iPhone 1 released by popular personal computer maker Apple inc. founder Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007 is world's first multi-touch technology smartphone which has closed source powerful hardware and advanced software at first it has no name but from iPhone 2 it is known as iOS which came to replace keypad mobile phones.

Apple inc. was able to sell iPhone in almost all of it's stores across globe mainly in USA and they used to go out of stock in few minutes due to high demand from customers standing in big queue out of stores to get thier hands on iPhone 1 and it's upcoming versions despite it's quite costly that effected and dropped sells of keypad mobile phones which is why most companies to hold market and get track on business begin making plans to make smartphones like iPhone.

Even though, there are number of big mobile companies which have potential and capability to make top notch quality hardware smartphone but what they lack is operating system basically software like iOS at that time in November 2007 search engine giant Google unveiled Android and then later on released it as free and open source project on web known as AOSP.

Google actually acquired Android in year 2005 from Andy Rubens but for whatever reasons it was not released until year 2008 when HTC a Taiwanese company launched world's first Android powered smartphone named HTC Dream or G-1 after that many mobile companies who are unable to use iOS started developing and using Android to make and ship smartphones globally.

The advantage of Android is it's not only allow anyone to build and use it on thier smartphones but also customize and do more optimizations or enhancements as per requirements like adding or removing options and features or changing GUI aka graphical user interface etc due to that we got amazing custom Android softwares.

Android build out of AOSP without any external modifications or changes known as stock that can be seen on Google's own smartphones like Nexus and Pixel but alot of people don't like to use stock instead they prefer custom ones as they come with numerous cool additional features and options unavailable on stock Android version which are quite useful for sure.

Now, we have number of fantastic feature rich Android custom softwares to name few Xiaomi MIUI, Tecno's HiOS, Meizu's Flyme OS etc with alot of custom skins and themes which played one of the main role in driving Android towards success but still many people like iOS that in fact lack customization to level of Android yet preffered thanks to closed eco system.

iOS undoubtedly provide more security and privacy then Android as it's closed source and restrict users from installing apps from third party sources and no custom launchers as well due to such limitations and expensive price of Apple Inc. iPhone alot of people in developing countries like India prefer to buy low cost Android powered smartphones.

It is possible that you may also own Android as it's dominant mobile operating system with more then 70% world wide market share but in case you are not satisfied with it's user interface instead wanted iOS for various reasons may be you like or got used to it as an existing user of iPhone then we have number of iOS launchers and custom roms.

Usually, majority of people who can't afford iPhone want to get feel and essense of iOS on Android which is possible thanks to it's open eco system where alot of talented developers over the years build and released many iOS themed launchers with widgets and custom roms can be installed on Android smartphones to get vibes of iPhone's iOS very well.

iOS launchers available on Android has some cons like missing widgets and in-complete themes despite thier millions of downloads on Google Play an Android's app market place which won't provide full fledged experience of iOS that's why iOS custom roms are as best choice.

Thankfully, many skilled developers build custom roms using AOSP then themed it to look like iOS which is not easy task and require assistance from graphic designers which may be the primary reason most custom rom developers usually don't like to make iOS themed custom roms instead build stock roms or port existing custom themed Android roms like Sailfish OS.

Now a days, custom rom developers due to no self interest or demand from people  not making iOS themed custom roms but back then few years back iOS themed custom roms are popular which is why most likely there will be atleast one iOS themed custom roms available on old Android smartphones especially on those that are one decade ago.

If you're lucky enough to have an old Android smartphone then you may try finding iOS themed custom rom build exclusively for your device on trusted platforms like XDA but there is another problem here most iOS themed custom roms are old so you won't find new user interface and features available on new iOS versions available on latest iPhones.

In case, you don't care about either it's old iOS version all you want is just get look of iOS on Android smartphones may be for nostalgia reasons then it's fine for that first you have to do is first unlock your device bootloader then install custom recovery like CWM or TWRP etc after that install iOS themed custom rom specifically build for your device by following given instructions available available on XDA that will totally void device warranty.

Unfortunately, when you flash any custom recovery or rom incorrectly that was not build for your device then your smarphone will either hard or soft brick so be careful including that many old iOS custom roms not themed in operating system instead use iOS launchers like Espier launcher that may not liked by everyone but it's fine.

In sense, custom roms are bit difficult to handle by newbies who don't know anything about technology if you're one of them and don't want to risk your Android smartphone in any manner then it's better to stay away from iOS or any other custom roms and use iOS launchers and widgets available on platforms like Google Play to be in safe and secure zone.

However, if you strongly insist to get new iOS software available for your device then you can develop it for yourself if you don't know how to do that then you may have to ask help or hire custom rom developer and graphic together to create new iOS themed custom rom for your Android device which will indeed going to be fabulous.

GUI of iOS is intuitive that's why many people like it but not everyone instead they like and wanted certain features of iOS on Android like for instance iOS dynamic island feature got immense popularity world wide which was ported as an app on Android that you can try right now likewise you will find many more available out there on world wide web of internet.

Finally, this is how you can get iOS software on Android using iOS launchers and custom roms, are you an existing user of any one of them then do say your experience and why either your like iOS launchers or custom roms and mention is your device have iOS custom rom in our comment section below, see ya :)