Generally, in this world to buy any product or service money is quite essential which is an valuable asset considered by large percentage of people at first money is in form of barter system where people used to exchange valuable goods to get other goods which are approximately in same value and then people started accepting metals like bronze, iron, gold, silver and diamonds etc as money after that due to various reasons in modern governments back in mid 18th century fiat paper based currency was introduced in America as it's easy and user friendly almost all countries begin making and releasing thier own fiat currency to use in local and international level either in trades or markets etc due to that it is now in wide usage globally.

Majority of people started accepting and earning fiat currency by 19th century which eventually become replacement and best alternative to gold and silver etc as money to send or receive payments and donations etc and then to safeguard thier fiat currency they used to deposit them in government or private banks who used to store fiat currency in secured lockers with protection from law enforcement agencies and security at the same time banks also hire and have qualified skilled employees to safeguard and manage fiat currency or any other form of money efficiently 

Usually, when you work or sell any products or services you'll get fiat currency payments from buyers and companies currencies but not everyone work under company or sell products instead they show case thier talent and skills in public sphere to get attention and recognition from fellow people and they they ask for donations so that they'll not just get encouragement but also help financially to cover expenses and it feels like salary which will push them to work even harder to unleash more out of them on the go in near future for sure.

However, donations and payments are collected for various purposes like for building any useful construction for people or to cover educational and medical expenses of poor etc in numerous different methods and ways back in ancient times people used to collect donations from fellow people through barter system but later on we got metals like gold and diamonds etc after that the entry of fiat currency changed numerous aspects it allowed people to not just make payments but also donations easily.

Majority of people who seek payments and donations from government or anyone else few decades back and now also used to ask payers and donaters directly and take money in-hand or through payment and donation boxes but eventually people found number of new methods and ways to receive any payments and donations by adapting to new technologies time to time accordingly due to that now paying and recieving money simplified immensely.

Anyhow, Banks either government or private are primary source to get fiat currency which they recieve from thier country government reserve or central banks who also provide many types of  bank accounts for people like business and savings mode etc with numerous facilities where people can deposit thier money to not only safeguard it but also earn some annual interest based upon amount of money and rate etc which is why most people started creating thier own bank accounts around the world.

Fortunately, In 17th century itself banks provided cheque facility which people can write to make payments or donations etc to any other bank account even withdraw them from self bank account and then later on due to industrialization and new technologies in mid 19th century banks done alot of revamps and introduced ATM aka any time money machines to withdraw fiat currency and facility to make local and international payments to any bank in the world due to that usage of fiat currency to make payments and donations in local and international level increased globally.

When electronic computers evolved to electronic PCs aka personal computers which are basically hardware machines integrated with CLI aka command line interface and GUI aka graphical user interface operating system basically software developed using programming languages that can install and run many supported additional softwares designed to execute real life tasks electronically at  that time alot of people and companies developed various revolutionary softwares in that process banks also developed and released banking softwares with facilities of physical banks due to that people using digital banking softwares started sending and receiving local and international level payments and donations from PCs Itself.

Thankfully, In process of extending the potential and capability of PCs in year 1991 Tim Berners Lee created WWW aka world wide web a revolutionary software to access public contents of internet which is basically an standard protocol developed by ARPANET to move data between computers so people and companies using thier PCs storage and memory eventually developed numerous revolutionary websites and blogs and then published on Internet to show and access on world wide web publicly at that time alot of banks also developed and released thier own banking websites with facilities of physical banks due to that most people started using banking websites to easily send and receive local and international payments and donations digitally pretty conveniently anytime and anywhere.

Now, in 21st century we are in modern world full-filled with latest advanced and powerful digital technologies by using them you can do almost anything from PCs and it's alternatives handheld smarphones which is why majority of people mainly millennials and Gen-Z to show thier skills or sell products developing and releasing digital softwares especially websites and blogs and then monetizing with ad networks like Google Adsense and Microsoft which once approved display advertisements on digital softwares or websites and blogs to generate money from advertisers and then upon threshold reach they send all earned money taking out commission to publisher pre-setup banks accounts which they have to withdraw to begin using worldwide.

But, many people for whatever reasons can't or unable to use ad networks on thier digital softwares or websites and blogs so they run them ad free or add donation or subscription button to collect money from visitors thus they don't have to rely on any ad network to generate money instead the visitors upon thier wish can tap on donate or subscribe button to send thier money to software or website and blog owners as tip or token of appreciation for content or functionalities and for many other causes like financial help to poor people for food or any type of medical emergencies etc.

There are number of ways to add subscribe and donate button on software and websites or blogs etc but in order to collect money from donation button we need to connect payment portals and gateways which basically work as mediator for visitors by providing alot of options like bank credit and debit card or bank direct transfer to subscribe or donate money to any one  without knowing his personal details isn't amazing?

Unfortunately, almost all payments gateway of any country provide donation buttons and page as well but they require you to have and connect business bank account with your personal and business registration details which most people don't have as alot of them make and maintain digital softwares and websites or blogs mainly as hobby that's why large percentage of people demand easy way to integrate subscription and donate facility on softwares, websites and blogs etc. 

