitive interface thanks to Telegram public API developers can only add buttons or commands to provide any options or features but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will this Session string generator bot get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better as of now it's feels fine.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Session string generator bot is one of the very few GitHub repositories out there on internet to deploy session string generator bot on Telegram, yes indeed if you're searching for such GitHub repository then check that out it has potential to become your new favourite choice for sure.

Finally, this is how you can create your own Session string generator bot on Telegram are you an existing user of session string generator bot? If yes do say your experience and mention which feature of Session string generator bot you like the most in our comment section below, see ya :)