If you're using pc aka personal computer or smartphone then do you know or ever wondered what exactly is that command or graphical user interface etc which you see and interact to execute real life tasks electronically and digitally it's possible that you already know about it as we're now in modern world of digital technologies but some people don't know due to whatever reasons for them it's an operating system basically software developed using many programming languages by developers or companies mainly for commercial reasons to make business around the world.

Computers are first to execute software and then it's evolved version PCs in mid 19th century from then we got number of different command line and graphical user interface operating systems with changes or modifications to downgrade or upgrade in that process over the years we got alot of amazing operating systems that we are now using on PCs like Microsoft Windows, Apple inc. macOS, Torvalds Linux etc.

Even though, digital software that was in visual mode is the first thing that you see on display monitor which actually work in  interconnection with hardware parts using kernel like device storage and memory etc without them you can't do anything which is why companies upgrading hardware as well timely due to that now in 21st century we got modern PCs and smartphones.

Smartphone actually came to replace keypad mobile phones which is evolution of telephones in year 2007 on January 9 released by Steve Jobs founder of Apple inc. with iPhone 1 after that most mobile companies to supply demand from people and customers started making plans and quite interesting strategies to create thier own hardware and software smartphones like iPhone 1 to make business globally.

There are numerous fantastic operating systems available for smartphones that work in similar structure of PC but way more user-friendly like PDA aka personal digital assistant with ability to run most tasks of PC with-in capacity easily which is why now a days majority of people use smartphones and they consider them as best alternative to PCs for sure.

Google's Android and Apple inc iOS are two most popular well known operating systems for smartphones out of them Android has whopping 70% and iOS just have 20 to 25% world wide market share respectively thus it's clear that Android is dominant mobile operating system that was integrated and power up almost all smartphones around the world.

But, we do have many other mobile operating systems out of them most are discontinued as they are unable to tackle and compete with Android and iOS but some people for nostalgia reasons still like and prefer to use them who may have to buy old smartphones from some online and offline stores as they are rare you may have to pay expensive price for them.

Bada which means ocean or sea in korean is partly free and open source operating system written in C++ that uses code of FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD developed by Samsung exclusively for it's wave series smartphones first appeared on Samsung Wave S8500 model with Bada 1.0 which is criticized due to many restrictions like ban of VoIP over WiFi apps and no incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS notification access to apps etc that were removed in it's upcoming upgrade version Bada 2.0.

Wave S7230-E, 3 ( S8600 ), M ( S5380 ), Y ( S7250 ) Samsung smartphone models were pre-installed with Bada 2.0 released in year 2011 that has more then 2,400 free apps with many new options and features but due to whatever reasons they totally discontinued it in year 2012 and then merged to create linux based Tizen OS which is only competing with Android on Smart TVs not noteably on smartphones.

Samsung is one of the early mobile companies which utilised and adapted to Android that eventually played major role in mutual success as Samsung Android powered smartphones are big hit in major mobile markets that may also one of the reason why Samsung liked and preferred to focus on development of Android over Tizen and revival of Bada OS etc.

In sense, after the discontinuation of Bada OS Samsung mobile sector got tracked to Android where they remained settle in development of custom Android softwares like Samsung TouchWiz using AOSP aka Android open source project but it was not up to mark when compared with other custom Android softwares like MIUI and HTC sense etc which is why Samsung done many reforms in that process they created Samsung Experience as an right successor of Samsung TouchWiz.

Samsung Experience released in year 2016 in that time it was build to be an UI overlay for Android 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and then it was discontinued and replaced by One UI from Android 9.0 which is Samsung quite big re-structure of graphical user interface that was designed to be usuable in single hand even on big smartphones as almost all options will be shown at bottom of the display for convenient easy navigation and corner to corner usage comfortably.

One UI right now is well used by Samsung in all of it's mid and flagship smartphones which recieved praise from it's users and got seperate fanbase because of it's beautiful yet uncomplicated graphic user interface attracted wide audience and supporters that can make Samsung stick to Android based One UI for long time so they may probably don't revive Bada OS unless a miracle happen magically.

In case, Samsung to shock and amaze people decided to get back on Bada OS then it will not success immediately as at the moment it was in-capable even to compare with Android which is why Bada OS may take years even decade if every thing goes well sturdly to reach the point for getting all potential and capability to compete with Android so Samsung may won't take such long risky trip as currently it was in it's safe balanced route and time. 

Fortunately, in last decade few free and open source discontinued operating system were revivied by third party developers and companies like for instance MeeGo OS fork mer was utilised by Jolla to create Sailfish OS and recently in year 2018 Maemo OS was revived with Maemo Leste so there is chance that more discontinued mobile operating systems may be revived in future.

Thankfully, Bada is free and open source mobile operating system which means anyone can use it to make custom version of Bada OS with optimizations and enhancements including that add support for old and new smartphones in name of Bada 3.0 that didn't happen yet so we have to wait and until then use old Bada 2.0 Samsung Wave smartphones happily. 

• Bada 2.0 key features •

- Open AL
- New GUI
- Music hub
- Text-to-speech
- Full multitasking
- Adobe Flash Lite 4 
- Dolfin Browser 3.0
- Smart-wallpapers
- Voice recognition
- Push notifications
- Full HTML5 support
- WAC 2.0 compatibility
- WiFi-Direct technology
- Caster to share multimedia
- ChatON for instant messaging.
- Vocal commands based on Vlingo

• Bada 2.0 UI / UX overview •

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Bada 2.0 there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, anyway this is the first Samsung mobile operating system for smarphones that isn't based on Android which is definitely worth trying out.

Overall, Bada 2.0 come with light and dark mode by default it has clean and simple interface that ensures user friendly experience but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Bada 2.0 get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's looks cool.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention in order to get Bada OS seems like Samsung world's first super amoled display Wave series smartphones are the only way as there is no other device that supports Bada OS, yes indeed if you're searching for such smartphone operating system then Bada OS had potential to become your new favourite.

Finally, the revival of Samsung Bada OS is possible with contribution of code from fellow developers and community, if there is no one willing to do but you luckily have Samsung Wave Smartphones then you can try out numerous Android custom roms exclusively and specifically developed for it on XDA, are you an existing user of Bada? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like and which is your most used feature or option of  Bada in our comment section below see ya :)