In search to know and discover more humans known as people in modern society around the world on blue planet earth explored various existing different fields even created new ones to find or create something old or new which is not yet known or to be discovered using thier own spiritual or scientific methods in that process we got revolutionary findings and inventions which provided knowledge that not just helped for improvement of people in numerous ways but also simplified and paved the way for modern world.

When we entered into modern age in 14th century since then people around the world started working and collaborating together immensely as people not just discovered land but also sea routes to travel different destinations in huge numbers with large quantities of goods  around the world using ships that eventually leaded to contributive support and development of mutual friendly countries due to that we got to see many old and new findings and inventions of different countries people to be known and get attention and recognition globally.

Fortunately, first industrialization begin in 17th century since then we got numerous factories with machines which were further increased in second industrial revolution started in 19th century to make huge quantities of goods and ship them world wide for personal and commercial reasons that changed people's lifestyle and negetively impacted agriculture but later on as times goes in that era people begin finding and inventing extensively in all categories that eventually leaded to modern powerful and advanced countries with all around development world wide.

Thankfully, In 1st and 2nd industrial era itself we got many revolutionary old and new findings and inventions mainly related to communication as it's very necessary at that time to manage people and resources efficiently from people and companies to name few computer by Charles Babbage and Telephone by Alexander Graham Bell etc which are continously upgraded over the years thanks to numerous Inventors and companies due to that now we have thier evolved versions PCs aka personal computers and smarphones which are capable enough to execute almost all real life tasks electronically and digitally.

PCs and smartphones are hardware mechanical devices which are usually Integrated with cmd aka command line interface or graphical user interface operating system basically software developed using number of programming languages where you can install and run additional supported format softwares that can execute anything if programmed and designed correctely and all of them are powered by direct current electricity that was mainly generated from water flow huge force reservoirs dams invented by Thomas Edison in year 1870s and then it was commercialized in America and later on in other countries due to that direct current is in wide usage now easily.

Even though, the development of electricity started in 17th century yet only after we got direct current it reached large percentage of people and got success at first used to power up and automatic machines and light up filament bulbs invented by Thomas Alva Edison himself which are upgraded many times over the years to evolve by numerous inventors and companies around the world accordingly with Integration of several new facilities and modern technologies which is why now direct current and filament bulbs are widely in almost all countries effectively.

However, there is alternative to direct current known as alternating current invented by Hippolyte Pixii in year 1832 that gone through upgrades and evolved like direct current including that Nikola Tesla invented wireless alternating current in year 1891 which is futuristic and pretty awesome but was stopped due to lack of financial funds so right now as there is no many options we have to use cable wired direct and alternative current electricity.

But, electricity in direct or alternating current form have no use without batteries atleast on PCs and smartphones as batteries work as container to store electricity positive and negetive ions then power up PCs and smartphones invented first In 1859 by Gaston Planté after that it got upgrades in that process it evolved to nickel–cadmium and then lithium which is now leading and moving towards sodium and graphene batteries isn't amazing?

Anyhow, now we got some basics let's back to point PCs and smartphones comes with some technology display where you can see any type of operating systems then control it and run additional softwares according to your requirements for instance if you have hardware camera on PC or smartphone then simply open an digital camera software take black and white or photos and films of physical real life objects like that you can do many more with some restrictions and limitations on PCs and smarphones any time and any where conveniently and comfortably.

There are numerous revolutionary softwares for various different purposes developed for PCs and smartphones out of them one of the most useful is Maps which provide travel routes of desired destinations with possible estimated reach time based on type of mode you're in and mainly based on traffic and weather conditions of pre-set available countries using GPS aka geolocation positioning system satellite technology so you'll reach  reach your destinations successfully.

Generally, In ancient times and few decades back also people used to rely on physical paper maps but now if you have PC or smartphones you don't need them any more as now digital map softwares in Integration of latest technologies like AI aka articifical intelligence can show you live routes of any location as you move in real time in different modes which is why having an capable maps software on PC and software work like saviour for sure.

