The development of small and home compatible electronic devices begin in 18th century at that time people around the world used to depend on electric machinery which are super big so the usage is limited to industrial factories and companies due to that people are unable to ripe benefits extensively but alot of inventors for personal or commercial reasons simultaneously developed revolutionary electronic devices.

Fortunately, many electric machines are also got converted to electronic devices over time for instance computers founded by Charles Babbage are actually hardware based mechanical parts machines but in mid 19th century numerous inventors and companies globally build electronic based computers mainly in America like ENIAC and ABC aka Atanasoff-Berry computer etc for various different purposes.

Electronic devices gone through rapid developments in mid 19th century due to that in few decades we got poweful and advanced electronic computers which can do almost all real life physical works of people electronically but they used to don't run any digital softwares including that they're big and expensive as well.

In year 1948 on 21st June Manchester baby computer became the world's first electronic computer to run and execute stored program basically digital softwares after that in just few decades thanks to Inventors and companies we got many electronic computers with CLI - command line interface and GUI - graphical user interface operating systems which are basically digital softwares that will extend usages of electronic computers further.

However, even after digital softwares integrated on computers still they used to be big and expensive limited to companies like IBM but as we are in capatilist world with full of competition many inventors and companies in that process build and released small and home compatible PCs aka personal computers which are widely recognised by people around the world.

PCs aka personal computers are not comparable to super computers but used to come with basic hardware and software which can only perform less resources simple tasks like sending digital messages or executing and installing basic digital softwares etc that worked for most people as PCs in beginnings are in early stage.

Thankfully, PC manufacturers for commercial reasons because of demand from people upgraded and updated personal computers making them much more powerful hardware and advanced software which can perform heavy resources tasks efficiently but at the end PCs use digital softwares developed using several programming languages so it can have certain loops holes known as bugs.

The bugs existed on computer or any other electronic devices like mobile and smartphone operating systems can be exploited by black hat hackers who are basically criminals to illegally gain access to operating systems to extract personal data or do surveillance for financial or any other means which is why almost all companies push software updates and upgrades to fix bugs in operating systems of PCs and smartphones etc.

But, majority of companies after one or two years stop pushing software upgrades with security updates thus system go out of date filled with unfixed bugs so they're primarily targeted by black hat hackers which is why experts always recommend and suggest to stay up to time that's not always possible even some times there are bugs in hardware of electronic devices like computers and smartphones etc.

Usually, black hat hackers also target hardware bugs of any electronic devices which are fixable by companies and technicians but common people who don't have knowledge on how to fix hardware bugs then they have no choice other then to buy new version of electronic device where you'll get new features with bug fixes else your electronic devices either it's personal computer or smartphone will be compromised that may cause financial or personal losses for sure.

Anyhow, people since the beginning of computers and smartphones are more concerned with softwares bugs which are exploited by black hat hackers using various techniques and methods to name few email link phishing, virus, malwares and Trojans due to that people used to face alot of issues at the time to fix this big problem software developers and companies created Anti-virus softwares.

Anti-virus is basically digital software available for both computers and softwares is integrated with technologies known as securily patches which will not just fix majority of detectable bugs of computers and smarphones but also scan and detect virus, malware, trojans, system exploits code or softwares to safeguard and protect against black hat hackers 

Generally, from past one decade personal computers and smartphones coming with system anti-virus software also known as security defender but sometimes default Antivirus softwares may can't detect all exploits and don't have all features and options which is why alot of personal computer and smarphones from long time depend on other Antivirus softwares.

Even though, new PCs and smartphones usually get yearly software upgrades and monthly security updates as said earlier earlier that can protect from some exploits of black hat hackers but can't guaranteed which is why it's always better to use up to date reliable Antivirus softwares that may can't directly fix bugs of softwares but can automatically scan to detect and remove hackers exploits to keep you in safe zone.

Unfortunately, Antivirus softwares can't detect undetectable RAT files in your software and hardware in that scenario you either have to report to your Antivirus provider if you feel or experience anything suspicious they may most likely upgrade your Antivirus to detect such RAT files and softwares or you may go to cyber cells or private security labs in your area who have country's own high standard specialised security professionals and technologies to detect and remove hackers exploits.

Usually, In most cases you don't have to go anywhere as now a days we have many popular modern Antivirus softwares to name few Norton, Kaspersky, McAffe, Malwarebytes that can detect any virus, malwares and trojans etc but still it is better to use reliable and secure VPN for additional security and privacy.

VPN aka virtual private network is also software which encrypt and tunnel all your computer or smarphones internet data through different country cloud server thus no ISP can spy on you even if your computer and smartphone have black hat hackers implemented detectable or undetectable RAT files transmitted data will be firewalls and servers of VPN thus data will not reach pre-configured cloud server end point of malicious hackers.

If you don't like VPNs then you may use proxies, socks, TOR and especially decentralized VPNs aka dVPN product of Web3 which also add protection layer to your device data traffic thus you not only get anonymity and privacy but also keep your personal data with you no spying black hat haters and governments.

In sense, you have to update your system of either computer and smarphone or any other digital operating system software integrated electronic device with new and latest security updates at that same time simultaneously use reliable and trust worthy Antivirus softwares with VPNs or any other alternatives to stay secure and private in this world of digital technology.

Finally, this is why you should use Antivirus on your PCs and smartphones, are you an existing user of any Antivirus softwarea? If yes do say your experience and mention why and which is your favourite Antivirus or system security software on computer or smartphone etc in our comment section below, see ya :)