Social media networks are basically digital platforms build using many programming languages accessible through supported electronic devices like PC aka personal computers and smartphones which has options and features to let you send and receive text, video messages to anyone around the world came into existence when inventor Tim Berners Lee in year 1991 released browser software named world wide web to crawl Internet protocol aka IP network of computers.

Thankfully, developers and companies around the world over the years build various technologies for social media networks due to that now we have many modern social media networks also known as social messaging platforms which have powerful and advanced features with tools to communicate seamlessly.

Modern social media networks are blazing fast and can manage billons of messages  thanks to speedy cloud servers with high storage capacity including that majority of modern social media networks messages are encrypted with top notch data security algorithms like ASA - advanced encryption algorithm for protection of privacy.

Now a days majority of people use modern social networks to communicate with people globally anytime over traditional ways as they are not only convienient but also can be used at comfortable space on the move as well which is why alot of developers and companies constantly working on to improvise and add more features on modern social media networks for personal or commercial usages.

There are numerous top social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and reddit which has it's own different set of features and technologies for various purposes based on thier vision and motto but what's common in them is they all provide features and options to send and receive text, video and other digital format file messages to thier users globally.

But, modern social messaging platforms provide numerous features other then messages which many people don't like and required as they only want pure instant messaging for them we have alot of modern social messaging platforms out of them WhatsApp is popular choice.

WhatsApp is top modern social messaging platforms equipped with features intended for messaging with contacts not like social networks which allow you to connect with anyone in the world but WhatsApp has limitations like it currently don't allow you to create huge community groups and send big digital files etc which is why few people search for other social messaging platforms.

Fortunately, we have many alternatives to WhatsApp to name few Signal, Hangouts, Skype and Kik etc but all of them are similar to WhatsApp with limitations on group members and file send size like you can't create groups with more then 500 members and file send size is just 100 mb which is further reduced based on file type isn't it disappointing at that time Telegram came as an savior for everyone.

Telegram is pure privacy and security focused instant modern social messaging platform developed by russian social network " VKontake " founders Pavel durov and Nikolai durov initially released in year 2013 where you can create big channels to broadcast content and groups with upto 200,000 members, send 2GB size digital files and build unofficial bots using public API to get or provide additional features isn't it cool and amazing?

Even though, Telegram is more advanced and powerful with futuristic features then most modern social messaging platforms but still in the beginning it didn't got much recognition yet they continued to develop Telegram with rapid updates regularly due to that especially from past few years alot of Whatsapp users shifting to Telegram.

Usually, modern social networks and messaging platforms with large userbase  depend on advertisers, investors or donations to run and provide services which is completely fine as they have to pay for employees and cloud servers etc which is expensive but Telegram since it's inception is totally freemium with no ads as the founder himself funds Telegram.

However, after long time of uninterrupted free services of Telegram on June 10, 2022 Telegram launched premium plan which doubles benefits available on free plan for instance 2GB file size increased to 4GB with extra premium exclusive features which you won't get on free plan due to 
that alot of users buyed premium plan to use Telegram extensively.

Meanwhile, from past few months many Telegram users complained that thier groups, channels and bots messages after 1 million+ was deleted which eventually turned out to be true as Telegram support confirmed to one user it can't handle 1 millon+ messages including that they are also stealing inactive usernames to sell them as crypto domains which is unethical that may also happen even if you buyed premium plan on Telegram.

Generally, if any modern social messaging platforms started generating revenue via any marketing strategy they have high responsibility to provide better services and unlock limitations but incase of Telegram even after premium plan they still not increasing limit of 1 millon+ messages and stop stealing usernames so it feels like Telegram lost it's orginality.

Anyhow, premium plan of Telegram is pretty successfull as alot of users especially content creators and community managers who require more benefits getting premium plan as it's still worthy because most social messaging platforms don't provide features that are  available on Telegram premium plan subscription except Discord.

In sense, the response to Telegram premium plan is immense due to that freemium turned commercial social messaging platform Telegram is continuously working on to improve and add more benefits on premium plan in order to attract more users which is fine but in that process they started making free plan free features as premium plan exclusive that break thier existing stands.

Pavel durov, one of the founder of Telegram stated that users will continue to enjoy existing features even after launch of premium plan but they didn't as recently John Preston employee of Telegram added commit on Telegram Github to make send messages as channel on groups as Telegram plan exclusive.

Currently, Telegram's free plan feature send messages as channel on groups is unavailable only on Telegram desktop but there is high possibility that Telegram employees may soon add commit on Github to remove send messages as channel on groups feature on mobiles as well if they do then for sure it can get backlash from existing Telegram users.

It seems like Telegram as part of revenue generating may make more free features as premium exclusive if they do then definitely Telegram may get into troubles and loose large percentage of users which Telegram didn't want so very likely they don't remove most used and high demand existing free features of Telegram.

Finally,  In my opinion if Telegram make free features as premium plan exclusive then it's not good for it's future even it can make thier survival hard in this competitive digital world, are you an existing user of Telegram? If yes do say your experience and mention why your opinion on this act of Telegram in our comment section below, see ya :)