If you ever watched world's most popular movie series pirates of caribbean and acts of jack sparrow played by Johny depp then you may probably know about piracy isn't? In movie they show people of one sea ship steal goods of another one then distribute or sell them to anyone without permission from rightful owner illegally for personal or financial benefits who're known as pirates and the word piracy derived from it.

Pirates are real not just in films who do piracy which is basically act of robbery they not just attack and steal valuable goods from another sea ships but also towns, coastal areas but after that the name of piracy linked to various types of robberies over the years which includes illegally accessing someone's public or private music, movies etc then copying and distributing them through offline or online is fully considered as piracy.

Generally, each and every public product that was released publicly for commercial purposes or not it has rightful owner who usually have complete copyrights if that person proves or has certification from any legal government entity atleast now in modern governments which they can use to protect and safeguard all copyrighted  qualities of products from pirates with the help of law enforcement agencies.

In this world, since ancient times people done piracy on number of goods or we can say products out of them music, films are severely affected because of pirates from the phase of early VHS tapes to cassettes and digital DVDs to files on WWW - world wide web of internet due to that music and film industries starting from year 1950s or prior over the years lost billions of money around the world and it's still going on.

There are numerous ways found by intellectuals to pirate movies and music to name few in beggining through analog holes and home tapping radio then later on in era of digital camera and DVD disks pirates illegally started secretly recording music or movies then begin copying them to DVDs according to thier capacity to mass distribute and make quick money.

However, piracy DVDs of music or movies even softwares are not available for free including that pirates can only sell them through offline stores to limited people as it first require DVDs which are bit hard to setup and deal that was also risky and expensive as law enforcement agencies can spy or easily track with search warrant to close down piracy offline stores.

Majority of offline stores which do piracy of movie or music are unregistered and small for sure who mix them with legally acquired old ones to hide from legal enforcements agencies but as they are public outlet with visible details of owners there are high chances of getting arrested with haunting legal consequences which is why pirates shifted thier all season huge demand piracy business to online digital websites in world wide web of internet accessible on browser softwares available on computers and smartphones.

Internet is an standard protocol developed by ARPANET in year 1969 to move data on network between computers at first it was used for communication to send node to node digital messages but it used to be private due to that usages are limited then after few decades in year 1991 inventor Tim Berners Lee released world wide web in short WWW browser that shows public contents of internet via URL aka uniform resource locator isn't amazing?

Fortunately, when world wide web opened up Internet alot of people and companies around the world created many cool and revolutionary digital platforms in form of websites developed using many reliable programming languages like html, css etc then Integrated more technologies that're not available prior to do real life physical tasks electronically and digitally.

But, In the process of evolving world wide web and internet many pirates of various categories either it's movies, music or computer softwares etc begin creating websites to upload and distribute piracy content easily on internet as offline stores are super difficult to handle with regular inspections of law enforcement agencies due to that the reach of pirated content to people reached new heights for sure.

Usually, pirated websites like any other were created on computer with it's files stored in hardware storage disks like hard drive or static drive disks then publicly hosted them on Internet through server run by memory known as RAM after that pirates used to just directly share them or upload on cloud storage platforms in order to direct vistors to mirrors for expansion of piracy content easily and comfortably.

Pirates of offline stores or on internet make and distribute pirated content either it's music, movies or softwares mostly to make money through advertisements and less on crypto donations which is why pirates start many piracy content websites to make fast money as soon as possible in early era of internet there is no universal law to block any piracy or harmful content on world wide web of internet due to that they used to roam freely.

Thankfully, In year 1998 American President Clinton with approval of congress passed DMCA aka digital millenium act which ammends US copyright law that deals with variety of copyright issues including the control and blockage of pirated content on internet related to US or any other country who joined WIPO Copyright Treaty.

DMCA work as entity which send legal notices to websites and blogs through email when rightful owner with required details report of his intellectual property misused or distributed on internet without his permission then they'll give some time in most cases like few days to owner of websites or blogs which voilated copyright policies who if listened will be in safe zone else they can take down and block those piracy content websites and blogs in few countries or through out the world.

