Tim Berners Lee, invented a software named www aka world wide web browser in year 1991 to crawl public content of internet which is an standard protocol to move data on network using unique IP address at first it was used to access and send digital messages between two or more computers back in 1969 after that internet got alot of advancements and improvements but it's private thus have many limitations and restrictions.

World Wide Web browser can access and show public contents of internet published in command or graphical user interface format which is why alot of people out of curiosity or any reason for personal or commercial purposes started creating various digital platforms known as websites and blogs using numerous programming languages on thier computer hardware then hosted on internet through server which use system RAM to host them on internet in that process we got numerous revolutionary digital platforms.

The availablity of digital platforms on internet went to millions in just few years which can do and simply almost all real life physical actions tasks digitally and electrically like for Instance in year 1996 Andrew Weinreich created world's first social media network website named Six degrees for communication purposes that allows you digitally send messages, create profiles, friends list, school affiliations etc to anyone in it's userbase after that many developers and companies created thier own social networks platforms which eventually traditional communication methods around the world.

Especially, since web 2.0 era started in early 20th century when people started using advanced programming languages to develop modern social messaging and networks digital platforms but the problem is all digital platforms including the social networks use centralised servers to host user content which are secure thanks to advancements from security developers and researchers yet they are targeted and exploited by blact hat hackers to extract or delete user data even take down website etc which is why we are now upgrading to decentralized Internet known as Web3.

Web3 is future of internet where digital platforms like websites and blogs digital data is encrypted using secure format and divided into many parts then hosted on numerous decentralized servers known as nodes hosted by companies or individuals thus your data is not only hard to track for anyone but also hacking is nearly almost impossible including that as it depends on several servers in different countries your data not only get protections from many countries laws but also if one server goes down another will be alive due to that your data will be censorship resistant and also stay uptime on internet maximum times.

Fortunately, from past few years many developers and companies created alot of decentralized digital platforms to upgrade current Web2 to Web3 in that process we got amazing decentralized digital social network and messaging platforms etc but the first digital platform on internet to use Web3 concept is Bitcoin which is an digital crypto currency created by pseudonymous person Satoshi Nakamoto in year 2009 to totally replace untrustworthy middlemans like banks which don't provide full security privacy and transparency etc.

Bitcoin is first decentralized crypto currency that provide transparency using it's blockchain explorer and privacy and security using it's proof of stake system where miners utilise computer power by solving algorithms blocks to verify the authenticity and approve transactions for that they will get some percentage of  bitcoin based on total value in return due to that it's fraud proof and as you don't provide any personal information to do transactions you'll get full privacy.

Fortunately, Satoshi Nakamoto wanted organic growth of his revolutionary digital crypto currency Bitcoin due to that at first it has no value in begginings but later on in just few years Bitcoin got huge attention and recognition globally that eventually made it top most valuable crypto currency after that Vitalik Buterin inspired of Bitcoin created Ethereum with it's own network chain which is now next to Bitcoin in top most valuable crypto currency list despite it's scalability issues, isn't amazing?

Thankfully, the thumping success of Bitcoin and Ethereum inspired alot of developers and companies who created thier own crypto currency networks or used existing open source crypto currency chains to create crypto tokens also known as NFTs aka non fungible tokens then further done advancements and upgrades to stand out in market in that process we got millions of Web3 dApps of many different categories like decentralized music, social networks, finance etc and several of them use and rely on one or more crypto network chains to provide features and options accordingly.

Anyhow, in case of social networks they're also integrating with new crypto network technologies like digital NFTs pictures and files etc but most of the popular ones like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit still depend on centralized servers which is why alot of people shifting to complete decentralized social networks.

There are numerous decentralized social networks which use IPFS - InterPlanetary File System technology in back end basically distributed data sharing and management on several servers technologies but most of them don't rely on crypto networks chains thus you will most likely feel like using any regular centralized social networks in front end disappointing isn't? 

However, from past few years people around the world started using crypto currency over fiat current and other forms of money extensively even getting into dApps which is why developers and companies started integrating crypto currency features on thier centralized or de-centralized apps in that process we got decentralized crypto social networks with IPFS and crypto network functionalities.