If you're someone who have big scale software and website or blog then having an bussines bank account and registering as merchant on payments gateways like PayPal and Payoneer etc is recommended but incase you have small one then it is always better to choose such payment gateways which don't require business bank accounts so that you will be able to provide subscriptions or collect payments and donations on the go comfortably, 

Recently, we found an payment gateway named Buy Me a Coffee which provide major Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, as well as local payment methods such as UPI in India and allows you to make membership subscriptions and donation button to add on your software and websites or blogs and receive payments and collect donations from vistors out of that 5% is taken as transaction fee by Buy Me a coffee remaining 95% amount you can simply transfer it your personal bank account or stripe etc useful right?

In case, you don't want to get paid or receive donations money in digital fiat currency for whatever reasons may be because of security and privacy concerns from centralized banks then digital crypto currencies are right choice as they are decentralized with no central authority to manage and manipulate money thus they provide security and transparency which is why alot of people from last one decade using crypto currency to send or receive payments and donations extensively.

Satoshi Nakamoto created world's first decentralized digitally crypto currency named Bitcoin in year 2009 which is an valuable asset came to replace centralized banks and fiat currency at first Bitcoin has no value but eventually in just few years it  got alot of value with thumping success after that developers and companies globally inspired by Bitcoin created thier own decentralized crypto currencies to name few Ethereum, Dogecoin, Binance Smartchain etc and different numerous  hardware and software crypto wallets to store and safeguard them which all are currently in wide usage world wide.

It is possible that you may want to receive and collect crypto currency payments and collect donations isn't? for people like you there is one amazing crypto currency payment gateway named coinpayments which has just 0.5 transaction fee but for business accounts you have to complete KYC aka know your client that takes less then 1 hour once done you are ready to add Coinpayments donate button on your software or website and blog to receive crypto currency payments and donations from people around the world so that you may even use this over Buy Me a Coffee.
Even though, you can also directly add bank details and crypto currency address on your softwares and websites or blogs but that don't look good and leave out your personal details which is why people use payment gateways as they not only look good and progressional but also provide flexible options to receive payments and collect donation etc, so do you like it? are you interested in Buy Me a Coffee and Coinpayments? If yes let's explore more.

• Buy Me a Coffee official support •

Website :

• How to setup Buy Me a Coffee with key features with UI / UX overview •

- Go to then sign up with available options once done you wil log into Buy Me a Coffee.

- Enter Name, Link, About, Website or Social link then tap on Continue.

- Select standard or instant payout of you already have stripe then tap on Continue.

- You're Buy Me a Coffee page is live.

- Tap on

- Tap on My account.

- Tap on

- Tap on Payout to setup bank and then open Button & Graphics on new tab on browser will get into that later on.

- Tap on Withdraw.

- Tap on Setup Bank Deposit and add your bank account details once done in settings simply open Button & Graphics.

- You can choose available options, I selected Website Buttons.

- Now, customize donate button as per liking then tap on Generate button.

- Tap on Copy code 

- Now, paste and add code on your software or website and blog etc.

- It will look like this, tap on it.

- Here, in this page vistors will donate you even subscribe and send you payments if you simply setup membership on Buy Me a Coffee which is quite easy.

That's it, you successfully enrolled on Buy Me a Coffee. 

• Coinpayments official support •

• How to setup Coinpayments with key features with UI / UX overview •

- Go to, select personal or business account.

- Enter all require details and ✓ User Agreement and Privacy policy then ✓ I am human captcha then tap on Register.

- Now, you'll receive activation email from Coinpayments check it then simple tap on Activate Account to continue further.

- You will get 2 Factor Authentication code check it and enter here then tap on Log In.

- Enter your Username or Email and Password then tap on Login.

- Finish your KYC after that it will be approved with in 1 hour then tap on 

- Tap on More then tap on Merchant Tools.

- Tap on Payment Buttons then tap on Button Maker or Advanced Button Maker.

- Enter all required details then select button and tap on Generate Button.

- It will provide code copy it.

- Now, paste and add code on your software or website and blog etc.

Bingo, you successfully enrolled in Coinpayments.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Buy Me a Coffee and Coinpayments there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience anyway if you want one best payment gateways to recieve payments and donations then Buy Me a Coffee and Coinpayments are worthy choice for sure.

Overall,  Buy Me a Coffee and Coinpayments comes with light mode by default they have clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will they get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better as of they'e super cool and nice.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Coinpayments is one of the very few payment gateways available out there on internet which allows you to receive crypto currency payments and donations etc , yes indeed if you're searching for such then Coinpayments definitely has potential to become your new favourite..

Finally, this is how you can collect payments and donations on softwares, websites, blogs etc using Buy Me a Coffee and Coinpayments, are you an existing user of Buy Me a Coffee or Coinpayments? If yes do say your experience and mention which is your most used option or feature in our comment section below, see ya :)