When world first multi-touch technology smartphone iPhone launched by Apple inc. founder steve jobs on January 9, 2007 it is powered by closed source operating system that has no name but as per Apple marketing it is a custom version of i Mac deskop operating system OS X but later on from iPhone 2 Apple inc. named it's operating system as iOS.

iOS is modern and advanced operating system that can totally replace keypad mobile operating systems like Java and Symbian but it's closed source operating system so no mobile companies can use on thier smartphones other then Apple inc. due to that majority of mobile companies faced troubles to build operating system like iOS and install on smartphones.

Google, search engine giant in year 2005 acquired a operating system named Android from Andy Rubens at that time there are no multi-touch smartphones but later on when iPhone entered in market to compete with them Google partnered with HTC a Taiwanese mobile company then in year 2008 launched world's first Android powered smartphone HTC Dream.

Android is free and open source operating system that has potential to compete with iOS and anyone can build their own custom version of it to remove or add extra features using source from AOSP aka Android open source project for thier smartphones according to hardware due to that mobile phone companies who are unable to use iOS started shipping Android powered smartphones.

Most mobile companies build custom version of Android OS to remove or add OEM specific device features and apps like Xiaomi's MIUI but actually Google developed Android OS for it's partnered and own smartphones for Instance Nexus and Pixel where you'll get pure Android OS.

Majority of smartphones are powered by custom Android OS but some of them do have pure Android OS which is similar to Google's Nexus or Pixel smartphones yet  almost all mobile companies stop Android OS upgrades & updates after 1 or 2 years due to that old smartphones will become outdated which is why now a days most people mainly geeks using custom roms.

Even though, Google launched Android One program where mobile companies can join to provide software upgrades and security regularly for few years even some popular companies like Xiaomi and Nokia partnered with Android One program but most companies still preffering to install custom roms on smartphones.

In 2018, Google released GSI - Generic system image for Android OS which any mobile company can use and develop to provide fast Android OS upgrades and updates to smartphones in few days even hours that was also used by third party developers to make custom roms at first GSI got immense recognition but later on most mobile companies forgot about GSI.

Custom roms are build by third party developers using AOSP to remove or add features on Android OS that are carefully developed for each smartphone based on it's existing software and hardware but to install that you have to unlock bootloader then install custom recovery like TWRP aka team win recovery project that voids warranty which is why most newbies stay away from custom roms.

There are many custom roms that provide Android OS with extra features but only few custom roms offers pure Android OS out of them PixelExperience is considered as best as one but recently we found better custom rom named Proton AOSP from Danny Link ( kdrag0n ) which is pure Android OS designed for performance.

• ProtonAOSP Telegram official support •

Website : protonaosp.org

• How to download and install ProtonAOSP •

It is very easy to download and install ProtonAOSP from these platforms for free.

The optimization of Android OS is crucial for smartphone performance and battery life even though majority of mobiles companies and third party developers optimize Android OS but not to big extent which is why you may find bugs, lags, glitches, low battery life, reboots and slow performance on smartphones but ProtonAOSP is thoroughly optimized very well for Google Pixel smartphones.

ProtonAOSP is actually developed for Google's Pixel smartphones and officially right now supports Google's Pixel 4 ( flame ) Pixel 4 XL ( coral ) Pixel 4a 5G ( bramble ), Pixel 5 ( redfin ), Pixel 6 (oriole), Pixel 6 Pro (raven) that has many under the hood improvements and tweaks to make it better then Pixel stock Android OS.

Fortunately, ProtonAOSP provide an port guide and it's source code is public by using that you can develop your own unofficial version of ProtonAOSP for smartphones but in order to do so you need to know coding and custom rom developement for Android OS.

In case, if you don't know how to port custom roms to your smartphone then it's better to ask or hire custom rom developer on Fiverr or XDA etc as it's lengthy process even small mistake in custom rom port build of ProtonAOSP Android OS can end up your smartphone in hard or soft brick which is sometimes irreparable.

Thankfully, few third party developers from XDA already build and ported ProtonAOSP custom roms for few smartphones that are available in official list so before you make ProtonAOSP roms on your own make sure to check your device on XDA very likely a custom rom developer may released ProtonAOSP port custom rom as it's next to PixelExperience in popularity.

In sense, ProtonAOSP is like PixelExperience that provide pure stock Android OS with Pixel exclusive features but the only difference is PixelExperience officially and unofficially support many smartphones while ProtonAOSP currently limited to Pixel series smartphones.

Anyhow, remember ProtonAOSP is not specifically designed for privacy and security for that we have de-googled custom roms like Graphene OS and CalyX etc but ProtonAOSP does provide certain features to improve and increase privacy and security of your smartphones

• ProtonAOSP privacy and security key features •

- Secure quick settings.

- Support for microG

- camera, and microphone.

- Quick log out from secondary users.

- sandboxed Google Play Services

- Minor hardening from GrapheneOS.

- Modern privacy indicators for location.

- Internet and sensor permission control.

- Camera and microphone privacy toggles.

- 7-day usage history for all permissions in privacy dashboard.

- Support for bootloader re-locking with verified boot.

Especially, ProtonAOSP passes Google's safetynet without root out of box on Android 12 which most custom roms don't on them you have to flash Safetynet fixes later but in future Google may in upcoming versions of ProtonAOSP break Safetynet then you have to use it without safetynet or find safetynet workarounds on XDA.

The team of ProtonAOSP also assorted few features like Call recording, Memory Usage, AI-powered back gesture, Adaptive brightness toggle in quick settings, Memory usage in Settings, Command-line tools for developers to provide excellent  experience on ProtonAOSP Android OS.

Finally, this is ProtonAOSP a clean and  pure custom rom of Android OS where alot of things reduced and improved to provide most no bugs clean and smooth user experience are you an existing user of ProtonAOSP? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like ProtonAOSP in our comment section below, see ya :)