In 18th century, when countries around the world joining industrial revolution in that process inventors and companies started building various revolutionary mechanical devices to automate and simplify real life physical actions required works of people out of them Telephone is one founded and patented by Alexander Graham Bell in year 1876 that transmits voice signals to upto 6 miles for communication purposes.

Telephone is world's first electric voice communication mechanical machine prior that people around the world depended on text based communication machines like telegraph and other ancient methods but in the beginnings telephone used to be basic and very expensive due to that not everyone can afford them thus reach is limited to millionaires and companies.

Fortunately, many inventors and companies around the world for personal or commercial reasons upgraded features of telephones for decades to make it affordable by common people due to that we got advanced electric and electronic telephones which can send voice signals around the city or country but still they are quite big and expensive due to that they're costly and not comfortable as well.

Thankfully, after rapid developements on telephones by mid 19th century we got small and home compatible telephones which can be used to communicate with people in long distances through cables and cords thus they are not convienient for alot of people which is why inventors and companies globally going with ideology of capitalism competed with each other to make wireless telephones.

In 1950, Thomas Carter created first cordless telephone which don't use any cables instead depended on base station in the premises with limited range radio frequencies after that many companies with upgrades and improvements started mass manufacturing cordless telephones in 1980s but cordless telephones are not truly wireless as basic stations requires to be plugged in with cables for electricity.

Motorola Inc, an american company created world's first revolutionary truly wireless telephone known as mobile phone named Motorola DynaTac 8000x with keypad that can make long distance calls without cords and cables after that many companies created thier own variants of wireless mobiles phones like Motorola DynaTac 8000x according to time adapting to new technologies like sms facility at affordable prices due to that people around the world started using wireless mobiles phones.

But, the main drawback of wireless mobile phones back in year 1990s is they don't have digital operating systems basically softwares which're available on electronic PCs aka personal computers thus usages are limited but large percentage of people wanted to get PC hardware and software on mobiles due to the demand companies started making such mobile phones that can run and manage softwares as well.

In early 20th century, we got modern wireless keypad mobile phones in replacement to telephones and old mobile phones with small display and operating system that can install tiny softwares with ability to make calls and messages due to that people around the world shifted to keypad mobile phones but it's hardware and software is not powerful enough to even compare with personal computers.

In year 2007 on January 9, Apple inc. well known PC maker founder Steve Jobs launched world's first revolutionary multi touch display mobile phone named iPhone with powerful closed source hardware and software because of it's features iPhone is considered as smartphone which came to replace modern keypad mobiles.

The entry of iPhone in mobile market dropped sells of keypad mobile phones as alot of people demand and want to buy iPhone to the level it went out of stock in few minutes mainly in USA due to that existing global keypad mobile phone companies to survive in mobile market and compete with Apple inc. started making thier smartphones like iPhone with different hardware and software technologies timely because of that we got modern smartphones.

Modern smartphones comes with big display and much more powerful hardware and advanced software yet not reached the level of modern PCs but can do almost all tasks of PCs in its own way with alot of  integrated technologies on both hardware and software phases which will extend the potential and capabilities of smartphones to let you use them extensively.

Now, we have big display smartphones like 6 to 7 inch which are user friendly to carry and usable with one hand where you can play digital movies and games at higher quality resolution like 4K but alot of people not satisfied with the display size and aspect ratio of smartphones as theatres and TV provide much bigger screen and display for more vivid experience isn't?

Unfortunately, you can't extend the size of smartphones display unless they are foldable or stretchable even though we have projection enabled smartphones but the availablity is limited which is why for long time companies around the world worked and created alot of technologies on smartphones to provide big stimulated immersive experience like in theatre in that process we integrated pre-available VR - virtual reality.

Virtual reality developments begin in mid 19th century for computers after that it was integrated to video gaming consoles then in year 2011 Palmer Luckey created prototype of modern virtual reality handset which was further developed with changes and modifications to upgrade and improve by adapting to new technologies in that process many companies especially tech ones created and released thier own VR handsets for Instance search engine giant Google has VR handset named Cardboard.

Modern virtual reality handset is an seperate electronic device that uses various types of lens mainly fresnel lens with head mounted display where you have to put your smartphone and run compatible VR application or digital file to get fully stimulated experience of any gui based content which is now not just utilised for watching digital videos but also for games, concerts, medical and  military training etc.

When you use modern virtual reality handset with compatible VR compatible digital application gui based content and audio thanks to it's technologies you will feel like you're physically present in that 
virtual environment for real as modern virtual reality handsets provide such stimulations and sensations for complete immersive experience which is why almost all mobile companies from past few years releasing VR compatible smartphones.

However, some smartphones are not compatible with modern virtual reality handsets due to lack of hardware support like missing sensors and old un-updated
softwares if it's because of hardware then you can't do much unless your technician but incase it's software then there are alot of ways created by developers on trusted platforms like XDA to get virtual reality on un-supported smarphones which usually require unlocked bootloader and root access that voids device warranty.

Now, we have virtual reality handset with technologies developed over time by using them with compatible VR softwares you can get the feel of physical presense in an virtual environment of any desired location for instance showroom of selected company in any area where you can virtually see and buy products like electronic products and fashion wear etc in real time isn't amazing which are now widely used by online shopping platforms.

The digital and external technologies are implementing on virtual reality handsets with interconnection of internet and cameras etc by companies due to that in future you are able to do more on modern virtual reality handsets but they are bit expensive especially latest ones so if you can't afford them then buy budget virtual 
reality handset which may have certain limitations and restrictions.

Usually, there are different types of virtual reality handsets developed for various purposes like gaming and movies etc so you have to buy that specific one based on requirements available at price starting from 10$ but in case you don't want to spend much money and want to make one your self for people like you Google back in year 2015 released a guide by following those instructions you can easily make DIY Google Cardboard virtual reality handset.

Anyhow, we certain limitations on virtual reality handsets few decades back you can only stimulate and experience virtual environment available on digital platforms not real life which is why we got AG aka augmented reality technology created by Ivan Sutherland named father of Computer graphics in year 1969 that later got advancements from companies and labs to use on other electronic devices like computers and smartphones.

Augmented reality technology is not available on old smartphones and PCs  due to in-compatable hardware and software but new ones usually have support for it that uses your smarphones or PC and any other external camera to show real world in front or back and 360° angle as well where you can manually or automatically create or add virtual elements, fabulous isn't which is why alot of companies bridged augmented reality in virtual reality handsets that was known as mixed reality or extended reality.

Especially, from past few years augmented reality is in wide usage around the world many developers and companies integrating augmented reality technology in thier digital products like for instance Nintendo a popular home video gaming console company back in year 2017 released a smartphone game named Pokemon Go that bridges virtual reality and augmented reality perfectly which uses camera to show virtual characters of an anime based on it's theme in real world to upscale immersive experience.

Finally, the developments on virtual, augmented and mixed reality constantly going on with changes and modifications to enhance and upgrades for further extended usages adapting to new technologies which have potential and capabilities using artifical intelligence technologies to put coma person feel real through custom created virtual dreams in near future, so do you like it? are you an existing user of this technologies? If yes do say your experience and mention which is your favourite mixed reality digital platforms and handset in our comment section below see ya :)