Smartphone is an electronic device with touch screen first launched by company IBM aka international business machines in year 1994 on August 16 named simon  personal communicator manufactured by Mitsubishi inc. which is an PDA - personal digital assistant basically computer but it is quite small and user friendly with ability to make and receive calls and messages like on telephones and mobile phones.

IBM simon personal communicator is world's first PDA to feature with telecom calls and messages functionalities thus it is considered as first true smartphone and then after 13 years of time in year 2007 on January 9 Apple inc. a well known and top PC aka personal computer maker founder Steve Jobs in MacWorld event launched world's first multi-touch technology smartphone named iPhone.

iPhone 1 came in replacement of keypad mobile phones which has powerful and advanced closed source hardware and operating system basically software like on PC that don't have any name in first release but as per Apple marketing notes it is based on Mac OS X then after that Apple inc. named it's operating system as iOS from iPhone 2 which is still in usage.

The multi touch technology and iOS is main selling point of iOS which is one of the main reason it got huge attention and recognition around the world due to that iPhone used to go out of stock in just few minutes on majority of Apple inc. stores thanks to it's huge demand many mobile companies globally started making plans to make smartphone like iPhone.

But, both iPhone hardware and software are closed source which means no one other then Apple inc. can use them due to that some mobile companies in beggining struggled but eventually they used open source hardware and software like Android to make thier own version of smartphones due to that we got big global market and competition for smartphones.

Apple inc. is known for innovation and quality centric expensive products since it's Mac PCs same can be seen on iPhone they implemented number of new cool and amazing technologies in both hardware and software of iPhone to name few touch screen qwerty keyboard, small and sleek modern user friendly design, digital music player with iPod and many more.
Fortunately, majority of mobile companies used to copy and Integrate design and inner technologies of iPhone on thier smartphones mainly it's design at first iPhones used to be small like 3 to 4 inches in that comes display surrounded by 4 big bezels with hardware components are stored inside like camera and speakers etc but used to look and feel fabulous.

However, many people always wanted big size smartphones for number of reasons mainly to watch high resolution and graphics content and games etc due to demand Apple inc. left it's attachment to small size devices and followed the trend of big size smartphones like other popular mobile companies to name few Samsung, LG etc in that process we got big size smartphones, tablets and phablets etc.

Even though, big size smartphones look and feel amazing but some people used to don't like them instead wanted full aspect ratio display smarphones so that it will be even more fantastic which is why mobile companies for long time tried to make bezel less smartphones using various methods at the same time following the data from it's research and development centres around the world.

Thankfully, In year 2014 sharp corporation made world's first ever edge less display smartphone but it is not completely bezzel less bottom of Sharp smartphone has big bezel which inside has essential hardware components like camera and speaker etc because of that it is very difficult and hard to make full bezzel less smartphones.

Especially, front camera is the main obstacle more then speaker to get full bezzel less smartphone as speaker can be placed back of smartphones which is why mobile companies worked for years and created number of technology to some how hide front camera in that process we got Vivo's popup camera and Samsung revolutionary in display front cameras.

Unfortunately, pop up camera is failure due to number of reasons and Samsung's in display camera not yet released so right now there is no full bezel less smartphone but Apple inc. back in year 2017 launched iPhone X with notch basically bezel but only occupies less space that to in top of smartphones for camera thus people can experience more screen aspect ratio that was liked by alot of people due to demand mobile companies started making notch smartphones inspired by iPhone X.

There are many people who don't like and feel horrible about notch like me which is why mobile companies gradually decreased the size of notch in that process we got water drop and punch hole display smarphones which are much better then notch ones according to me atleast but for whatever reason Apple inc. slowed down in terms of adapting new technologies due to that they stayed with notch on iPhone since long time.

If you're fan boy of Apple inc. products then most likely you're using iPhone may be because of it's closed ecosystem and security then you have to stick with notch atleast small ones in latest models but some people don't like or get irritated of iPhone's notch for them there is no way to remove it unless they have pro technician skills and Apple inc not going to remove it as behind the notch they store camera and other technologies to work properly.

Recently, iPhone 14 and it's pro version was launched by Apple inc. with pill shaped cut out notch that will no more more feel like extra unnecessary distraction space as this time they introduced software based dynamic island feature which use notch innovatively by surrounding the borders of it with pop up effect to display notifications, battery percentage, showing map directions, playing music etc, cool isn't?

Currently, Dynamic Island is popular around the world especially in space of iPhone and iOS community which is right now limited to iPhone 14 and pro but in case you are using notch based Android smartphone and want Dynamic Island feature then we have two ways to get it at first Google may officially release Dynamic Island feature on upcoming Android versions in future.

Now, Android smartphones officially don't have system Dynamic Island feature and there is no official update and guarantee from Google as well which is why third party developers around the world cloned Dynamic Island and created app which will work on almost all Android smartphones even if it has no notch for sure.

Dynamic Bird is one of the iPhone Dynamic Island clone for Android which will work on any notch smartphones even on water drop and punch hole smoothly same as on iPhone 14 and pro so do you like it? are you interested in Dynamic Island? If yes let's explore more.

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Dynamic Bird there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best Dynamic Island clone for Android then Dynamic Bird is on go choice.

Overall, Dynamic Bird comes with light mode by default it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will it get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Dynamic Bird is cool.
Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Dynamic Bird is one of the very few Apple inc. iPhone 14 and Pro Dynamic Island  clone for Android powered smartphones, yes indeed if you're searching for such app then Dynamic Bird has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, this is how you can get Dynamic Island on Android using Dynamic Bird, are you an existing user of Dynamic Island? If yes do say your experience and mention is there any much better iPhone's Dynamic Island clone that you used on Android in our comment section below, see ya :)