TV aka television is an electronic device  invented and designed by Philo Taylor Farnsworth was demonstrated in San Francisco on September 7, 1927 then after that as time goes number of inventors and companies for personal or commercial reasons around the world begin building
thier own custom TVs at first they used to only play black and white films but later on eventually supported color ones as well.

John Logie Baird on 3 July 1928 in his laboratory invented world first colour TV since then the era of colour TVs started back then most TVs used to rely on CRT aka cathode-ray tube displays but as time goes in this capatilist world after more then half century in year 1980s Seiko Epson build and released first LCD aka Liquid-crystal display TVs then later on in year 2005 Sony build and released first LED aka Light-emitting diode TVs which right now has wide usage globally.

Now, in 21st century of modern world digital technologies there are different display technologies used on TVs for better picture resolution and quality at the same time best viewing angle in all edges but at the end any display technology TV can play films and audio etc based on it's technical parameters recieved via cables or signals from TV stations or through any connected CD/DVD players, isn't cool?.

Usually, majority of people don't depend and use external CD and DVDs to watch films and listen music instead since long time and now also they mainly depend on many different category TV channels aired through cable or DTH satellite network etc which provide wide variety of content from regional to international for all customers every day for free or paid accordingly.

But, from paste few decades usage of electronic PC aka personal computers and smartphones increased immensely which also have CRT or LCD and LED display but integrated with operating system basically software created using different number of programming languages where you can install and run additional softwares and open www aka world wide web of internet digital platforms in format of websites using any compatible browser to execute tasks electronically and digitally.

In sense, PCs and smarphones are one of the best alternative to TVs as by using them without cable and DTH TVs you can watch films and music on social media and OTT platforms of public internet which are in form of websites and apps due to that alot of people especially from past few years like and prefer to buy PCs and smarphones over TVs world wide.

Even though, you can connect cable or DTH TV to PCs or smartphones to watch same films or music TV channels as both have some type of display technology but still large percentage of people mainly techie's and geeks due to various reasons like to test and use softwares comfortably choosing PCs and smarphones for sure.

Fortunately, now a days most people spending more time on using PCs and smartphones mainly to watch films and music on softwares like social media and OTT platforms which is why from past one decade to supply demand and make some profitable business out of it numerous TV channel and regular companies developing and releasing number of tv and OTT online streaming websites and softwares so that people can watch or listen same exclusive films and music convieniently on the go.

Especially, In 21st century we are in era of smart TVs and boxes which are integrated with some mobile and web OS operating systems like Android or iOS and Tizen or Open WebOS etc where manufacturing by default installing online TV channels and OTT streaming services apps for users so requirement of additional cable and DTH TV networks decreasing drastically.

When someone want to show films or music in modern terms format videos and audio publicly on internet they usually have to upload or stream on supported softwares and websites which use either centralized or de-centralized IPFS cloud storage that in back end use hard or static drives to store any digital content through server and it also generate download and stream links that will be used by software or website to download or stream digital format content for viewers globally.

Generally, most TV and OTT digital online streaming softwares and websites don't show direct download or stream links of TV channels and OTT videos and audios due to various reasons based on thier terms of service and policies but mainly because if they show them then people will download and stream thier exclusive free or paid content using other softwares that will definitely lead to piracy.

However, you can get embedded .m3u8 or .hls etc stream links of TV channels and download links of OTT platfotms using number of browsers and softwares which has video and audio content resource sniffer tool but some TV channels and OTT platforms provide encrypted DRM aka digital management rights content which will only download or stream with correct decrypt keys else it won't work so you'll have to get them to proceed further.

Thankfully, we have numerous browsers and softwares with resource sniffer tool available for PCs and smartphones for instance on Android there is Via, Tincat, 1DM download manager apps including that in advanced and powerful Telegram social messaging platform we have alot of fantastic bots which all not just extract embedded link of any online content even it's DRM protected but also simply stream  or download them easily, isn't awesome?

If you want to stream video or audio content of any online TV channel or OTT then you can simply use any resource sniffer tool to extract them which is illegal but completely legal and ethically right and acceptable when you paid them that to only for personal usage not for distribution so keep that in mind else you may surely get notices from law enforcement agency.

In case, you already have TV channels live stream links in file extension format like .m3u8 or .hls etc then it's proper to have a playlist and dedicated video or audio player software for them isn't? so that you can manage and keep check on all your interesting and entertaining TV channels and OTT content in ease which you can find and play to relax and enjoy.

Recently, we found an amazing TV/OTT video player named Televizo developed for smartphones and tablets and smart TVs and TV boxes etc which has many cool options and features where you can add unlimited IPTV aka Internet protocol television channels and OTT aka over the top platforms stream and download links like .m3u8 and .hls etc then view them in compact or full screen mode so do you like it? are you interested in Televizo? If yes let's explore more.

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Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Televizo there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway if you want one of the best app to make playlist and watch your IPTV and OTT channels then at present Televizo seems like worthy choice.

Overall, Televizo comes with light and dark mode by default it has clean and simple  interface that ensures user friendly experience but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Televizo get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better as of it's impressive.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Televizo is one of the very few IPTV and OTT player available out there on world wide web of internet that allow you to simply unlimited TV and OTT channels, yes indeed if you're searching for such app then surely Televizo has potential to become your new favourite choice.

Finally, this is Televizo a IPTV/OTT playlist maker and player, are you an existing user of Televizo? If yes do say why you like and it with experience and mention which is your most used feature in Televizo? and there any better IPTV/OTT player in our comment section below, see ya :)