If you're an content creator or someone who like to check content on world wide web then most probably you may already checking alot of channels and groups on popular social networks isn't? where you have to manually share posts and chats on your profile, channels, groups, pages etc as almost all social networks usually don't provide automatic sharing facility.

Generally, majority of people don't require auto sharing feature on social networks as they only share public and private posts of channels or chats once in while like weekly but there are some creators who maintain several channels and groups etc on single social network due to that they most likely need to manually share same posts many times that's hard and takes time isn't?

Especially, some people who like specific channel or group etc content posts which they didn't own but want to automatically share them to thier channel or group etc in order to check them convieniently as soon as they possible for personal or commercial usages but as most social networks don't provide auto sharing facility they use manual way.

Even though, there are automatic platform integration digital platforms like IFTTT aka if this then this which allow you to connect many popular digital platforms and social networks together to do automated tasks like YouTube to Facebook but in order to do that you have to create an account on IFTTT which many don't like as they want to setup all things on their social network itself.

Fortunately, when artifical intelligence and machine learning technologies came into existence it automated most hard works of humans in real world at first it was limited to robots but later on adapted to digital platforms as well which is now widely used by developers and companies on their social networks to provide more features at the same time simplify tasks.

Thankfully, in 21th century most modern social networks use artifical intelligence and machine learning for various front and back end purposes including that they are providing API - application programming interface inshort API by using that anyone can develop bots to provide extra features that are unavailable by default.

Now a days we have plenty of bots available on modern social networks build by third party developers using various programing languages and technologies by using them you not just automatically share but also like, comment, forward and download etc isn't cool and amazing?

In case of Telegram, a renowned privacy social messaging platform developed by Pavel durov and Nikolai durov was intitally released in year 2013 has many powerful and advanced features like full unlimited storage, upto 200,000 members limit on channels and groups, super useful and cool official and unofficial bots that're unavailable on other social messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Signal etc.

In sense, Telegram is futuristic and bit ahead of other social network platforms with millions of small and big awesome content posts channels and groups on Telegram but still like any other social messaging platforms by default there is no auto sharing post functionality so you can only manually share posts.

However, as there is efficient and feasible API on Telegram by using that over the years many third party developers developed numerous auto share or you can say auto forward bots with them you can share Telegram posts anywhere you like on channels and groups easily.

Recently, we found an feature rich auto forward Telegram bot named Auto Forward Messages that can simply share any private or public channel and group posts into your channel or group with custom filters and all you need is just requirement of source and target channel and group ID and rest will be handled via programs and cloud servers smartly.

Note : Auto Forward Messages is unofficial bot of Telegram build by third party developers so Telegram won't take any responsibility as there is high data breach threat so kindly use Auto Forward Messages bot at your own risk we are not responsible for any personal or financial losses as we just shown it for demo and information purposes so do you like it? are you interested in Auto Forward Messages bot? If yes let's explore more.

• Telegram official support •

Website : Telegram.org

• How to download Telegram • 

It is very easy to download Telegram from these platforms for free.

• How to auto forward channel and group posts on Telegram •

- Open, Telegram then simply Go to @Auto_Forward_Messages_Bot 
then tap on START

- Tap on

- Tap on /connect

- Enter and send your phone number in format described above.

- Enter and send your OTP and two step verification password as described above then you are ready to proceed further.

- It is currently giving Premium Package Trail for free to new users.

- Enter and send /getchanel or /getgroup to get IDs but I suggest Telegraher.

- In Telegraher, go to channel or group to simply check and copy ID once you done get back Auto Forward Messages bot.

- Now, enter and send source and target channel or group ID as described above.

- Bingo, you successfully auto forwarded posts on Telegram.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features Auto Forward Messages bot there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want to one of the best auto forward posts bot on Telegram then right now Auto forward messages bot is on go choice.

Overall, Auto Forward Messages bot has clean and simple intuitive interface thanks to Telegram public API developers can only add buttons or commands to provide any options or features but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Auto forward Messages bot get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better as of now it's assuring for sure.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Auto Forward Messages bot is one of the very few telegram bots our there on internet by using you can simply Auto forward any group and channel posts on Telegram, yes indeed if you're searching for such bot then Auto Forward Messages has potential to become your new favourite choice.

Finally, this is how you can Auto forward posts on Telegram using Auto Forward Messages bot, are you an existing user of Auto Forward Messages bot? If yes do say your experience and mention which feature of Auto Forward Messages bot you like the most in our comment section below, see ya :)