In this world, on earth few decades back people in order to get products they have to physically go to several retail stores in different places which takes alot of time and sometimes when you are busy you can't go to retail stores including that most retail stores don't open 24/7 and they don't even deliver to home due to that you can't get products at your convenience time.

But, since 1980s many online shopping platforms started appearing on world wide web of internet and thankfully most of them are available 24/7 unless they got some issues with cloud servers and to access them all you need is computer or smartphone with browser and then you can simply order any available products you like anytime and get them anywhere like at your home or office door step etc via supported couriers comfortably.

Even though, most people shifting to online shopping platforms especially in developed countries like america but many people still depended on retail stores as they're are usually available in every 1 km radius you can easily reach them and do shopping in few hours while on online shopping platforms it takes atleast a day even weeks based on product and seller to deliver at your specified address which is one of the major reason why alot of people choose retail stores near to them.

However, it is not easy to setup and run retail stores, companies invest and spend billions of dollors to build retail stores as at first they have to buy lands at popular places in various countries and then they have to construct big retail stores after that they have to employ alot of people to maintain them well which is expensive so only big companies can handle them and make profitable business.

Retail stores especially popular and big ones like Walmart usually have direct partnership with product makers and import them in huge quantities due to that they are able to get products at less price and sell them with many exciting offers mainly on holidays and special occasions like black friday to name a few 50% off and 1+1 etc even though early online shopping platforms are basic ones but later after 20th century online shopping platforms reach to the level of retail stores with some changes but almost same market strategies around the world.

Now, we have millions of small and big online shopping platforms maintained by individuals and companies who sell various category products at targeted location based on thier financial capacity and marketing plans like individuals usually limited to one city or state and big companies has potential to setup proper network to work in many countries.

Anyhow, most individuals in beginnings  probably don't have enough money as they just now entered into online business but there are many individuals who started online shopping platform with less then 10$ per annum domain and basic site then gradually build billion dollor company.

Jeff Bezos, a entrepreneur in his garage with his wife founded on July 5, 1994 and launched it on July 16, 1995 started as online shopping platform where people can sell thier old and new books at first it is limited to America but received many sellers and customers so with a month they started shipping books to 40+ countries and then to expand it's  business Amazon though to allow anyone to register and sell any products and this idea eventually made Amazon the most popular online shopping platform globally.

Generally, online shopping websites also known as e-commerce platforms are created to sell products owned by one individual or company but Amazon instead of limiting it's platform to thier own or few company products they provided an option in sense facility for people to become seller on Amazon wherever it is available which makes Amazon different from traditional online shopping platforms and that played key role in success of Amazon.

If a customer buy any product through Amazon then the money will be paid to Amazon verified seller with taxes based on country out of the total bill value Amazon do charge some handling and service fees which is around 6% to 25% for each item that is how Amazon and any other modern online shopping platforms make profits.

Amazon like any other new startup don't have sufficient investments and funds so it's founder Jezz Bezos can't run it in the way of retail stores as it require billions of dollors so at first like any other individuals depeneded on couriers to ship products worldwide but later on instead of building expensive stores he smartly rented many warehouses which are less expensive and don't require heavy maintenance in several locations in one area then partnered with third party courier services to connect and deliver Amazon products to customers.

It is essential for courier and online shopping platforms to setup warehouses in best possible locations in each country wherever they providing services thus they can reach to people quickly as speed and quality of delivery can have big positive on customers as they are getting products on time that will make them order again.

Thankfully, Amazon over the years spotted right locations to rent and setup small and big warehouses in almost all countries in- addition from year 2014 they done alot of improvements on transportation network as it's crucial to deliver products as soon
as possible Amazon increased delivery persons, jet planes, vehicles and adjusted routes to deliver products to people much faster then before.

Unfortunately, Amazon not available in all countries for instance Russia but they're constantly working to make Amazon available everywhere but in some countries Amazon may not enter directly considering thier policies like china and North Korea even if Amazon want to enter into those countries they have to partner with local companies.

In case of india, it's democratic country in year 1991 by then prime minister PV Narasimha Rao released new economic reforms to stabilize value of national currency and introduced friendly policies for foriegn companies to setup and run companies to make business in india due to that Amazon easily setup and never got any problems in india.

When Amazon launched in india in year  they worked in same way like they used to in America which didn't work like for instance Amazon India used to put credit card payment to buy products while most Indian people don't have credit cards instead they use debit card that was later introduced but still alot of indian people don't know about online shopping platforms and there is alot of trust issues.

In sense many indian people used to think that online shopping platforms snatch money and never give it back that's partly true but Amazon is different it's global company and provide electronic purchase proof yet due to lack of awareness most people mainly those who are new to internet didn't dare to use not just Amazon but also other online shopping platforms.

Fortunately, Flipkart a indian online shopping platform founded by blBinny Bansal and Sachin Bansal introduced COD aka cash on delivery for the first time in india that was super successful as people able to get product in hand to check and then pay which cleaned up conspiracies and scams about online shopping platforms even though Amazon is much old company then Flipkart yet they enabled COD - cash on delivery option lately in india.

Eventually, Amazon enabled COD payment method in india and started receiving alot of customers since then there is huge competiton between Flipkart and Amazon but unexpectedly because of poor decisions of Flipkart it loose grip and loose customers and then got selled out to WalMart who always wanted to enter into online shopping business.

WalMart revived Flipkart but still Amazon is top on charts not just in india but also around the world as Amazon not limited to online shopping platform they ventured into many fields like electronics with smartphones, tablets, Amazon Basics,  cloud technology with Amazon Azure, AI aka articifical intelligence with Amazon Alexa, Music, Books with Kindle, OTT and on demand delivery with Prime, Amazon fresh stores that was recently launched in india, space mission race to Mars with BlueOrgin that is now in competition with Elon Musk SpaceX etc due to that revenue streams of Amazon increased that made Jeff Bezos richest man in the world.

In fact Amazon online shopping platforms is main stream of revenue and backbone yet other subsidiaries balance things when required isn't? anyway Amazon gone through alot of improvements and upgrades for two decades thus now there are alot of options especially Amazon provide top notch customer care service which is another reason why people to buy products on Amazon.

Luckily, almost all subsidiaries of Amazon got thumping success except it's app store now Amazon is heading towards to make it's online shopping platforms much better then before with more features to provide excellent user experience to all customers and they may enter and build many more interesting and subsidiaries in future.

Finally, this is success story of Amazon inc. a renowned online shopping platform from that you can learn and inspire if you have a right medium even if that worth nothing at start yet if you can channelize it with some smart ideas and hardwork off course for years then it can become big company as proved by Amazon are you an existing user of Amazon if yes do say your experience and mention why you like it in our comment section below, see ya :)