Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-Chul on March 1, 1938 at first it was an grocery trading store in south korea used to export korean dried fish, vegetables, noodles etc with 40 employees then later on entered in to electronic products business with black and white TV named P-3202 on December 23, 1970 after that in year 1977 they begin manufacturing and selling color TVs since then Samsung focused on improving and launching new electronic products. 

However, when Lee Byung-Chul died in year 1987 at that time Samsung company already has business in many industries like food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, ship building, retail etc which used to be under one umbrella so to manage them efficiently management divided Samsung to five groups known as 
Samsung Group, Shinsegae Group, CJ Group, Hansol Group, Joongang Group due to that Samsung become conglomerate.

TV aka Television business of Samsung is super successfull they selled millions of CRT black and white and color TVs in south korea and overseas at the same time Samsung continously developed many own technologies to improve and upgrade TVs like Samsung in year 1998 launched it's world's first projection TV after that build various types of display technology TVs like LCD, LED, OLED and QLED etc according to market in order to stay in market and compete with other leading TV companies like Sony, LG etc.

Lee Kun-hee who become chairman of Samsung after Lee Byun Chul in year 1987 played major role in expanding electronic products business into more categories other then TVs like after 2 years of R&D aka research and development Samsung build mobile phone named SH-100 in year 1988 which is first mobile phone to be designed and manufactured in Korea.

Mobile phones from Samsung received wide success around the world so they continued manufacturing more mobile phone models then in 20th century like any other mobile phone company started making modern keypad mobile phones with operating systems like Java which are better then regular mobile phones and telephones that worked out very well for them.

But, on January 9, 2009 Samsung got big set back when Apple inc. well known american PC maker founder Steve Jobs launched multi-touch display smartphone named iPhone that can totally replace modern keypad mobile phones with it's powerful hardware and advanced closed source operating system which has no name in intial release but from iPhone 2 Apple inc. named it as iOS.

Most people mainly in USA shifting to iPhone that slightly dropped sells of mobile phones so mobile companies which are effected by this started making plans and strategies to make smartphones like iPhone out of them Samsung is one that has potential and resources to make high quality hardware but lacks operating system like iOS due to that it was unable to make smartphone like iPhone.

Fortunately, american search engine giant Google in year 2005 acquired an operating system named Android from Andy Rubens which was not released publicly back then but later on in order to compete with Apple inc. they partnered with HTC a Taiwanese mobile company then made and released world's first Android powered smartphone on Sept 23, 2008 named HTC Dream.

Thankfully, Android is free and open source project anyone either individual or company can use it's source to build thier own version of Android with reduced or added extra features due to that most mobile companies including Samsung who were unable to use iOS started using Android on almost all smartphones.

Android is the only operating system that has potential and capability to compete with iOS and it's bit less expensive then iPhones which is why majority of people in developing countries started buying Android powered smartphones over iPhone due to that Android was able to gain more then 75% global market share.

Even though, Samsung is capable enough to develop thier own operating system better then iOS but that take years which is why they cleverly build thier own version of Android OS with custom skin known as TouchWiz to use on smartphones that decision of Samsung send it's biggest competitor Nokia out of league.

Nokia, a finland company is world's  largest producer of keypad mobile phones like Samsung who used to compete with each other intensively, at the end Nokia used to have slightly upper hand in most scenarios but Nokia didn't used Android instead they depended on SymbianOS after that partnered with Microsoft and released Windows Lumia smartphones which all failed because of Nokia's poor decisions due to that Samsung become largest manufacturer of smartphones.

The main reason Samsung use custom Android OS is to provide OEM apps and more features with required optimizations as per hardware of smartphones, anyway TouchWiz is first custom Android OS of Samsung that was well received by users but other mobile companies made better custom Android OS so Samsung later on discontinued TouchWiz.

Samsung Experience is new overlay custom Android OS of smartphones introduced in year 2016 is modern and better then TouchWiz which samsung used on smartphones for few years then discontinued in year 2019 after that they released One UI which is way better then Samsung Experience so it's in continuous usage but there is possibility that may be changed in future.

Meanwhile, there is another open source operating system developed by Samsung known as TizenOS based on Linux not Android OS which has it's own overlay and only available on Samsung Z series smartphones but eventually failed as there is no wide reception and most users like and prefer to use Android OS.

Anyhow, Samsung smartphones are expensive yet got sells as there is not many options available in beginning era of smartphones but later on in year 2014 china smartphone companies entered in international market and released low price value for money feature rich smartphones around the world so majority of people in developing countries shifted to china smartphones especially from Xiaomi leaving Samsung.

In developed countries Samsung has no problems as most people buy either iPhone or Samsung smartphones so they have to focus only on developing countries which they didn't for long time but in year 2018 after getting alot of requests and feedbacks from it's loyal customers and fans in year 2018 build and released low price budget smartphone series.

Samsung M series is low price budget smartphones which are specifically build to targeting millennials in developing countries like India name that revived Samsung lost mobile market as most Samsung customers and fans buying Samsung M series smarphones over anyother which is why Samsung able to 
effectively tackle china smartphones.

Especially, Samsung also manufacture many mobile hardware parts available in  most smartphones from Apple inc. iPhone to almost all china or taiwan smartphones use one or more Samsung build hardware parts like camera sensors, harddisk, memory etc which is one of the main reason Samsung is leading mobile phone company for more then decade.

Atlast, it is well known fact smartphones scaled up digital technologies mainly since 21st century which is why Samsung 
keep on improving smartphones, they even shifted from analog TVs to smart TV's since year 2011 in order to adapt new digital technologies and stay up to date due to that it was able to sell millons of TVs and mobile phones every day.

Overall, most people only know Samsung mobiles and smartphones but they also manufacture many more electronic products like tablets, cameras, laptops, home appliances for Microwave, washing machines, etc which has good brand value and large percentage of global customers that's why Samsung is one of the pioneer in electronics industry.

Moreover, right now you may feel like Samsung got smooth success but it didn't like any succesfull company in Samsung also there are alot of small and big hidden up and downs that founder and employees on thier own or collectively solved together to expand Samsung geographical and financial scale further to make it better and rise more then before.

Finally, this is success story of Samsung, one of the world's largest electronic conglomerate, are you an existing user of Samsung? If yes do say your experience and mention which Samsung electronic you like most and why? in our comment section below, see ya :)