The world that we live in is full filled with many amazing revolutionary devices isn't? out of them computer is one a electronic device that people around the world been using for more then century now which is integrated with numerous hardware parts that are required to run operating system basically software developed using several programming languages to execute real life tasks electronically and digitally.

Even though, almost all necessary hardware parts are mandatory in computer but CPU aka central processing unit is main and essential as it will handle all processes of computer in association with storage and memory which is why you must always have better processor on your computer thus it will manage electronic and digital tasks quite efficiently using less memory and provide best possible power management and maximum battery life on computers.

There are numerous entrepreneurs and companies around the world who for personal or commercial reasons over the years build numerous processors for computers but Intel corporation is first company to develop and release world's first 4 bit commercially produced micro processor for PCs aka personal computers named Intel 4004 since that day we keep on upgrading CPUs with optimizations and enhancements due to that now we have most powerful and advanced ones.

Intel corporation is pioneer in making central processing unit they manufactured alot of low end and flagship processors according to computers since long time due to that Intel is now strong dominant processor with more then 69.5 percent world wide market share which is now continously competing with fellow CPU processors like Nvidia and Bionic etc.

Usually, majority of technology companies prefer and like to add intel processors on thier personal computers based on it's price like celeron and i3 to i11 series etc due to huge demand from people around the world wide but in case of smartphone makers they use Qualcomm Snapdragon and Mediatek processors as Intel is not ready to fully support on smartphones.

We use multi-touch display technology smartphones every day that came to replace keypad mobile phones which has operating system and almost use same similar hardware parts and software technologies of personal computers like storage and memory etc which are very essential to run functionalities properly.

The main difference is smartphones in connection with sim cards can directly make and receive telecom network calls and messages which is not available on personal computers including that most smarphone processors are powerful and advanced enough to run high definition and resolution graphic videos and games etc but they didn't yet completely reached the level of personal computers which has more potential and capability.

In sense, personal computers can handle heavy resources as they usually come with big storage and memory even if they don't user can easily add them externally that's not possible on smartphones but from last decade companies for personal mainly for commercial reasons keep on updating and upgrading hardware parts and software of smartphones due to that we have modern ones which are more smarter then before. 

Most modern smartphones use Qualcomm Snapdragon and Mediatek processors as they are optimised and enhanced to work extensively as much as possible but some smarphones makers according to thier budget and marketing plans or strategies use other processors like unisoc and spectrum etc for instance Samsung use Exynos processor so you have to carefully choose right one.

However, In any smarphone processor there will be pros and cons likewise in Qualcomm Snapdragon as it's open source you'll get better custom developement support with alot of custom roms from third party developers from trusted web like platforms like XDA and then comes Mediatek which is closed source so you won't find much externel development so go on with that work best for you.

Anyhow, in case you're an existing user of intel processor on personal computers and want the same on smartphones and tablet computers then for people like you intel corporation back in year 2012 build and released set of atom x86 processors which are designed to consume low power usage so they later on also used on other electronic devices like mini and stick PCs.

Fortunately, many mobile manufacturers like Lenovo, Asus, Toshiba, Samsung, Lava, ZTE, HP, Dell, Motorola etc since year 2012 used different intel x86 processors on number of smartphones but it is limited most of them preferred and liked to use Qualcomm Snapdragon and Mediatek processors on almost all smartphone line ups which is main reason behind downfall of intel Atom X86 processors eventually.

Senwa LS9718 is noted as last Intel 14nm smartphone released back in year 2018 which is not commercially successful one since then there are no intel processor smartphones that got into limelight and  recieved much attention and recognition from people world wide as most mobile manufacturers stopped using Intel atom X86 processors long time ago itself.

In sense, currently majority of people not demanding intel x86 atom processors instead they are focused and satisfied with Arm based Qualcomm Snapdragon and Mediatek processors on smartphones so most mobile companies according to demand to supply using them it seems like Intel is not doing much to expand It's X86 atom processors on smartphones instead they are very much occupied with PCs.

If intel corporation tune it's X86 atom processors and partner with more mobile companies then it definitely has potential to be Integrated on more smartphones but right now smartphones processor sector is dominated by arm based Qualcomm Snapdragon and Mediatek companies so it may take years for Intel processors to beat or even become alternative to them.

Thankfully, there is one way that can be utilised by Intel to reach its processors faster on smartphones instead depending on other companies they better make thier own smartphones and Integrate with Intel finest processors like Apple inc. which is hard but those who like Intel processors and PCs powered by them they may very  likely buy Intel smartphones for sure.

But, most companies stick to thier well performing sector and don't like to risk in getting into other sectors which have less chance of success like wise Intel may not get in to manufacturing of smartphones in that case they atleast make new range 5G network intel processors for smartphones as right now they have high demand from people and mobile makers as well.

5G is upgrade of 4G network which provide better internet speed and connection for smartphones and WiFi modems for that to work and function  properly smartphones it requires 5G compatible processor which is why Qualcomm Snapdragon and Mediatek already developed and released new processors for smartphones with full-fledged compatibility for 5G networks.

Luckily, if Intel like to make 5G supported processor for smartphones better then Qualcomm Snapdragon and Mediatek 5G processors and publish it as open source then most likely it will reach much quicker on smartphones at that same if not today in future they may get thumping success.

Finally, this is what happened to Intel X86 Atom processor smarphones, are you an existing user of Intel smartphones? If yes do say your experience and mention which processor you use is it Intel, Qualcomm Snapdragon or Mediatek in our comment section below see ya :)