In this world of digital technology, there are plethora of revolutionary inventions created by people around the world out of them social messaging platforms are one which are basically softwares build using several programming languages by using them on electronic devices like computers or smartphones etc you can type and send all your messages digitally in seconds to anyone and anywhere globally. 

Even though, social media platforms at first few decades back are very basic but eventually thanks to visionary companies and developers by 21st century we got modern social media platforms packed with advanced and powerful features due to that now you can communicate with people more comfortably with encrypted messages for better privacy and security.

Most modern social media platforms  offers plenty of cool and amazing features with best privacy and security controls out of them Telegram is known as best privacy and security focused social messaging platform developed by Pavel durov and Nikolai durov intially released in year 2013 since then it was able to gain millions of users on daily basis. Isn't fabulous.

Telegram is a social messaging platform which uses thier own security protocol known as MTProto developed by it's founders themselves known to provide more reliable privacy and security to users then any other social messaging platform so most people who care about privacy and security of thier personal data started using Telegram extensively.

Especially, beside privacy and security on Telegram you'll get numerous advanced and powerful features including that on Telegram you can create several public and private channels to broadcast content and groups to chat with community of upto 200,000 members in addition it has an Public API that anyone can use to build thier own unofficial bots so eventually large percentage of creators and developers shifted to Telegram.

Now, we have millions of amazing small and big channels, groups and unofficial bots created by people around the world of numerous categories on Telegram for various purposes where you can send alot of messages that are instantly backed up by Telegram on thier cloud servers so you can simply search for your or anyone else messages with date and time to access them again in near future.

Usually, almost all social messaging platforms backup users messages on cloud servers provide easy to use experience except WhatsApp and they also keep them forever unless the service itself go down for personal or exploited by hackers but some social messaging platforms don't guarantee backup of your messages which is why you always have to check terms of service and polices of any social messaging platforms before you use to be in safe zone.

Generally, at present majority of social messaging platforms rely on centralized cloud servers to host personal user data but they're primarily targeted and exploited by hackers so it's not safe which is why now we're upgrading to decentralized internet known as web 3.0 where data is divided into many parts and encrypted then hosted on decentralized servers available around the world thus your data always have no down time with censorship resistant and best privacy and security.

In case of Telegram, it also uses centralised servers which seems to be encrypted yet we can't fully rely on it where they store and backup all users messages but as per Telegram they provide unlimited chats and storage for users which is one of the major reason why alot of people signed up on Telegram.

However, from past few months alot of users reported that Telegram is deleting messages of private and public channels, groups, bots when the messages count exceeds 1M+ except stickers that turned out to be true which throw away Telegram claim of unlimited chats and storage in trash but also can negatively impact Telegram for sure.

The primary responsibility of any social messaging platform is to provide security of user messages if they can't provide it then atleast that has to be mentioned in terms of service and policies which Telegram didn't instead they justified the deletion of messages stating no social messaging platform can handle search database of 1M+ messages.

Generally, social messaging platforms use cloud servers which have certain storage limits like in millons of terra bytes so they can't store unlimited messages if they do that can lag servers which is why as users increase most social messaging platforms add more cloud servers to serve additional load which is quite expensive so only big companies can handle it like Google.

Meanwhile, Telegram is freemium social messaging platform funded by one of the co-founder itself for years yet it used to pretty much reliable but on June 10 this year Telegram started offering premium plan by subscribing to that users can get double benefits with few exclusive extra features so only from past few months Telegram is openly generating revenue.

Telegram is self-independent social messaging platform for atleast decade and didn't relyed on other third party company investments or third party donations like Signal which probably one of then main reason Telegram unable to afford to add more cloud servers then handle 1M+ messages on bots, channels, groups which is understandable but due to that Telegram users faced alot of issues that must be handled carefully.

Recently, we found an Telegram user named TeleX whose unofficial bot, group messages, personal chats, were simply deleted by Telegram when they exceeded 1M+ count so without any choice TeleX contacted the volunteer Telegram support and got reply from then long conversation went on but at the end got unsatisfactory responses with no reinstating messages so far.

• Telegram Support vs TeleX

TeleX lost huge important database and logs which are important like him there are numerous Telegram users who faced the same exact problem which is why right now it feels like Telegram is no more reliable atleast as per users like TeleX who was literally backstabbed by Telegram so TeleX reported this deletion of 1 million + messages as bug on hoping that Telegram fix it soon.

Anyhow, it is possible that you may also faced messages deletion problem on Telegram if not then by using this bots @ArynIDBot, @accountcountbot in inline messages mode on saved messages or your channels and groups you can check exact count of your messages so that if it is going to exceed then you can backup using @gdprbot official bot.

GDPR - general data protection protection is legal framework of processing data of individuals who live in EU aka European union but also addresses the transfer of personal data outside EU and EEA which effected digital platforms so by using @gdprbot on Telegram you can easily export personal data but as per TeleX in his group there are 6M+ messages yet was only able to export 980k messages using @gdprbot, isn't disappointing?

There is another problem that most people don't speak and rise voice against is Telegram after some period of time taking back usernames of inactive bots,  channels and groups that's completely unethical and unexpected from Telegram they can't get back username once given it's not Reddit but as there is no choice stay active in your groups and channels.

In sense, it seems like Telegram bit lost it's track they used to give reliable services, back then when there is no deletion of messages after 1M+ count and no taking back of inactive usernames as well it may be because of enormous increase in user base in few years but I hope Telegram get back it's orginal vibes in less time.

Finally, In my opinion deleting messages after 1M+ messages and removing of inactive usernames it's totally wrong move by Telegram which will loose so much valuable personal data of users, are you an existing user of Telegram? If yes have you faced this issue? If yes do say your experience and mention why you prefer or not Telegram in our comment section below, see ya :)