Unfortunately, majority of copyright owners report DMCA to block pirated content websites and blogs in only few countries where they feel or have threat to any personal or financial sectors because alot of countries for Instance Europe has different DMCA takedown process due to that it's difficult to block websites or blogs every where that may take long time and copyright owners may also face number 
of challenges to block globally.

The incomplete block of pirated content websites and blogs of movies, music or softwares make people access them even in geo locations where it was completely banned or blocked through VPNs, proxies and socks softwares etc which provide virtual cloud servers of many countries that people can connect to access any pirated content website or blog which is one of the main reason why digital piracy content is quite reachable conveniently.

Especially, modern pirates of internet when thier piracy website or blog domain blocked by DMCA or specific country government entity they'll simply change domain name or extension with same piracy content then simply setup redirect from existing blocked domain to new working one every time repeatedly due to that it's near to impossible to block any pirated content website or blog on internet which is why law enforcement agencies get in action to solve this.

Law enforcement agencies contact and send legal notices to domain or hosting provider of piracy content website and blog to get details of owner who keep on doing repeated copyright voilations then with address and ip they'll trace out the criminals using powerful and advanced technologies not available to public in co-ordination of that country where criminals live to legally arrest and then proceed to futher legal investigations and required necessary trails in courts.

Even though, many big and huge pirated content websites and blogs are taken down from it's roots by law enforcement agencies with the help of interpol but not all alot of them are still in continuation as current pirates of internet are more smart and careful then old ones because they not just provide fake details to domain and hosting provider but also mask thier IP with regular or Tor VPN, proxy, socks etc then for extra security they may access or control them even from darkweb.

You may also seen most pirated content websites use torrent and magnet links which is created out of file using softwares like QTorrent and BitTorrent etc which is basically like download link but  transfer file right from computer or smartphone not from cloud storage and seeders will them share parts of files so that it's near to impossible to trace and find the actual uploader of piracy files like in Web3 - future of world wide web.

We are from past few years speed up upgrading Internet to Web3 thanks to many futuristic vision developers and companies in that process we got censorship free decentralized domains as you may know domains are not in text they are actually in form of ip address for instance that we convert them to better text format like techtracker.in using domain name system provided by domain provider company.

Web3 domains are censorship resistant with no centralised domain name register which are based on Web3 products like IPFS aka interplanetary file system and blockchain of crypto currencies and they don't rely on ip address of Web2 instead use hash including that as they are fully hosted on decentralized servers provided by individuals like you around the world due to that they cannot be censored or taken down completely.

In sense, it is even more difficult to block pirated content websites and blogs unless they loose anonymity and left footprints and that will further extend in future as we are moving towards Web5 with mix of Web3 where we are going to decentralize personal data by hosting it on self owned decentralized server to provide details to any platforms using crypto wallet which work as an identity with pre-filled details to register and login in order to maximize security and privacy on the go.

in case of Web 2 centralised servers as most pirated content websites and blogs are hosted on them as said earlier which are mainly get handled by DMCA but in some scenarios government of any country if they feel threat of any website including harmful and pirated ones etc with orders from judiciary courts can directly block them through ISPs aka internet service providers or via firewall filter and block in its country but it can be bypassed using certain softwares.

Anyhow, on movie piracy content websites for instance they usually have low quality movies recorded out of spy camera or smartphone from theatre which also comes with interuppting background noises and audience movements once in while due to that you may not to get full clarity and distraction free experience but still large percentage of people around the world use movie piracy content websites to watch movies for free.

Now a days, In this modern digital technology era and work from home lifestyle people mainly students are super busy in personal works either in education or jobs and bussines etc out of them large percentage don't even earn much money to spend for entertainment expenditures in developing countries like India.

In india, one of the largest democracies with more then half of it's population is middle class which has number of film industries with thousands of old small and big modern theatres corner to corner but when an family once go to an theatre to watch movie with extra food items it will atleast cost 1000 INR ( 12$ ) which is definitely expensive as the average salary of an individual is 10,000 per month that they have to spend all month for almost everything which is another reason why people not just in india but in numerous countries like and prefer piracy movies.

