People, around the world used and depended on physical form money like barter system, gold, daimonds etc and then in 18th century USA introduced fiat paper based currency in order to replace other money systems even though in the beginning majority of people didn't accept fiat currency type money but eventually as there is no choice almost everyone started adapting to it in that process fiat currency is now considered as only form of money.

Majority of countries after USA begin printing fiat currency with thier own logo and value for it's people through thier own reserve banks due to that with in just few decades almost everyone globally started using fiat currency to send or receive any amount of money because of that banks also eventually started accepting to store and secure fiat currency.

There are two types of banks, government and private which both have long history and run on common principles at first they used to store and secure gold, daimonds etc as people consider them as money but later on as world rapidly progressing and advancing we need more convenient and comfortable way to spend money at that we got fiat currency which are in now in wide usage thus banks storing them with new secure protocols time to time.

Even though, Banks usually employ many qualified persons and use new and latest technologies to secure people's money either it's fiat currency, gold and diamonds etc with numerous features and options accordingly still banks have alot of loop holes and drawbacks as the money you store is not in your total control as banks works as mediator due to that your money can be stolen either by fraud banks or thiefs anytime and anywhere.

In sense, Banks does provide security according to it's terms of service and conditions based on country government regulations but lacks transparency due to that you don't know what exactly going on behind the bank account which is why you will see many banks and employees frauds around the world that only put your money at risk but also personal details as well.

However, By mid 19th century we got modern banks which use advanced and powerful technologies to safeguard every customer money at that time they also simplified banking with ATMs aka any time money and international transfer since then banks gone through alot of upgrades and updates in every edges with extensive utilization of new revolutionary hardware and software technologies.

Fortunately, when Tim Berners Lee released www aka world wide web a browser basically software to crawl public content of internet protocol which is network of computers due to that alot of people and companies started making various digital platforms to host them on internet in that process both government and private banks created and released digital banking platforms.

Banking digital platforms like websites and softwares are accessible through compatible electronic devices like personal computers and smartphones which further eased banking where you will get alot of banking related physical form features digitally through GUI aka graphical user interface by using them you can check balance and send money locally or internationally to anyone and anytime.

Now, we have banks where you can see  fiat currency, gold or daimonds etc in digital form but still lacks security and privacy especially transparency due to that many people who want to extremely store thier funds securily with privacy don't like and prefer to use banks instead they try to find and use some other methods or ways.

Unfortunately, in early 20th century we don't have any legal ways to send or receive fiat currency except through government approved and recognised banks due to that at the time mainly criminals used illegal ways to transfer money without banks that's risky even put long time punishments in jail.

Thankfully, In year 2009 a anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto created and released decentralized crypto currency named Bitcoin to totally replace untrustworthy mediators like banks and provide military grade securily and privacy to users with transparency as priority using blockchain network that was not connected with any bank or governments.

Bitcoin is digital technology which price is based on buy and sells thus it's volatile that can be used on supported crypto wallets where transaction are verified by proof of stake crypto miners at first no one cared about Bitcoin but eventually recieved millions of users and investors due to that it value grown exponentially today after that numerous developers and companies got inspired by Bitcoin created many crypto currencies like Ethereum, Polygon and Dogecoin etc.

Currently, there are millons of crypto currencies and tokens based on network of crypto currency with supported wallets equal or more then that due to that alot of people started heavily using many crypto currencies thanks to latest technologies which got adapted to crypto currencies and tokens out of them Web3 is one.

Web3 is actually concept of decentralization of internet and upgrade of internet appeared first in Bitcoin where digital platforms are not just depeneded on decentralized servers but also in working structures and mechanisms as well because of that we gradually got alot of Web3 decentralized digital platforms known as dApps for crypto currencies like DeFi, wallets etc mainly from past few years thanks to crypto enthusiasts.

dApps are usually integrated into modern software crypto wallets because of that we are now able to use crypto currencies more conveniently and extensively but there are alot of people who like to use crypto hardware wallets which may lack features available on digital crypto wallets but provides better security and privacy as it put you away from crypto frauds, scams, criminals and hackers etc.

Most modern software based crypto currency provided by companies are usually deployed on centralised servers that voilates rules of Web3 and they don't even provide support for hardware crypto wallets due to that some privacy focused crypto investors and owners limited to few basic crypto wallets which lack numerous features and options right now.

Recently, we found an poweful open source non custodial Web3 crypto wallet with EVM smartchains and hardware wallet support auidited by CertiK named Ambire previously known as AdEx with email and additional crypto wallet login support who not just provide crypto ad network named Admire AdEx isn't cool?

Ambire stated in year 2016 by passionate developers is growing constantly as they continously working from past few years to implement and provide better crypto features to it's users timely to stay up to date and futuristic which is why they have thier own Wallet DAO + token and AdEx token with staking support for privacy and security focused premium network.

Anyhow, the main speciality of Ambire Web3 crypto wallet is beside it's hardware wallet support of Trezor, Ledger, Grid+ and Lattice1 etc it's available in 10+ EVM networks and has next level smartchains including that you can pay transaction fee with stable coins to save Ethereum which has scalability issues, so do you like it? are you interested in Ambire Web3 crypto wallet? If yes let's explore more.

• Ambire official support •

Website :

• How to signup on Ambire Web3 crypto wallet with key features and UI / UX overview •

- Go to then tap on Go To Wallet ->

- Sign up or login using Email address or hardware based crypto wallet.

- Here, I'm using MetaMask.

- Tap on Next.

- Tap on Connect.

- Enable and Allow required permissions.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Ambire Web3 crypto wallet there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best Web3 non custodial Web3 crypto wallet then Ambire at present is on go worthy choice for sure.

Overall, Ambire Web3 crypto wallet comes with dark mode by default, it has well clean and simple user interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Ambire Web3 crypto wallet get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's amazing.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Ambire is one of the very few non custodial Web3 crypto wallet with futuristic smartchain support that let you pay transaction with stable coins, yes indeed are you searching for such crypto wallet then Ambire Web3 crypto wallet has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is Ambire a Web3 crypto wallet with EVM smartchains and hardware wallet support, are you an existing user of Ambire Web3 crypto wallet? If yes do say your experience and mention why and which feature of Ambire Web3 crypto wallet you like the most in our comment section below, see ya :)