When we got electricity in this world inventors around the world started making various types of machines for different purposes which uses electricity to run physical tasks automatically or manually as designed according to hardware parts mechanisms in that process we got many electricity depended machines that later classified as electric machines.  

Computer is an machine founded by Charles Babbage after him many Inventors build different types of computers at first they are not depeneded on electricity but inventor John Vincent Atanasoff in year 1943 build world's first electric computer after that inventors and companies around the world using different technologies created alot of electric computers.

However, electric computers at first like any other machines totally used to run mechanisms on hardware switches inputs and they are big and expensive due to that electric computers are mostly limited to industrial factories and companies which don't use any software but on 11 am, 21 June 1948 for the first time at University of Manchester on stored program baby computer held a piece of software in the electric memory executed succesfully.

Fortunately, many inventors and companies started making software runable computers after Machester baby computer but in beginnings on computer software is not visible and don't have any display to show it as well due to that they used to run software in backend to provide services and run tasks electrically.

Thankfully, since 1964 we got CLI aka command line interface operating system computers which provides user interface to let you interact with software but in order to use CLI based operating systems you have to enter commands which is bit hard for non-programmers that's why alot of developers and companies created many GUI aka graphical user interface based operating systems.

GUI based operating systems on computers are easy to use as you can use mouse to interact with software but still computers used to be big and expensive due to that they are limited to companies like IBM but later on companies for thier personal and commercial reasons reduced the size and price of computer because of that we got PCs aka personal computers.

PCs are designed for offices and home with compatible size that occupies less space to fit anywhere due to that alot ot people around the world especially in USA started buying CLI or GUI based operating  system PCs but at first PCs are basic by  using them you are only able to do limited physical tasks electronically.

Thankfully, PC manufacturing companies for commercial reasons improved PCs and continously increased hardware and software features of PC especially since 20th century because of that now we have modern computers with powerful hardware and advanced CLI and GUI integrated operating systems, isn't cool and amazing?

Modern computers has potential and capability to do almost all physical tasks electronically and digitally but high end ones are pretty expensive thus not everyone can afford them especially in developing countries like India most people use mediocre PCs because of financial and budget limitations.

In india, majority of people depend on low or mid range PCs even though they are pretty expensive considering annual income of per individual due to that most people in india don't buy PC or it's alternative laptops instead they totally depend on smartphones which not yet reached to level of high end PCs.

In sense, high end PC is super expensive buying it is dream for many Indians which can run heavy resources tasks and play big size games like GTA 5 but as most india people can't afford high end PCs they mostly use low or mid range PCs or depend on cloud PCs to install high end softwares and games.

Cloud PC virtually provide operating system and other functionalities of PC using cloud server through browser or software but in back end it uses real PC hardware and software so it's pretty hard to manage them which is why only big companies can provide cloud PC services in large scale around the world.

Usually, almost all cloud PC service digital platforms available out there on world wide web of internet are paid but the benefit here with cloud PC is they are less expensive then real PCs and you will most probably get option to use hourly or annual basis thus you only pay when you use that saves money and convenient as well.

But, cloud PC are not popular in india even though cloud gaming slightly booming up since past few years as many indian companies who are working on to promote and provide cloud gaming platforms at affordable prices via marketing strategies yet still cloud PC and cloud gaming platform are not widely used in india.

The reason is most people in india still depend on mobile network to access digital platforms which has enough speed to access cloud PC and gaming platforms but due to connectivity issues especially in rural areas it is definitely hard to access and use cloud PC and gaming platforms smoothly and comfortably.

Even though, we have fiber networks from several companies which provide 100 mbps wifi network speed with no fup at affordable prices but still it is limited to urban areas not fully available in rural areas even in urban areas alot of people not interested in fiber networks as right now almost all mobile network providers giving 2GB mobile data per day at low price which is enough for most people.

In developed countries like USA cloud PC and gaming platforms are popular and affordable which are well utilised by large percentage of people as they have super fast fiber and mobile networks everywhere even in rural areas they even started providing 5G network services on October 1, 2018 which india didn't rolled out.

Reliance, india's largest conglomerate founder Dhirubhai Ambani son Mukesh Ambani launched Jio telecommunications company which is first mobile network to provide 4G LTE services in year 2016 at affordable prices that stopped high price mobile data plans foul play of other mobile networks like Airtel, Idea etc.

Jio 4G network is super succesfull with it's success Reliance continued to increase it's coverage in both urban and rural areas at the same they simultaneously launched many digital platforms and products like JioPhone, Jio TV, Security, Mart, Browser, Chat, Fiber and cloud etc which recieved attention and recognition around india.

Especially, Jio GigaFiber announced in year 2018 launched on September 5, 2019 started providing unlimited wifi network data from 100 to 150 mbps speed with on demand OTT services at affordable rates at first slowly rolled out to urban areas in india for registered users but now it is available for everyone which is why alot of india people opted to Jio GigaFiber.

Jio Fiber speed is more then enough to run Cloud PC and games but still majority of people not opting to Jio Fiber as it's extra burden for most people because they have to pay for mobile plans as well including that Jio Fiber still uses 4G architecture and not completely available in rural areas.

But, recently Reliance like every year conducted AGM meeting in that they announced many interesting and useful upcoming plans and products of Reliance and Jio out of them Jio true 5G upgrade to mobile network, Jio Air Fiber, JioCloud PC got my attention as they have potential to improve digital connectivity in india.

Mukesh Ambani said that they buyed high and low frequency 5G bands for fast and true 5G experience to users better then any other mobile networks including that they are upgrading Jio GigaFiber with Air Fiber that was based on 5G architecture thus you can stream more 4K videos and download files in few seconds seamlessly.

JioCloud got my special attention as it's another electronic product from Jio after JioPhone and Jio Fiber which going to utilise the upcoming Jio 5G services to provide virtual cloud PC at affordable prices build for students and small businesses by using that you no more have to buy high end expensive PCs.

5G is much faster then 4G thus you not only able to stream 4k content and download big files but also can play 4K high graphic cloud games smoothly on both PC and smartphones as well with no framedrops which is why JioCloud PC by using 5G network to revolutionize cloud gaming industry in india.

Now, we don't have in dept details and price of JioCloud PC as they didn't disclosed it in AGM but it is confirmed that you only have to pay for what you use like any other cloud PC service platforms which they may going to announce by next year but I expect price of JioCloud PC will be bit more or less then Jio Air Fiber.

Last year, Reliance partnered with Microsoft to bring Azure Cloud on Jio network and upscale and improve it's cloud data centers and cloud technology infrastructure including that they also partnered with Qualcomm to upgrade 5G to full scale which will definitely going to positively impact JioCloud for sure.

I expect as Reliance is in alliance with Microsoft they most likey provide virtual Windows operating system on JioCloud PC as it's the most used PC operating system in india and overseas as well if for any reason they use other PC operating system over Windows then JioCloud will very likely fail with in no time.

If JioCloud release at right price and specifications thanks to large percentage of millennials and Gen-z population with supportive boost from current programs like made in india, make in india, digital india, Aatma Nirbhaar Bharat etc it can reach every household and office to get thumping success like JioPhone.

Finally, this is JioCloud PC a thin virtual PC on cloud at affordable prices for students and offices for works or cloud gaming that uses 5G network, are you an existing user of JioCloud PC? If yes do say your experience and mention what are you expecting and why you like JioCloud PC in our comment section below, see ya :)