Google Maps from American search engine giant Google is well known and most popular maps software which is quite powerful and advanced maps that shows live real time routes of any desired location in the world using connection of Glonass and GPS with Integration of map data which is necessary that's why Google brought NAVTEQ from Nokia in year 2008 which is now known as Here Maps since then Google continously developing own or acquiring maps data of every possible locations using users and technologies to keep Google Maps reliable and up to date.

Generally, GPS navigation systems are developed by country governments for in side secret military and navy operating systems since year 1970s but that technology is open for everyone now who have enough money to send thier own GPS satellite using any government or private agency then spend money to collect Maps data like Google which is not easy one unless your maps software is FOSS aka free and open source on the go.

Usually, most american companies launch any satellites near to earth orbit or little further in space using NASA aka National aeronautical space agency rocket which is leader in scientific research in space field that sent first man on moon in year 1969 and world first GPS satellite in year 1978 after that many countries developed thier own GPS systems for military and navy operations and to provide digital services to thier people just like NASA.

ISRO aka indian space research organisation is government owned space of agency of india which at first used to move rocket parts on cycle and bullock carts for that alot of people and critics in india and overseas used to laugh and do satires but from past one decade ISRO amazed everyone in year 2017 they launched 104 satellites in orbit at 1/10 price of NASA which is record that was recently broken by Elon Musk American private space agency Space X.

Anyway, It is very essential for any country government to have it's own GPS navigation system else they have to depend on some other country who have it if they don't provide then it will become dangerous for instance India at the time of war asked United States for GPS data of Kargil region which they denied so after 7 years in year 2006 India government approved project for it's own GPS navigation system known as Indian regional navigation satellite system.

NavIC aka Navigation with Indian Constellation is operational name of India's new GPS navigation system by ISRO which begin it's developement in year 2013 but mainly spiked since year 2014 with launch of new satellites which is primarily used for military and navy operations but like any other country India also offers it's unencrypted GPS to public for commercial reasons for instance NavIC basic trackers are compulsory on indian commercial vehicles and mobiles and smartphones.

In year 2021, on basic of ISRO and Department of Space ( DOS ) draft policy they are working on to expand NavIC by increasing its constellation size from 7 to 11 by launching 12 satellites in Medium Earth Orbit ( MEO ) to expand it from regional to global but currently there is not even one proper commercial Maps software available out there on world wide web of internet that uses NavIC GPS navigation system so it's not yet have potential and capability in public sphere to replace Google Maps and it's alternatives like Waze and Here Maps etc.

If Indian government want expansion of NavIC to global level for public usage around the world then they have to make and release proper world class Maps software with NavIC GPS navigation system for computers and smartphones etc or atleast promote and encourage third party developers to make them by giving required resources so that NavIC will be available to public as soon as possible.

Currently, we do have indian government released NavIC GPS navigation system availabile in lite, 2D and 3D on out of them lite provide any indian location destination to destination routes but right now it's hard to use and was not up to mark in terms of GUI to compete with Google Maps, so do you like it? are you interested in NavIC? If yes let's explore more.

• NavIC official support •

• How to download NavIC •

It is very easy to download NavIC from these platforms for free.

• NavIC 1.0 key features with UI /UX overview •

- NavIC Lite.

- NavIC 2D

- NavIC 3D

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of NavIC there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want made only government based made in india map software then right now NavIC is best on go.

Overall, NavIC comes with light mode by default it has basic clean and simple user  interface that ensures user friendly experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Navic get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better ass of now it's just fine.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention NavIC is one of the very few made in india Aatma Nirbhaar Bharat fueled GPS navigation maps software available out there on world wide web of internet, yes indeed if you're searching for such maps software then NavIC has potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, NavIC has potential and capability to replace Google Maps in india and expand to global countries thanks to it's all required functionalities but at present it is in intial phase limited to one ISRO bhuvan government website including that it don't have modern impressive GUI like Google Maps so they have to work on it if they do then definitely NavIC will get enough spotlight from people around the world, are you an existing user of NavIC? If yes do say your experience and mention will NavIC replace Google Maps globally in our comment section below see ya :)