There are many financial budgets and limations come as blockage to certain percentage of people when they want to go theatres and watch movies including that alot of people want to watch movie first day first show out of curiosity or any other personal reasons like fanaticism but getting tickets of new movies is bit hard atleast in india even if you got somehow the ticket price will be in peak which is why those who can't afford show interest on piracy content movie websites as they are free to watch that saves money.

In any bussines, the one who provide products at affordable prices will get success that principle known by almost all movie makers and theatres which is why they partner with offline and online stores to provide offers and sell theatre tickets via online shopping or tickets platforms which is kinda effective but not in full scale as still alot of people want to watch new movies at thier convenience time and comfortable zone like home itself.

OTT aka over the top is one of revolutionary technologies that came after the release of world wide web of internet available in form of digital websites and softwares where official maker of movie  release high quality web dl print that you can watch after subscribing to paid or premium plan of OTT service provider which are usually available in monthly or annual at reasonable price.

In fact, the subscription price of OTT platforms can further reduced with extra offers and they are also coming as an add on integration inclusion of Internet and broadband data services due to that alot of people shifted to OTTs to watch any movie legally but new ones release after 30 to 50 days of theatre play including that to some people OTT is costly or they may be in country where that OTT platform is not available in that scenario they most probably go to piracy content websites.

In this context, it is better to mention few drawbacks of OTTs at first there are many OTT platforms available around the world with different prices and geo location locks and you may not find one movie on another OTT platforms as makers of that movie or web series selled digital rights so if you're movie or web series buff then you have to buy all OTT platforms subscription plans that may be not possible even if you want and can buy them.

Here's, where piracy content websites comes in place where pirates using tools and softwares bootleg or extract content of movie or web series in several different qualities and sizes then provide them publicly which is undoubtedly illegal but as legal one is costly to some sect of people they always prefer to choose illegal one.

I personally like that movie makers with theatres and OTT platforms extensively partnering with offline and online digital platforms to provide offers and attract customers but is it really enough to put people away from piracy websites in full scale? definitely not even if they provide movies at 1/10 price still alot of people don't even watch as they may not have or don't want to go and spend single penny on theatre tickets and OTT platform plans who may only accept freebies.

Yes, freebies is the way to reach everyone as psychologically humans like to get freebies but that doesn't mean movie makers and OTT platforms provide tickets and plans at 0 INR ( $ ) without profits instead they have to make it feel and look like it's an freebie like by partnering with almost all essential products that people use on daily basis like Internet and food items with inclusion of movie ticket or OTT subscription price plans in that way buyer feel it as freebie not extra fees.

Currently, many movie makers and OTT do provide freebies but not effective as it is mostly with 10% or 20% off offers which won't work well including that movie makers don't release there new movies on OTTs first day itself which is not good as 
it's not always possible to go theatres to watch movies for various reasons.

In order to totally restrict people from going to movie piracy content websites all movie makers must take risk and stand as one and release thier new movies first day itself on OTTs like on theatres as freebie with complete price deduction provided by coupon or offer of essential product that user purchased prior in that way at first they may get losses but some day it will become profitable business in future.

Usually, right now almost all theatres, OTT, and DTH cable service platforms around the world charge from people for ticket and subscription including that they put alot of ads which is not good as if they are displaying ads then why charging money from audience? It is best if movie makers and OTT platforms generate money fully through ads in that way movie can be completely shown for free.

Atlast, the above stated marketing strategy or formula that may probably already in discussion of movie bussines entrepreneurs and titans which not just applies to movies but also for music and softwares etc as it has potential and capability to wipe out digital piracy by 70% or complete if all movie makers and OTT service providers etc provide content in one single nutshell without any country geo location locks properly.

It is possible that you may wonder why just OTTs not DTH and cable televisions isn't? I suggest that movie makers also release new movies and web series first day itself in them as well by applying same plan stated above but OTTs at present are way modern and trending technologies which can replace traditional DTH and cable televisions in near future.

Finally, Movies and music etc are for entertainment not essential for human survival it is not food but they are work for many people to get money to survive so it's better to link them as freebie to essential items of humans thus they won't become additional expensive baggage to common people which if done correctly then it's possible to stop digital privacy, so do you like it? kindly mention your own perspective and opinion on this in our comment section below, see ya :)