There are many electronic devices other then PCs aka computer which install and loads operating system out of them most popular one is keypad mobile phones after that we got smartphones when Apple inc's founder steve jobs released iPhone which has GUI - graphial user interface operating system named iOS from iPhone 2 that may
look basic considering now but back then it's cool and gorgeous which gone through alot of improvement and changes to make it's interface look and feel better for user friendly experience on the go.

But, iOS is closed source so third party developers can't customize it directly or indirectly as it don't support due to that people has no choice other then to utilise same pre-defined user interface at that time search engine giant Google released an operating system named Android then released it's source code for free on AOSP aka Android open source project that any one can use to build thier own version of Android with different custom features, options, themes, skins, tweaks etc.

Fortunately, Android is known for free ecosystem known for customization more then security which is why many mobile companies and third party developers who are unable to use closed source iOS begin building thier own variant of Android with optimizations in different aspects which are known as custom roms like Xiaomi's MIUI, FIUI, LineageOS, HiOS, Omni etc.

Thankfully, custom roms comes with support of thousands of themes which you can choose or even make one your self to get user interface that you like isn't? amazing? but in case of stock Android aka pure AOSP roms available on Google's Pixel or LineageOS available with extra added features you will not get custom themes support, isn't disappointing?

However, Google back in year 2016 at the time of Android 6.0 marshmellow provided facility to custom overlays due to that few developers created many custom theming engines to customize user interface over lays of Android out of them Substratum is most popular theming engine which has thousands of awesome overlays build by third party developers around the world.

Substratum magically change boring light or dark mode system user interface into several dazzling designs using third party custom over lays available in format of apps but in order to do that your Android device must be rooted else it won't work including that it voids device warranty.

Even though, many people especially geeks risk thier device warranty to install substratum theming engine and try custom overlays but right now they only work on old Android operating systems starting from 6.0 M to 10 Q as Google for whatever reasons preventing stock users in installing custom overlays which may be new Android versions like 12 and 13 don't yet have compatibility with Substratum.

Generally, each person have his own user interface choice which is why hundreds of custom overlay came in to effect to apply on theming engines like Substratum out of them have you ever tried transparent one? that remove visible colors of user interface to show background of every options and tiles it will look fabulous right?

There are large percentage of people who like and use transparent Substratum themes but unfortunately they are right now only available on old Android versions due to that new Android 11 to 13 version  users has no choice other then to use stock or any different substratum themes which are not fully compatible now.

Anyhow, recently we found an transparent theme module named ClearLineage developed by @programminghoch10 that uses RRO aka resource runtime overlays for Android 8.0 to Android 12 custom roms including that it even support Google Pixel 1 to 5 and ProtonAOSP who was also working to bring transparent theme support for Android 13 soon but in order to install it you must be rooted via Magisk or Lygisk then install LSposed a module repository custom version of Xposed framework.

If you already have Magisk or Lygisk with LSposed installed on your Android powered smartphones then it's super easy to make your device user interface transparent in few seconds using ClearLineage Magisk and LSposed module but haven't you bit confused with it's name derived from popular custom roms that was previously known as CyanogenMod?

ClearLineage module is undoubtedly named after LineageOS may be because now a days majority of custom roms use  LineageOS as base so don't worry it will on almost all custom roms but can't guarantee though if you faced any kind of problem like unable to install or disable ClearLineage then you can simply contact support group of ClearLineage for sure.

Note : Android rooting and installing custom modules are risky you may soft or hard brick device completely that can some times irreparable we are just showing demo of installing procedure for information purposes and remmember we are not responsible for any personal or financial losses occured to you by using ClearLineage, so do you like it? are you still interested? If yes let's explore more.

• ClearLineage official support •

• How to download ClearLineage •

• Magisk official support •


• How to download Magisk •

GitHub ( v24.3 or new supported )

• LSposed official support •


Website :

• How to download LSposed •

• How to install Magisk on Android •

- Reboot to recovery then select Magisk .zip from storage, here I'm using Orange Fox you may others as well.

Swipe to Install

- If is installation is done then tap on Reboot System

-- Bingo, you succesfully installed Magisk.

• How to install Xposed Framework via LSPosed on Magisk •

- Open Magisk Manager

- Tap on Settings ⚙️

- Enable Zygisk and reboot device.

- Re-open Magisk Manager.

- Tap on Modules then tap on Install from Storage

- Select LSPosed Riru or Zygisk version from Storage.

- Once installed, Tap on Reboot

- LSPosed Shortcut will be created on Homescreen, if not created then simply open LSposed zip archive.

- Here, I used ZArchiver, then tap on manager.apk and install and open it.

- Enjoy, You successfully installed Xposed Framework via LSPosed on Magisk.

• How to activate ClearLineage •

- Open Magisk and tap on install from storage then select

- Once done, tap on Reboot.

- Check LSPosed activated or not, if done.

- Enable ClearLineage module, then select options as shown above.

That's it, you succesfully installed ClearLineage on Android for free.

Voila, now enjoy transparent theme using ClearLineage.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of  ClearLineage there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best LSPosed module for transparent theme then ClearLineage is worthy choice.

Overall, ClearLineage comes with transparent mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will ClearLineage get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's awesome.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention ClearLineage is one of the very few LSPosed modules available out there on internet that will make your Android overlay as transparent instantly, yes indeed if you're searching for such module then LSPosed has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is how you can install transparent theme on your Android powered smartphones using ClearLineage, are you an existing user of ClearLineage? If yes do say your experience and mention why and which is your most liked feature of ClearLineage in our comment section below see ya :)