We've been using small and home compatible electronic devices for few decades even though the development and research on electronic devices has more then century history yet only in mid 19th century people and companies begin making and selling electronic devices in full scale prior that world used to heavily rely on big electric machines which were primarily used in industrial factories.

Fortunately, many inventors and companies over the years build alot of revolutionary electronic devices to simplify and automate real life tasks to name few like television, digital cameras, led bulbs, telephones, mobile phones, refrigerators, microwave, speaker etc which evolved by adapting to new technologies due to that now we are in modern world.

In 21st century, there are advanced and powerful electronic devices with futuristic features and technologies by using them you can do most real life physical tasks electronically with utilization of digital technologies which is why inventors and companies around the world constantly working on to develop such electronic devices which not only integrate with digital technology but also improve them for extensive usages in future.

Thankfully, majority of electronic devices which we use now integrated with digital technologies like softwares and networks etc for various purposes but PC aka personal computers are first to use digital technologies due to that inventors and companies for personal or commercial purposes developed PC specifically to handle and run digital technologies.

Even though, electronic big computers like Manchester baby computer is first to execute software on hardware processor back in year 1969 but it is not digital as at that time computers don't have display and other technologies to show softwares in digital format thus you can't see digital technologies on electronic computers.

Computer is an hardware based mechanical parts machine founded by  Charles Babbage in year 1820s at that time computers didn't used electricity but after more then century in mid 19th century inventors started using electricity on computers that's how we got electronic computers which changed world.

Anyhow, thanks to the fact we are in capitalist world because of competiton among inventors and companies globally for personal or commercial reasons they continuously developed big electronic computers to upgrade in and out features and reduce size in that process by early 1970s we got personal computers.

In 1973, Xerox PARC developed the Alto personal computer integrated with CRT technology monitor and monochrome display that was used to display world's first GUI aka graphical user interface display operating system basically digital software at first it is basic but later on developers build many GUI and CLI aka command line interface operating systems for personal computers using numerous programming languages due to that we got modern PC operating systems.

Modern operating system softwares of PC are not only big in size digital files but also consume more battery and memory which is why companies and inventors updated and upgraded personal computers timely according to demands and requirements of people that eventually build powerful hardware and operating system software personal computers for extensive usages.

However, the only drawback of PC is they are designed for home and officers thus once you place PC in one area you can't easily carry them everywhere as they're not move friendly even if you want to shift PC position for that you have to remove attached cables which is bit hard and takes time, to fix that many inventors and companies developed mobile computers which were later known as laptops.

Laptop is basically PC with same hardware and software but it is single piece in display and keyboard fold structure which don't require additional plugins comes with rechargeable batteries so once you complete charging with electricity you can move and use them anywhere holding in your hand as cables are not attached isn't super convienient and comfortable?

Majority of people around the world started using modern laptops by early 20th century based on thier personal or professional interests and work usages but still laptops are not small thus they're are not pocket friendly and you have to open upper part of laptop to check display and use it's GUI and CLI Integrated PC operating systems.

Mobile phones are pocket friendly upgrade of big telephones specifically designed for wireless calls and messages they are not even comparable with modern PC and laptops as they neither have powerful hardware or software but on January 9, 2007 Apple inc. american PC maker founder Steve Jobs launched revolutionary multi-touch technology display closed source hardware and operating system smartphone named iPhone to totally  replace keypad mobile phones.

Apple inc. selled iPhone like hotcakes around the world especially in America that eventually reduced keypad mobile phone sells in large percentage due to that mobile companies for survival in mobile market and make business started using different hardware and operating system that has potential to compete with iPhone iOS like Google's Android to Install on smartphones and them globally.

Smartphone gone through alot of developments due to that we got modern smartphones which can do almost all tasks of PC in it's own way but still they are at present not powerful and advanced enough in terms of hardware to run and manage heavy resources tasks which is why people depend on PC and laptops.

In sense, smarphones right now didn't fully replaced PCs and laptops which is why many inventors and companies keep on inventing new technologies to improve hardware and software of PC and laptops in that process we got tablet PCs and foldable touch screen laptops as there is demand from people to use all functions of PC comfortably in any area.

Tablets are actually build to extend display ratio size of smartphones but later on it is adapted to build PC tablets which has PC hardware and software thus you can run and use it with multi touch technology but tablets don't have keyboard required by alot of people thus you have to connect additional keyboard through USB cable that majority of people don't like which is why companies developed amazing PC tablet foldable laptops.

On PC tablet foldable laptops you can fold laptop to use as tablet thus you will never miss keyboard at the same time get experience of tablet with pc or mobile operating system which are usually manufactured by PC companies like Microsoft, Dell, Lenova and Sony Viao but from past few years mobile companies also making PC and laptops to make business out of them.

Currently, most companies make PC tablet foldable laptops after deep R&D aka research and development like any new PC or laptop which is why pc tablet foldable laptops are super thin in size with powerful hardware and software so in future you may be more innovations of PC and laptops for sure, aren't you excited?

Anyway, recently, we found Tecno a china mobile company which is known for premium smartphones announced thier first laptop named Megabook T1 on IFA which has numerous awesome features like whooping 17.5 hours battery, 12/16 GB RAM, 512/1TB storage etc, so do you like it? are you interested in Megabook T1? If yes let's explore more.

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• Tecno Megabook T1 key features •

- 14.88 MM ultra slim
- 17.5 hours battery life
- 12/16 GB RAM
- 512/1TB SSD
- Tecno VOC
- WiFI 6
- Windows 11
- 70 whr
- 65 GaN charger
- Tecno audio lab
- 1.48KG feather weight
- Starry backlit keyboard
- DTS immerse sound
- intel core i7 processor
- 10nm intel core processor
- 2MP privacy camera
- Fingerprint sensor
- TÜV eye comford vivid display
- Dual mic plus ENC tecnology
- Premium aluminium metal casing
- Space gray, Rome mint, Monet violet, champagne gold.
- Reset, 2 Type C, HDMI, HDMI 3.0, HDMI 3.1, TF Reader, Headset ports.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Tecno Megabook T1 there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best laptop for think design and power backup then Tecno Megabook worth considering for sure.

Overall, Tecno Megabook T1 comes with Dual A side multi color design, it seems look elegant on paper if it provides same in reality then that ensure user friendly experience, but in any product there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Tecno in upcoming versions of Megabook laptop make any color or design changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it look fabulous on official sources.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Megabook T1 is one of the very few laptops out there on market with 14.8 mm ultra slim design that has big 70 whr which managed to 17.5 hours, magnificent isn't? Yes indeed if you're searching for such laptop then check real life review of  Megabook T1 it seems have potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is Tecno's smartphone company ultra slim and long lasting battery laptop Megabook T1 with tagline lighter but better, are you an existing user of Tecno Megabook T1? If yes do say your experience and mention which feature of Tecno Megabook T1 you like the most in our comment section below, see ya :)