In this world, almost all countries since early modern governments begin creating and forming numerous laws to provide and protect privacy of individual in real life and on www aka world wide web of internet as well for instance india after independence in year 1947 created it's own constitution which actually don't specifically mention regarding privacy but in it's fundamental  rights according to article 21 guarantees the right to live with human dignity.

In sense, every person has the right to live with dignified life without discrimination but article 21 don't clearly mention any thing regarding to privacy which is why a petition was filed then as reply in year 2017 supreme court declared that right to privacy as fundamental right that comes under right to life of article 21 frame work prior that also they used to take the same law as reference to solve any individual offline and online privacy matters.

Even though, Article 21 will protect privacy of individual in personal private life offline and online considering it as human dignity when voilated by any one they will get up to 3 years of imprisonment which is quite good that will surely stop alot of people in intervening un-requested and un-approved unknown people personal and private life matters and disputes illegally.

But, since past decade it has become very hard and difficult to protect privacy of individual not just in india but around the world even after regular updates of privacy laws and amendments in constitution to futher strengthen protection of individual privacy due to latest modern and powerful technologies like spy surveillance cameras and recorders which are not easy to detect even if you do it require investigation from legal enforcements to know who planted it to proceed for legal complaints.

Fortunately, now a days we have many counter technologies available on offline and online stores which you can buy and use to detect any type of unauthorised surveillance spy cameras and recorders in your home or any private space as it's very important to check and put an end to such devices in start itself rather later on after lossing personal or financial private data then dealing with country law enforcement agencies that's long procedure for sure.

Especially, on digital platforms available on world wide web of internet which are basically developed using numerous programming languages by developers along with companies accessible on computers and smartphones who usually mention integration of data trackers and cookies in terms of service and policies to legally access and use personal data of yours for analytical or any commercial usage purposes etc that's fine as you are giving explicit permission to them.

But, many companies and developers illegally hide data trackers and cookies in softwares and digital platforms known as websites and blogs etc they don't even mention them in terms of service and policies due to that you will never know which personal data of yours they are collecting and using or sending to any location which is thieving and illegal that can cause privacy risks and concerns.

The another problem on world wide web of internet is alot of digital platforms and softwares are integrated and injected with harmful malwares and virus by black hat hackers when you visit or install them on your system either it's any smartphone or computer that has security loop holes it will be hijacked and compromised then it will begin surveillancing on you through numerous ways like illegally accessing camera and microphone etc.

Thankfully, In order to protect and safeguard your privacy many developers and companies developed number of amazing technologies for computers and smarphones out of them VPN aka virtual private network is one which not just have have to ability to stop data trackers but also shield from virus or malwares etc.

VPN softwares are usually managed by one or two companies who build or buy and run cloud servers around the world which people have to choose according to requirements then it will connect to that location and start routing all device traffic with encryption through secure algorithm like AES 256 and protocol like Stealth thus your personal data will be in safe zone.

In sense, you will get complete anonymity on world wide web of internet by using VPN softwares as your online searches will not be visible to your country ISPs aka internet service providers and it also has ability to block data trackers even divert or stop malwares and virus illegal data transfers and usages if programmed well which is why large percentage of people around the world use VPN softwares.

However, if VPN softwares are used by normal people then it's fine but they are widely also used by many criminals to do illegal acts anonymously that can cause various types of problems to public and governments but as VPN softwares cover identity of it's users and some of them don't even log users details due to that law enforcements agencies end up getting less or no information thus investigation to catch criminals not just become hard but also takes more time then usual.

Majority of VPN softwares from past few years to attract privacy carers coming with no log policies which can put governments in severe situations as certain details of particular people are crucial for country safety and security which is why many country governments upgrading laws even passing some rules and regulations to VPN softwares to operate and provide cloud servers for protection of people and nation sovereignty and integrity.

Recently, India one of the largest democracies in the world passed a new law to VPN softwares which states that they have to log and keep user personal details and search history for 5 years that was not liked by VPN softwares providers so they pulled out servers and services  out of them few responded that indian government decision voilated Internet freedom and right to privacy.

In fact, the complain of VPN softwares is true as people have right to remain thier data as private which is basic right of any individual mainly in democratic countries but it's not always possible as said earlier the privacy of individual should not cause risk and disturb or interrupt government services to people for Instance if anyone using VPN server attack any government website using ddOS attack or botnet etc which can go down at that time it is very important to have details of that user to arrest and make him not repeat again.

India government new VPN regulations will effectively increase maintaining and ensuring security of nation online and offline but is this really enough? definitely not it is quite near to impossible to make all VPNs to follow 5 year log policy so they put out Indian servers and use others and then most indian people who extremely care about privacy use no log VPNs.

If somehow new VPN laws of india government are followed by all VPN service providers atleast on renowned app market places like Google's play store and Apple's App Store or Microsoft Windows Store etc then what about open web VPN softwares? they are accessible easily even if all ISPs block them to make it unusable then thousands of new VPN softwares will pop up daily when it will become nearly impossible to control and block them.

Generally, ISPs even with government support can't block all no log policy VPNs in india even if they did then people with technical knowledge use proxies and socks which are best alternative to VPNs that provide numerous country cloud servers for anonymity and online privacy which are much harder to block then VPNs as most of it's providers don't even provide any details to send legal notices.

In case, both VPNs and proxies with socks are blocked to work in india then people who want privacy on Internet find new ways for Instance they may begin using TOR or dVPNs which divide users device traffic data into many parts then encrypt on numerous cloud servers provided by individuals like you around the world with no log policy thus it will be become even more difficult to pull down or trace them.

TOR aka The onion project VPNs when used they are mostly used by criminals to access other side of internet known as darkweb where they can operate by masking indentity to do illegal tasks over there it's super difficult for any country not just india to block any digital websites and blogs or illegal softwares even finding and tracking criminals is near to impossible unless they left any foot prints.

Unfortunately, most countries including India haven't passed any laws to futher restrict dark web except passing safety precautions as majority of people don't even know about darkweb only few use it who may probably do or have big intent to execute huge crimes not just on people but also on government which is why it is important for india to completely close the dark web entry browsers in india as they also has completely no log policies.

Darkweb is undoubtedly an nightmare to governments around the world including India after that comes no log policies social media networks and messaging softwares like Telegram who don't record registered user details when they enabled security chats even if they do in normal chats which won't be provided to any law enforcement agencies that can be surely problematic to india government so they may also have to pass new regulations on them same as centralized VPNs.

Finally, it's clear regulations on VPN softwares are not enough for full fledged integrity and sovereignty of indian people and government but it will definitely largely help in reduction of most crimes in india for sure which is surely require for evolving digital modern india, are you an existing user of VPNs? If yes do you liked indian government new laws on VPN softwares? and mention will you use log policy VPNs in our comment section below, see ya :)