Now a days, we have very few crypto based centralized social networks which use particular chain of existing crypto network like Ethereum, Polygon and Dogecoin due to that you can't use them without connection with crypto wallet as it's address work as identity to sign up and login to do activities on social networks that not only provides crypto features but also more transparency, security, privacy according to infrastructure and system of crypto networks over IPFS dApps.

Recently, we found an Web3 IPFS crypto decentralized social network named subsocial based on secure Kusuma crypto chain network which uses concept of Polkodot chain not technologies as it uses crypto chain you will own your content and it is censorship resistance including that subsocial is open source and allows you to create your own frontend so that you can have your own rules and provide more free speech then the official subsocial.

Subsocial like any other crypto social network providing it's own crypto tokens named SUB which is right now only available to those who participated in crowdloan of Subsocial parachain buy of Kusumachain that they got for 100K 
KSM for initial 48 weeks and extended for another 38 weeks so right now it's doesn't have any value as it's unavailable in both crypto CEX aka centralized and DEX aka decentralized exchanges.

But, currenty Subsocial SUB tokens has some value which can be used for monetization on it's social network where they can gift to fellows users content as rewards and in future SUB tokens will be listed on CEX and DEX at that time it will get some real money value including that you can use Subsocial cryto tokens to buy Web3 decentralised domains.

The Web3 domains available on Subsocial are in format of usernames available to use only on Subsocial but lack custom DNS aka domain name server thus it is right now not comparable to ENS and other decentralized domains but works best if you want to redirect to any other digital platforms of your choice, so do you like it? are you interested in Subsocial social network? If yes let's explore more.

• Subsocial official support •

• How to sign up on Subsocial with key features and UI / UX overview •

- Go to app.subsocial.network in desktop mode then tap on Sign in.

- It will provide supported wallets choose one you like I selected Talisman as it user-friendly in smartphone or you can try Nova Wallet app for more convenience.

• How to download Nova Wallet •

It is very easy to download Nova Wallet from these platforms for free.

- Once, selected it will redirect to chrome extension then tap on Add to Chrome.

- I will be using Talisman.


- Tap on Get Started.

- Tap on Proceed.

- Tap on Create a new account.

- Create account ->

- Enter and Re-enter password then tap on Let's do this ->

- Tap on I agree

- You're in Talisman, tap on Go to my account.

- Tap on Backup Now.

- Enter password then tap on View Secret Phrase.

- It will show backup phrase copy and note it somewhere secure and safe area.

- Go back to Talisman home.

- Tap on Settings icon then tap on Talisman Web App?.

- Connect wallet.

- Tap on Talisman >

- Select on your account name then tap on Connect 1.

- It will get you into Subsocial, if not go back to Subsocial then tap on Sign in.

- Tap on your account name.

- It will now energy (  NRG ) phrase that is required to use Subsocial copy it then tap on Get energy it will redirect to Discord.

• How to download Discord •

It is very easy to download Discord from these platforms for free.

- First sign up on Discord, reuse energy link then tap on Accept to join Subsocial.

- Now, verify phone number if not done then send energy phrase like fellow users it will auto added in your Subsocial ID.

That's it, you succesfully created an account and explored Subsocial.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Subsocial there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best decentralized crypto social network based on Kusuma chain then Subsocial is on go worthy choice for sure.

Overall, Subsocial comes with light mode by default, it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Subsocial fix it's existing bugs and get any major UI changes or more features in future to make it even more better, as of now it's fine.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Subsocial is one of the very few crypto decentralized social networks based on Kusuma chain whose development team is in talks to move it's slot to Polkodot like KILT protocol but not guaranteed, yes indeed if you're searching for such crypto decentralized social network then Subsocial has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is Subsocial a decentralized crypto IPFS based social networks for more security and privacy with blockchain transparency but as of now Subsocial don't have it's own blockchain explorer due to Kusuma due to that it uses Polkodot blockchain explorer so may in future they releas thier own blockchain explorer, are you an existing user of Subsocial? If yes do say your experience and mention which is your most liked feature on  Subsocial in our comment section below, see ya :)